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Additional Eloqua training resources?

I am BRAND NEW to marketing automation and Eloqua. I have access to the Oracle training but for some reason I'm having a difficult time getting the videos to load. The first one worked, but nothing after that. I am using windows 10. Has anyone had success accessing the training using windows 10?   Also, are there any other resources that you have found useful? books? youtube tutorials?  Thank you!Heather
Hi Heather Gottlieb! I am pinging Leigh.Burke-Oracle to help answer this question 
Heather Gottlieb Have you joined the Oracle University - Marketing Cloud Education group on Topliners? We have a number of resources for training in the Academy Group.  If you can't find what you are looking for in this group, please let me know the specific training you need and I'll try and point you in the right direction. Thanks,Leigh

Can anyone please suggest which Cloud module I need to learn

Hi All,I am an Oracle Application technical consultant with work experience in modules--Financials, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM), Human Resources (HRMS) ,Order Management (OM), and Purchasing(PO). I am not that comfortable in Functional. I want to move into Cloud technology. But, not sure of the module.Could anyone please suggest a module that is suitable for me and has got more scope for job openings.Also Please suggest suitable Cloud certification . Thank You. KVR.
Hello KVR,Thank you for your interest in learning more about Oracle's Cloud services and technology. I'm sorry nobody has replied to you before now. This new community is focused on cross-Cloud application development, but perhaps I can help you find what you are looking for. The Oracle Cloud main page will help you discover all of the various Oracle Cloud service offerings.The Oracle Cloud Help Center has pages for every service, which include links to documentation, tutorials, videos, and more. If you are interested in a particular service, that is a great place to discover all of the supporting content related to it. Click the tab for Applications, Platform, Infrastructure, etc. to see the list of services in each category and navigate to individual service pages for the content.The Oracle Cloud Developer Portal, linked from the main page of this community, is focused on Oracle Cloud resources for developers, including curated selections of supporting content for each developer-oriented Oracle Cloud service, an overview of related community content, and a selection of example Solutions which introduce and document best practices for developing cross-Cloud applications on Oracle's Platform as a Service and Software as a Service suites.The Oracle Learning Library (OLL) is focused on tutorials, Oracle By Example courses, and other educational materials. Try starting from the Cloud tab.Oracle University has resources for online webinars, live online training, certifications, and other training options for Oracle Cloud services and technology.The Oracle Events page will let you filter down to live events related to Cloud, including online and in-person presentations, conferences, and more.Visit the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) site for supporting resources for Cloud, including application development IDEs, sample applications, technical whitepapers, and more.The Oracle Community spaces include the top-level space for Oracle Cloud, the Cloud Computing community. The General Questions community might be a better place to get specific advice about career opportunities in Cloud.For career opportunities at Oracle, take a look at the Job Search tool on the Oracle Careers site.Finally, if you are an Oracle customer, you can always contact My Oracle Support at https://support.oracle.com. I hope some of this information is helpful! Joshua Stanley
Thank You Stanley. The information you provided helped me a lot.

Resources to test your knowledge about Eloqua?

Hello everyone!I am trying to take the certification for the Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-349 I am looking for resources to test the various topics of the exam. I found a little test in the OPN https://competencycenter.oracle.com/opncc/full_glp.cc?group_id=32320, but it gives only a small sample of questions. Are there any other resources to verify my preparation on Eloqua (e.g. past exams or some other resource available on Topliners)?  Thank you very much for any information!
i have some questions. my email: calvin.fang#iblacktree.com

Get Free Stuff While Influencing Oracle Cloud Platform Product Design and Direction!

The Cloud Platform UX team wants to get your feedback on new designs. You might participate in a:  • Focus group• Usability test• Persona interview  Most sessions are via web conference. Participants receive thank-you gifts, which range from Amazon or Starbucks’ gift codes, to Oracle branded merchandise or vouchers for Oracle University training or certification tests.  Follow this link to sign up and choose the cloud platform services about which you want to give us feedback.
Yes, I would very much like to attend, thank you
Hi Evandro Lima-Oracle, Thanks for sharing your interest! To proceed, please follow the instruction to fill out the survey.  Thank you!Alexis

Eloqua Engage training guide

I have the 34 page Eloqua Engage training guide, however, I'm looking for an abbreviated Engage training guide.  We have some very basic users so I'd like to provide them with a training guide that lists the top 3 or 4 basic steps to creating and sending an email.  Help! 
Can you please share the Eloqua Training Guide for my reference. Thanks in advance..Sakthi
Hi BrentI believe everyone on Topliners would love to read that 34 page Engage training guide. Please post!-Fred
Sakthi, See attached.
Hi Fred, See attached.
Thank you Brent!
Thanks a lot Brent