Why the certificate is not showing up in my Aria profile? I got one for PL SQL MOOC in my Aria profile. - NodeJS Microservices

Why the certificate is not showing up in my Aria profile? I got one for PL SQL MOOC in my Aria profile.


I registered for oracle cloud account. But i did not received mail about domain id and username

In order to login to oracle cloud one must be registered. Though I registered I did not received any mail communication about user id and domain id. Can someone guide me on this.?
You have registered to OTN. That's the first step. Next you have registered for a trail cloud account. This registration can take some time (even weeks). So be patient.For the MOOC you don't need the cloud account. You can do almost everything locally on your machine. Only a couple of quiz question are about the cloud, but if you watch the videos you'll find the answers easily. Timo
Thanks Timo Hahn I have local application running. So will work with the same till I get domain Id.
If you need help checking on your cloud account, please see this post: How do I get Help with a Trial Account?  There are links to where you can get support when signing up for a new account. Hope that helps. Mike W.

Oracle Cloud Credentials

Dear Sir / Madam, Are there test credentials for the cloud platform for this exercise or we create trial accounts? Regards,Martin
Hello Martin. In the overview of the MOOC:http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/mooc/JavaMicroservices/Java_Microservices_MOOC_Overview.pdf It's mentioned that it is not necessary to have an account in the oracle cloud. <You do not need an Oracle Cloud account for this course.However, if you already have an Oracle Cloud account, you can use your account to try the labs.> But, you can request a trial account, It's very simple. Regards!!---RuGI
Yep.  Thanks RuGI!
Hello RuGI, Thank you so much for the reminder. I had forgotten. Regards,Martin
Did someone do the lab 01 without Oracle Cloud Account? I couldn't, I opened a trial account but the Application Container Cloud product is not part of the Oracle Public Cloud Services Free Promotion.
Access in your dashboard       https://myservices.us.oraclecloud.com/mycloud/YOUR_IDENTITY_DOMAIN_HERE/faces/dashboard.jspx It is possible that it is not visible in your dashboard and only has to be added.[Application Container] 
my problem was, creating the domain in the oracle cloud.
Hello RuGI, I cann't open "My Services", I get this message:We cannot log you in at this time. Verify that you've entered the correct identity domain. Contact your application administrator if you continue to see this message.But I can login to "My account":And there I have this identity domain, but why I cant login? 
I have the same problem. I applied for a trial subscription but can't access the cloud services.
Same problem with me
Hey gang, For those of you having trouble accessing the cloud systems in your trials, could you try logging in again?  I suspect that your account may not have been fully provisioned when you tried to access them. Sometimes the system needs a few minutes to get everything setup, so give it 30 min or so and try again. Let me know if that works. Mike W.
I'm try relogin, but it could not help, same situation. I try register again:Now I have 2 unactive "Identity domain", what's wrong? Where my submitted?
I'm still waiting for the activation message  
signing uo for the trial does require a credit card number . I feel it should be stated much more clearly that providing the credit card and doing the trial does cause a $500 pre-authorization on one's Card.
Hi, So first, I want to make sure you signed up for a trial and you got the following message?  If you have, try using the URL from the sign up email (highlighted by the red arrow). It should have the form of :My Services URL: myservices.us.oraclecloud.com/mycloud/<identity domain>/faces/dashboard.jspx link in the email.I am told this might work. Let me know if it does. Also, do you have access to Oracle Cloud tech support?  Just wondering if this is something support deals with all the time. If no support link is provided with the trial, please let me know and I will run this past support myself. Thanks, Mike W.

Login Demo question

Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to login on oracle cloud as shown in 1-5 Login Demo. How can I know my Identity Domain? Do I need to subscribe somewhere else?I'm getting this error: "We cannot log you in at this time. Verify that you've entered the correct identity domain. Contact your application administrator if you continue to see this message." Thanks 
Hi Leonardo, A cloud account isn't required to complete the MOOC.  Demo videos like 1-5 are meant to show you everything you need and walk you through the process of using the Oracle cloud.  Are you looking to experiment on your own in the cloud environment?  Do you know if you have an account?  There is a way to check what services are associated with your cloud account.  Go to cloud.oracle.com > Sign in > Account Details, then enter in the email address you'd like to check. Nick
Hi Leonardo. If you do not have a <Identity domain> yet,  you can request a trial account,Although, according to MOOC documentation, it is not necessary to have it.[Free Trial] button in http://cloud.oracle.com https://community.oracle.com/message/14271479#14271479 ---
First, you do not need an Oracle Cloud account to complete the course. You should be able to answer the quizzes by just watching the demos. So using an Oracle Cloud account is completely optional. To answer your question, you get your identity domain when you sign up for an Oracle Cloud account. If you are interested in trying an account, please see: https://cloud.oracle.com/tryit  Hope that helps, Mike W.
Thank you guys!

Oracle University CertView Authentication:   Third invalid attempt

Hi OCP Support Team,  On 03-Mar-18, I appeared certification exam(1Z0-337), and completed the exam .I have problem with Pearson, certview and Oracle Web account, and unable to avail the test results.  My  Oracle Testing -ID: OCXXXXXX3 is created / registered earlier (2015) with XXXXXX.p#XXXXX.in. later part my id was changed from “XXXXXX.p#XXXX.IN” to “XXXXXX.p#XXXX.COM”.  So two days before exam i changed my email-ID to “XXXXXX.p#XXXXX.com” in Pearson account profile, and given my exam with “XXXXX.p#zeXXXXnsar.COM” id with OPN-ID: PSXXXXX-IN  with the same Oracle Testing-ID account.  Now I got the below issue while accessing the certview to verify the test results. Mean time I raised the SR (180303-000394) with OCP support team and waiting for their update.  Ticket No’s: 180303-000394 & 180304-001396  Note: Our .IN domain got changed to .Com and .IN SOP with Oracle got expired and cant able to access .IN web account.  Please merge .IN account with .COM for Oracle Testing -ID: OCXXXXXX3, same time merge your acclaim .IN account with .COM. Error: Oracle University CertView Authentication Third invalid attempt  We are sorry, but we are still unable to verify your information. Your account has been referred to Oracle Certification Support for manual processing. you should expect to be contacted within three (1) business days.  Thank you for participating in the Oracle Certification Program. Please access our Help Center for additional information and assistance. 
Sorry this is the WRONG sub-forum.  Oracle Certification does not monitor this forum to answer questions.
I suspect that you've already received resolution from the Oracle Certification Support team. If not, please contact them. Regards,Brandye BarringtonOracle Certification Program

Not able to sign-in with cloud account.

Not able to sign-in with cloud account. I have followed 1-5 video. But when I give identify domain, i am getting error as " We cannot log you in at this time. Verify that you've entered the correct identity domain. Contact your application administrator if you continue to see this message."
Have you selected the right data center?And the 'traditional cloud accoount'? Timo
If you need further assistance signing up, please see this post. How do I get Help with a Trial Account?  It explains how to contact Cloud support for issues like this. Mike W.