Hungary VAT Real Time Reporting-Is anyone trying to get this implemented? - Oracle EMEA Partners

Has anyone had any luck with this localization?  We have applied all the patches but the extract is still not pulling all the data the government requires.  Is anyone else having issues?


Promotion lost when diable it

Hey, Does anyone meet this kind of problem? When the business user disable one promotion in BCC and deploy it, the offer rules in promotion are changed automatically to be "to all items". Anyone meet this kind of problem? How to fix it? Thanks a lot

Customer Examples & Success Stories

Hi everyone,  I am looking for customer examples or a story around how using the database health dashboard and how it has helped change or shape your database, how you use the report etc. I am also looking for success stories or examples of how you use the "Total Unsubscribes by Campaign." How has this at has helped them change, analyze, etc. the way they are communicating/marketing to their prospects? If anyone is willing to volunteer to share stories and/or screenshots please let me know. Thank you, Susan

Has anyone successfully changed the unique identifier in Eloqua from Email to another unique ID?

Hi there, I was hoping there may be someone who has done this successfully and would be able to share their experience with me.  Any pitfalls/painpoints? 
One of the only non-beta testers I've seen was Exact, Frank Geldof may be able to speak to it. 
We consider our setup a lost investment and are re-implementing Eloqua as we speak. More information can be provided by woilt. 
I'm sorry to hear that Frank Geldof, Jennifer, I think you might consider that more of a cautionary tale on how difficult (or even impossible) trying this would be.

Has anyone used Intelliverse for outbound calling?

Hi! We are having the awesome problem of having too many leads that need follow up by telemarketing/telesales. I'm exploring options for outsourcing those calls. I've gotten a few proposals back and I like Intelliverse. Does anyone else have experience with them? Were you happy with their services?

E10 Contact Completeness & Quality Reports

I am looking for the best way to find/build quality and completeness reports within Insight.  Reports that I can slice by regions, BUs, campaigns ... for varying stakeholders.  Any guidance will be appreciated. BTW.  Creating reports requires user report role "Designer" or "Analyzer".  The "Reporter" level doesn't allow report creation.
Ok.  It looks like i am gonna find some of my answers with the help section accessed thru the insight window.  In the upper right corner there is a help link.
I am still gonna need topliner community support on this one.  I've reached out to customer central and our Elq account team.  I imagine I'll get an answer shortly.  But just in case, if there is someone out there that can provide an answer sooner, I'd be psyched.  Whatever I find, I'll post the solution here.
Did you ever find a solution to this issue? I'm stumped as well. 
I honestly don't thinking slicing the reports, granted you have the access privileges, is even possible at the granular level you require. If it is -- I'd love to find out how.
I think the issues around accessing/building contact quality and completeness reports will be resolved over the weekend, with R4.  
Yeah, as far as I'm concerned -- they will. I love the canned reports that are coming out of R4.