week 3 Content/Progress Tabs Bug - PL/SQL Program Units

Hiweek3 showed as week2 on Content tabthere is no week 3 on Progress tabno progress up after you watching videosplease fixthanks Jacob

Hi, Thanks for reporting this. We fixed the icon and are working on the second issue. We'll get back to you soon. Thanks,Anjani.

Hi, The issues are fixed now. Thanks,Anjani.


Regarding progress report

Hi,My lesson progress report is displayed incorrect. I've completed week 1 video lectures but it's still showing 44.4% completed. Also quiz report shows that I've completed all 3 quizzes. Kindly please check.Thanks.
Hi. For 100% passing the need that there was such an icon each videoTo achieve this you need to watch video to the end and wait for what would appeared again the play button in the center of the player These items also apparently counts. "quiz report shows that I've completed all 3 quizzes"  not released shall be considered completed. UPDATE: some items fixed
I'm unable to get that green icon. I've tried viewing the video twice. 
Hi All, I understand showing incorrect progress is quite distracting. But, please do not bother about the progress tab. Just ensure you watched all the videos completely and passed all the quizzes before Oct 31st. You will be eligible for the completion award.Thanks,PL/SQL MOOC Team.
Thanks. That was helpful.

Lesson Progress display is incorrect

The lesson progress indicator is incorrectly showing 2 out of 3 lessons.  Should there not be 7 lessons.  I have only completed 1 lesson and not 2.
Thanks for reporting this.We'll look into this and get back to you. Thanks!
There are 3 weeks total in the MOOC however only Week 1 is currently showing. By the end of the 3rd week you will see all weeks in your list. Thanks, Marcie
Hi, This is fixed. Can you please check if your progress tab shows correct completion status now?You should see similar to the below screenshot.  Thanks,PL/SQL MOOC Team.
Not fixed.  I logged onto the MOOC page a few minutes ago and find the following:Could be OKLesson progress is 66 which could be correct as I have logged onQuiz progress is 33% which is correct, I have completed the quiz for Week 1 QuestionableStatus is 67% complete not sure about this.Week 2 is 25% complete and I have not started viewing any of the videos yet. 
I have just completed watching the videos.  This is the status. The course consists of 3 sessions of a week in length.  Each week has n number of videos.  I think there is a problem here. The status should only be at 33%.  The lesson progress should only be at 66% when I complete the lesson videos. 
Hi, We'll look into this. However, please note that the progress displayed here is not considered as a criteria for the completion badge. Ensure that you view all the videos and pass all the quizzes.Meanwhile, we'll try getting this fixed. Thanks,PL/SQL MOOC Team.
I am aware that this does not have any relevance nor does it in any way count towards the completion badge.   However, what is the point of having these progress indicators if they don't work!  

[MOOC] Progress etc not working

Myself and others have responded to the Lesson Progress week 1  posting.   It would seem that no one checks to see whether anyone has added to the posting.   So I am adding this posting hoping it will alert course presenters to an issue with progress indicator and summary.. Refer to Lesson Progress week 1 for details.
yes, this is a known issue that we are still investigating, lesson progress is not tracked but quiz progress is and it is the only requirement to complete the course.To claim your award and complete the course you need only complete the 3 quizes of the course.

Lesson Progress week 1

HelloI finished all the video content and homework the first week.It's appearing to me, like green.But when I access the "Lesson Progress" panel, it is at 0%Please, can anyone help me?Thanks!
To track your progress you have to successfully complete the quizes
Hi ED,   I allow all course material to play to the end.  That is until the play icon appears on the video.   I participated in the course in October 2017 but was unable to continue past the 1st week and a few lessons from week 2.   On starting this NodeJS(2018) course the system showed all lessons as completed for week 1 and part of week 2.  I found this rather bizarre as the system should not be marking material as having been viewed.   But my main concern is the lesson and quiz progress is clearly not working. 
Completed Wk1 test and this is the status as found on the web page:All course content viewed and indicated as complete including the quiz.Progress reveals that the quiz progress is 33% or 1 quiz out of 3 completed.  This is correct.  The Status also show the correct value of 33%.  Lesson Progress is broken and does not show any progress.Is this system worth keeping?  It is very problematic.  
Eduardo, Please see the problem reported above by OTG-467455. I am getting a similar result. There is definitely something wrong with the Oracle site. The following may be a  clue to the problem:  I am hoping that since it says that there are "0 out of 0 lessons completed" this will not hold anyone back from progressing further. I guess I'll know soon enough. ;-) Thank you.
Thanks for the pointers, it seems that the system has problems assigning the videos as lesson material, we are looking into this but it seems to be a limitation of the system itself.

Is there a Quiz for week 1?  I just get a blank popup when I select the link.  Have read some of the posts on it but still unclear.

Is there a Quiz for week 1?  I just get a blank popup when I select the link.  Have read some of the posts on it but still unclear.
There isn't quiz for Week 1, it's only a PDF with the steps to have your virtual machine up & working.
Actually there is a quiz for Week 1 (check progress tab there is a Quiz Progress with 4 quizes in total) -  it's not working for me as well :/
Hi, There is a quiz for week 1.  Most of the students are able to access the quiz. Please try again! RegardsThe Oracle MOOC Team
It's not working - i checked under Chrome and Mozilla, maybe it's too late to take it?
I am unable to see it also. Just a blank non-modal.
Ups sorry!! I made a mistake!! Yes, there's a quiz, I've mistaken with the homework for week 1. Sorry!!
Hi, Are you able to access other week's quizzes? Is the issue only with Week 1 quiz?
I had this problem too.It seems to me that the course is there, but it's loading for ages with no information about it. If you leave popup open for few minutes you might get some content.
We have discovered an issue with the first quiz for this course - after you click the link for the quiz you will see this:Please wait 10 seconds or so for the quiz to load and do not click the X in the upper right corner.  This is an issue on our side. Sorry for the inconvenience.
I was able to open Quiz 1.  It took about 30 seconds to open up.   Susan Adkison Solution Engineer Excel4apps <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__go.excel4apps.com_email-5Fsign-5Fhomepage&d=DwIBaQ&c=RoP1YumCXCgaWHvlZYR8PZh8Bv7qIrMUB65eapI_JnE&r=J0c9pJSHG4nYqXAMPCi8W4OODRgLT8Gma9DHAp5n8DHBwoVbFCCQ4OEmzUQt6qul&m=HNs7dNHhx788u4FY3hMUpHbkh0Bzqb-ZAzFlTWIDP-E&s=NR_rquFapFh_9vcJxDRBNwvFUrsuSH2gMbOpgwVcxL0&e=> (330) 309-5878         From: community-admin community-prod-admin_ww#oracle.comSent: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 4:32 AMTo: 3022081 <susan.adkison#excel4apps.com>Subject: Re: - Is there a Quiz for week 1?  Ijust get a blank popup when I select the link.  Have read some of the postson it but still unclear.    image: ORACLE <https://community.oracle.com>Is there a Quiz for week 1?  I just get a blank popup when I select thelink.  Have read some of the posts on it but still unclear. created by Apoorva S-Oracle<https://community.oracle.com/people/Apoorva+S-Oracle> in *SQL Fundamentals(2018)* - View the full discussion<https://community.oracle.com/message/14671150#14671150>