Can we have couple of days of extension to take the quiz? - NodeJS Microservices

31st Oct was deadline for this course. Is there plan to have couple of days of extension to complete quiz?

Hello, you can sign up for the second run of this course, course starts on Feb 05. Enroll here: . This time the content will be released for the three weeks on Feb 05,  Best,


Quiz Due Date:

One hears that the quiz needs to be completed by due date on the videos.  My understanding is that the quiz needs to be completed at the end of each week.   However, work commitments sometimes makes this difficult to achieve.    Is this strictly per week prior to starting the next weeks lesson or can a person have a day or two grace extending into the next weeks lesson?
The preferred quiz due date is prior to the start of the next weeks lesson and the dissemination of lesson material.   In extenuating circumstances a 24 hour grace period could be provided.
In order to receive the course completion award all 4 quizzes must have been completed by no later than the end of day on 25th September 2017. Completing the the quiz soon after mastering the material and covering the homework while the concepts are still fresh in the mind would make the task easier.
Hi, That is absolutely correct! The hard deadline for all quizzes is 25th September 2017. However, we encourage you to take the corresponding quiz at the end of each week. You can also refer to this thread- Clarification: Course Duration and Quiz due date?  RegardsThe SQL MOOC Team
Hi Apoorva, Would I be correct in assuming that the course terminates at midnight on the 25th September 2017.
Midnight being GMT time zone.
Hi, To be accurate, the quiz ends on 26th September 2017 12:00  AM (Pacific Time) i.e GMT -7 Regards-A
It is 9 hours difference between ZA and PDT.   I'll aim for 2 am on GMT+2. Thank you.

Confusion, Received mail - Deadline for Quizzes extended - 2nd October 2017

Just wondering what is happening.    There seems to be a lot of activity around the imminent deadline of 24:00 on 25th September 2017 (PDT).   A short while ago I also learnt that the number of quizzes have been increased to 4 for what I assume is meant for attendees who failed on the 3rd attempt may now try a 4th time, but the deadline is still being put forward as tonight at midnight Pacific Day Time. I am concerned that there seems to be another mail indicating an extension being granted.   Take a look below.   Can someone please ensure that everyone is one the same page.   Message was edited by: OTG-467455
As I have not had any reply to my previous enquiry about the due date being extended to 2nd October, I will assume that this d-date specified in the e-mail received this morning is correct.
Hi, Please refer to the following threads:Deadline for all the quizzes is extended! One final attempt for all the quizzes in Oracle MOOC: SQL Fundamentals  The deadline has been extended to 2nd October 2017. You get a total of 4 attempts at each quiz. RegardsThe SQL MOOC Team
I think the issue came when you replied to someone else about the Quizzes and I saw the deadline you posted 3 weeks earlier in the same posting thread so no doubt I was panicking as time was running out.  

About "Content is available until 23 February 2018 at 11:59 PM PT" ?

Hello, in the course description there is Content is available until 23 February 2018 at 11:59 PM PT what this mean ?
 After that date the course will be archived, that is, it will probably stop being on the "Event Calendar". I recommend you save the link: All the videos of this MOOC are on youtube, they are another way to continue watching the content. The deadline for all the quizzes is Friday February 16th.Good luck---
Sorry for the confusion.  I know some places mentioned Feb 16, while others mentioned Feb 23.  To be fair, we'll go with the later date of Feb 23.  At 4:00pm GMT on Feb 23 the following will happen:The quizzes are locked.  4:00pm GMT is the deadline to take the quizzes and earn the course completion award.  If you've already earned the completion award before the deadline, you can still access it after the course ends.The event is removed from the Event Calendar.  You can still access the course videos and labs in a more roundabout way. The link RuGI mentioned should work in the short-term.  Long-term instructions would be similar to this: How to Access the Course PageNew enrollments stop.  Nick
Hello,  after checking today 17 Feb  the course page are empty for week 1, 2, and 3 check the screenshot thanks
That's strange... Is this bug still occurring?  I'm not able to reproduce it.
HELLO? A temporary bug Solved

first week of december?

Not a java question sorry about that, was just wondering what do you guys think about it. I was having a heated debate with one of my co workers on what does "by the end of first week of december" means? I am saying that this year end of first week of december would be 2nd/3rd of December 2005 while he is insisting that it would be 7th of december 2005.
what do you guys say???? 
I guess this year it would be 33rd of december. You seem to be right I guess!!! 
Don't you just love those "discussions" where nobody defines their terms?
If I'm not mistaken, the ISO (ISO-8601?) defines the first week of a period to be the first week that contains four days in the period. So that would be November 28 to December 4, if your weeks start on Monday, or November 27 to December 3 if they start on Sunday.
However if your weeks are not constrained to being calendar weeks but can start on any day of the week then obviously December 1 to 7 must be the answer.
If you want to make this a Java question, the GregorianCalendar class implements the ISO's rules and you can callcalendar.get(Calendar.WEEK_OF_MONTH)to see what it thinks. Note also the setFirstDayOfWeek method. 
I would guess that:
Some would say 2nd (end of work week, assuming Monday-Friday).
Some would say 3rd (end of calendar week, assuming Sunday-Saturday).
Some would say 4th (end of calendar week, assuming Monday-Sunday).
Some would say 9th, 10th, or 11th, respectively to the above three cases--end of first FULL week.
Apparently, some (your coworker) would say 7th (end of 7 days). But, I personally would never thought of that.
I think if someone told me "end of first week of December", I'd clarify whether it was work week or calendar week, and whether it was FULL week. Then I'd go with 2nd/3rd (I think of Saturday as last day of the calendar week--in the U.S.) or 9th/10th, depending on the clarifications received. 
There's no right answer. There are at least three viable definitions that are used in various contexts. For me, in casual conversation, without other deciding factors, I'd think of the first week of December of this year as consisting of 1st through 7th. If the 1st fell on a Monday or Tuesday, I'd probably consider it to be that day up through the first Saturday (or maybe Friday).
In any context where I would use it unqaulified, it wouldn't matter if the other person had a different interpretation because it would just be a rough timeframe. If I needed more accuracy, I'd use a different term, or make sure that a definition of "first week of the month" was provided. 
If I'm not mistaken, the ISO (ISO-8601?) defines the first week of a period to be the first week that
contains four days in the period. So that would be November 28 to December 4, if your weeks
start on Monday, or November 27 to December 3 if they start on Sunday.Don't you mean 4th Dec to 10th Dec if they start on a Sunday? I'm pretty sure 27th Nov to 3rd Dec doesn't include 4 days in December.

I am new, Until when can I take the quizzes?

Hello, I am Johanna,  I am new, I would like to take this course if is possible, until when can I take the quizzess? can you help me with that information.
Quizzes will be available until Midnight on 31st October.
All three quizzes (Quiz 1, 2 and 3) can be taken any time until Midnight on 31st October.  It is however advisable to complete each quiz soon after reviewing the material for a specific week while the concepts are still fresh in your mind.
You can take the quizzes until Oct 31, 2017.