Unsubscribe link doesn't work! - Oracle Marketing Cloud Customer Portal

Lately, we've been receiving reports from our newsletter recipient stating that our unsubscribe link doesn't work, which force them to email us and ask to be unsubscribed. We are using OMC system generated unsubscribe link. The most recent complain shows that they are using the Office 365 Advance Threat Protection feature. Have anybody experience this? I am at lost as to what to do to remedy this issue. Support seems to think that this is not an OMC issue because they can't control recipient email setting. While I agree with that, I do think some sort of partnership between Oracle and these few major Email Clients could ensure that OMC system generated unsubscribe link is not being blocked or treated as threat. Thoughts?

Hey Sei, Even we are suing Responsys's default unsubscribe link and I just checked my office 365 its working fine. Can you please explain the issue which you faced and steps to reproduce this issue so that we can troubleshoot this further.  ThanksThiyagu


Notifications no longer working on iPhone for Oracle Social Network

HelloI have 50+ users on Oracle Social Network.  I set up all of the Sales guys to use OSN on their iPhones.  Notifications were working for 2-3 weeks.  Now users are not receiving notifications at all.  When this was working, they were getting a notifcation on their locked and unlocked mobile phones.  Please advise!
Can you verify whether notifications work via email? - see https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/common/OSNUG/osn-usr-basics.htm#OSNUG1614 If it works, check https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/common/OSNUG/osn-usr-iphone.htm#OSNUG2477(on iPhone the notifications are distributed as push notifications, so please, verify they are not disabled)
Oracle Support is restarting OSN for us tonight - they said there have been errors since 5/26 and this should fix the issue.  We just upgraded to R11 on 5/6/2016.  I'll advise if that doesn't fix this issue.  Thank you

Anyone heard of Siftrock?

Has anyone looked at Siftrock to manage replies and OOA's? We're in the process of implementing it and would love to talk to any other clients who may have experience with setting it up.  Thanks! Chad
Hi Chad Lloyd, It's a nice tool to integrate with Eloqua. You can get free trial from filling this form (https://app.siftrock.com/demo ). Having integrate with Eloqua we can able to perform many cool actions. - Find new record from auto-replies to grow the database.- to maintain cleaner lists.- automatically manage every reply.- route the message the right person in the team. Thanks,Sekar. 
Hi Sekar - thanks for your reply.  Have you implemented Siftrock? We're running into some conflicts where our From and Reply-to subdomains seem to be causing deliverability issues since those are pointing to Siftrock while our Bounceback domain and sending domain are pointing to Eloqua. Thanks!Chad
Interested to find more replies on this subject, as im looking to pitch this to my company for trialing! Does anyone have any examples/ case studies for this tool?
We are in the process of implementing full speed ahead.  Our initial challenges were with O365 and our Single Sign On w OKTA.  Our system kept over writing the desired Email Box with my personal box.  Since been resolved and determined our IT dept. needed to make changes to the Reply email box.  So far all is running smoothly and are making improvements to workflows to include distribution of replies based on business needs.  Considering our current default email address is unmanaged, we are seeing a goldmine of information we had been missing from Human replies to data enrichment opportunities.

What happens in Outlook/EMSO (ELMO)  during e10 migration day?

We still have Eloqua for Microsoft Outlook installed on many machines.  When Outlook starts, it immediately connects to Eloqua and logs the person in (behind the scenes) so they can be ready to send ELQ email templates.  What happens on E9 to E10 migration day?  We're told the Eloqua won't be available.  So what happens to Outlook when it tries to connect to Eloqua?  Will it fail and not open Outlook?  Or will it (hopefully) just notify the user that it couldn't connect, but still open Outlook for other functions?
Hi Betty Hill, ELMO will not work on Update Day. Here is a post so you will know what exactly will happen on the Update Day: Updating to Eloqua10: Update Day Thanks,Shery
Shery -- I've read this and searched topliners for more details but don't see the answer to my specific question.  What should the ELMO/EMSO user expect in Outlook?  Will they get error messages?  Or will templates just be blank? I would like to forewarn them of what to expect, rather than having to answer 40 individual questions.  :-)
They won't be able to send any emails and they would receive a "Service not available" error.
Thank you.

Eloqua Profiler MS CRM Issues

Since the new release our profiler is not working correctly.  We are using MS CRM 2011 on premise.  I called the support line, but they suggested that I call Microsoft.  Does anyone have any documentation on getting the new version of profiler to work in MS CRM? The specific problem we are having is that it displays the message "No Contact Found" on the contact record.  It provides a search box and operates fine once you locate the contact.  But I need it to pre-find the contacts when we open their records. 
I should add that the link in the documentation mentioned in this post does not work.  Eloqua Profiler: Resource Center
Hi markroskowske - sorry to hear that you are having troubles since the update - just to confirm: this worked fine before the update, right?  Can you paste the javascript you originally had configured in CRM into this thread? What happens if you just copy and paste the following directly into your address bar? https://secure.eloqua.com/apps/profiler/index.aspx?emailAddress=mark.roskowske%40showmecables.com
Yes, it was working fine when it was flash based. function EPPOnLoad() {var emailAddress = crmForm.all.emailaddress1.DataValue; crmForm.all.IFRAME_Prospect_Profiler.src='https://secure.eloqua.com/pp/pp.aspx?emailAddress='+emailAddress;}
so - what happens if you just copy and paste the following directly into your address bar (ignoring MS CRM for now) https://secure.eloqua.com/pp/pp.aspx?emailAddress=mark.roskowske%40showmecables.com curiously, what happens if you copy and paste this: https://secure.eloqua.com/pp/pp.aspx?emailAddress=mark.roskowske#showmecables.com also - what happens when you do the same thing, but substitute in the email of the contact whose record you were looking at in CRM?
Both of the links posted work fine for my contact and any contact email address I paste in. I did notice that they are redirecting to https://secure.eloqua.com/apps/profiler/index.aspx?emailAddress=mark.roskowske%40showmecables.com instead of secure.eloqua.com/pp/pp.aspx
Hope you're able to find a clean resolution to this.  If it's more systemic, and it turns out the new version of Profiler doesn't support MSCRM 2011 anymore it looks like I'll be delaying my roll out to our sales teams again...
keith_connearney - looks like we sorted out markroskowske by changing the Jscript in MS CRM. I don't think it had anything to do with Profiler - it would have probably affected Engage as well. I have updated the documentation here Eloqua Profiler Configuration Guide for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for anyone experiencing a similar issue. attn: Eloqua Users with MS CRM Integration Eloqua For Sales
Thanks Egan that's good to know.  Right now I've got a small team of reps leveraging the tool standing alone.  I'd like to bake it into MSCRM for them if they're getting good use out of it.
Egan, you are the man.  Thanks for your assistance.  It works like a dream 
Hi Egan, We're using MS CRM 4 and are still getting the script to pull in the email. But suddenly, Profiler is blank after log in. I can see the title and the general skin of the interface, but no data. I spoke with support and they mentioned it has something to do with scaling or resolution of the iFrame within Dynamics. As you can imagine, our sales team isn't happy with having to jump out to a standalone app every time they need to do some research. Can you help me figure this out? Thanks! Justin
justin.yopp - is this still an issue?  there was a fix pushed out for a profiler rendering issue on Nov 6th but it only affected IE 8.  it sounds like you are experiencing a different issue, and if you could send me the support ticket number I would check it out.
Hi Egan, Yep – we’re still having this issue. Here is the ticket: 00311733 I hope you can help me get this resolved – most of us are using IE8…   Here are the two errors that show up when you click in to the bottom left error messageMessage: Expected identifier, string or numberLine: 30Char: 26947Code: 0URI: https://secure.eloqua.com/apps/profiler/static/epp/en/fb422bc727852cf8b4c8bdc5a52c6b72b17fcc91/javascript-packed.jsMessage: 'main' is undefinedLine: 167Char: 1Code: 0URI: https://secure.eloqua.com/apps/profiler/index.aspx?emailAddress=christine.moore%40ecolab.com Thanks!   Justin Justin Yopp l Demand Generation ConsultantDevelopment Dimensions International, Inc. (DDI)Phone 412-220-7221justin.yopp#ddiworld.com<mailto:justin.yopp#ddiworld.com>www.ddiworld.com<http://www.ddiworld.com/>Twitter: DDIworld<http://twitter.com/ddiworld> The Talent Management Expert.  Staying ahead of talent for 40 years. The information contained in this email may be confidential and is intended solely for the use of the named addressee(s).If you are not the intended recipient, please notify us immediately by returning the email to the originator.  Please consider the environment before printing this email.
Hi Egan, please see my last response. I'd love your help in resolving this issue - thanks!
Hi Justin,Support will be re-opening your case shortly.  We believe this issue is a duplicate of another issue that has already been escalated internally.Thanks,Allison

Cannot send test emails in Engage

Hi, Is this problem fixed already? I started to use (well... tried to) this engage but could not send even a test email for myself. Is it working or not? Thanks - Matti
Hi matti which problem are you referring to?  There are several mentioned in this thread, but not being able to send a test email is not one of them.If you are unable to send Engage emails, you should consider contacting support about that. the other problems on this thread are:sales reps wanting to save over existing templates: coming soonnot add characters to attachment names: not coming soon, but adding attachments as links is
We are having the same problem with sending test messages now too. They appear to send, they say they are sent in Engage, they even come up as sent to the recipient in Profiler, but we never get the msgs. Not in hours or days, not at all.
so - are you saying that Engage does not send emails at all for you?  Have you logged cases for this?  There must be something specific to your situation that needs to have support look at it.  I can confirm that there is no known issue whereby Engage is not sending emails, as that is it's primary function.
Thank you Egan for your answer. The problem was that Engage said it has sent the mail but I did not got it. I received it hours later but there might be a problem on our server. I'll contact support if needed. 
Our sales team has been using eloqua_engage since January (some well before that as we transitioned off the MS Outlook Plug-In) but we have worked through issues and as of today, there is no real delay when a sales rep sends his or her email as we have tested out internally (really a 1-2 min delay max). Also, sending a test email through eloqua has not been an issue for us either so we know it works and it is an ongoing process for building the sales team's confidence in using it! It is an uphill battle each time but as we hold more and more lunch and learn workshops, they are becoming more comfortable with Engage and customizing more emails through our Marketing Automation team. Egan Cheung-Oracle - nice presentation yesterday and glad to hear Engage and Profiler on that discussion!