Obiee 12c Analytics after sign in is hanging displays shows Signinig in - Tian Jin Oracle User Union

On Linux OSIt was working properly after the installation for a week. Now having signing in issues.Obiee 12c Console shows Admin Server and BI Server are OK and Running.Obiee 12c EM shows Admin Server and BI Server are OK and Running.Any support is appreciated. Thank youSrinivas

Have same issue after online RPD modifications Remove all in metadata\datamodel\customizationsfolder and upload last correct RDP by data-model-cmd tool

I can't thank you enough this has helped me to solve my issue as i wasn't able to sign in to analytics the complete location for the file for future reference:<obiee_home>/user_projects/domains/bi/bidata/service_instances/ssi/metadata/datamodel/customizations Thanks Again


Unable to connect to analytics URL

Hello All. I have installed Oracle Data Visualization Desktop and trying to connect to OBIEE analytics server through New Data source -> Oracle applications. Getting "Failed to save the connection.Invalid username/password." message. But the URL is accessible in browser.  
Hi,if you expect an answer you maybe want to make a little effort in asking the question .... How to Ask Questions in Developer Community Spaces  Not a single reference to versions involved, a piece of log etc.
thanks for your suggestion,  I have installed Oracle Data Visualization Desktop (DVDesktop- in my machine. I have a working OBIEE analytics URL with user name and password. I could able to login to the analytics using the URL http://host:port/analytics in a browser. When I am trying to create a datasource -> Oracle applications using the same URL, username and password I am getting the below error as shown in the screenshot.  
What is the OBIEE version?What does the DVD log tell you?
obiee version is  log says :  INFO: JDS sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor148.invoke(Unknown Source)at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke( org.glassfish.jersey.server.model.internal.ResourceMethodInvocationHandlerFactory$1.invoke( org.glassfish.jersey.server.model.internal.AbstractJavaResourceMethodDispatcher$ org.glassfish.jersey.server.model.internal.AbstractJavaResourceMethodDispatcher.invoke(
2980134 wrote: obiee version is  Look at this: Re: Did anyone tried adding Oracle Applications Connection ?  Adam Bloom-Oracle wrote: The target OBIEE needs to be version or Fusion Applications FAREL8+ and above.So not possible with OBIEE
Thank you . I will check this.

Oracle DV connection to Essbase

Hi, I'm trying to connect Oracle DV to an on premise version of Essbase but cannot seem to return any working reports. I notice the user guide states supported data sources include Essbase, however we are currently running Essbase (upgrade scheduled late 2018). Does anyone know if this will be the reason the connection does not seem to be working correctly - in which case not to spend any more time trying to resolve! - or would we expect it still to work with this older version? Thanks
Hi,Did you look at logs when doing things?If you talk about "reports" I assume the connection is setup fine, so look at the logs to see what query is sent to Essbase, run it by hand yourself and check if it works, look at any other info in the logs.
You can certainly review the logs and confirm for yourself. Notably though if the document says and higher then that is what oracle is supporting now. You could log an Oracle SR if you wish.

botsui Internal Server Error

Hello,  We have subscribed to Oracle OMCe and created and provisioned an Oracle Mobile cloud enterprise instance successfully.And It worked fine for couple of days, then after that once i login and navigate to the botsui console, I am getting an internal server error, PFA the image attached.  Any advise how to recover from this error?  Thanks in advance,Amro
I'd suggest you open a support ticket so we can take a deeper look at your environment and see what's going on. Thanks, -Marcelo

Error while installing EPM components

Hi,I have to install Hyperion Financial Close Management version for the first time on the server and below is the installation and configuration sequence:Install EPM (Foundation Services, Financial Close Management, and FDM required).Run the Repository Creation Utility.Install SOA Suite.Configure SOA Suite.Configure Financial Close Management and FDMEE.Perform post-installation manual configuration tasksConfigure Oracle Security Policy for FDMEE I am using Windows Server 2008 R2 and database server is MS SQL server 2008. I am facing an issue with validation error messages when navigating back to a page. Here is the scenario:I have downloaded all the necesssary files from edelivery containing EPM System Release part 1 to part 7; EPM release for Oracle HTTP server; EPM system release for client installers; Oracle SOA Suite 11g; Oracle Repository Creation Utility 11g.Now I unzip all the files in one folder (FCM) and path is say C:/Hyperion/FCM and brought all the files of "Assemblies" folder in the same path "C:/Hyperion/FCM".Also brought JRE folder and installtool.cmd under the same path "C:/Hyperion/FCM".Now when I run "installtool.cmd", it runs and checks for all pre-install checks and hangs/stuck at "EPMINS-01102: Running Env Var preinstall checks...." Please help in resolving this issue at the earliest as my production environment is on hold due to this.Thanks in advance,Sumit
Hi, Please need your help on this issue as I am not able to move forward with the installation. Thanks,Sumit Wadhwa
Did you check the installer location for any log files? Regards Celvin
SumitWadhwa wrote:
Please need your help on this issue as I am not able to move forward with the installation.
Sumit Wadhwa
 After 15 minutes of posting you are asking again because nobody has replied, if your issue is urgent then raise it with Oracle.Have you actually searched on Oracle Support for a resolution e.g. "Enterprise Performance Management Installer Hangs With The Message: "EPMINS-01102: Running EnvVarsPreinstallCheck" (Doc ID 1484201.1)" Cheers John
Hi Celvin, Thanks for the reply. I checked all the folders but did not find any log file. Can you advise as where can I see the log file? Moreover what is this error all about? What is that I am doing wrong? Please suggest. Thanks,Sumit Wadhwa
Sumit, copy extracted folders onto the same server, instated of mapping network drives and give it a try also look into RDA tool its being under development for Hyperion products. 
Hi there, If you have not solve your issue yet.. The file with the error should be under C:\rda\output\. Based on your description, your environment does not cover all the prerequisites for an EPM installation.If you have solve the issue… it would be great, if you could click the "Answer" button in any of the correct answers.Regards,Thanos One Truth about...: ..calculation options
Hi Sumit, Avik here... I also faced the similar problem like you while installing the Hyperion essbase on windows server and also I have not used the file from any network drive .All the files I downloaded and kept in local drive of the new machine .They are :: 1. Essbase client2. Essbase server3.Foundation part one4. Foundation part two5. Foundation part three6. Foundation part four7. Client Installer I extracted all the zip files in same places and execute the installtool.cmd and it runs fine but when it comes to environment vars it stuck there and no more move ahead.Did you get any solution for this? Could you please help me on this? Thanks in advance! Regards,Avik

HFM Configuration is in error

Hi All,  At the last stage of Configuration system is showing error  for three components Pre ConfigurationApplication Server DCom Configuration. for Dcom I have already login in hyperion using computer credentials. Any guess. RegardsAmit
I take it is a supported OS, have you checked the logs for more detailed information about the failure. Cheers John
Hi John, Iam very much new to the HFM the log file is generated in the  C:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSsystem11R1\diagnostics\Logs\install. Which file i need to check
What OS are you installing on, it is a config error so you need to check the config logs, more info at Installation, Configuration, and Diagnostic Logs  Cheers  John
Windows Xp, I don't have prior knowledge to setup so, i used Oracle HFM installation guide from Oracle 11.1.2 Documentation library. RegardsAmit
Hi Amit, Windows XP are not a supported OS for installing HFM.  The best approach for having HFM in a user machine (laptop/desktop) is to use a VMware with a licensed Windows Server version and install HFM in the VMware. Have in mind that the performance will not be great and you will need a really good machine and a lot of post-configuration performance tuning. Regards, Thanos
Check the below link for the Support matrices: Supported Platforms Matrices - Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Thanks,mady
HI Mady, But aim able to login in Financial Management Client and able to Crete application Profile.but other menu are not visible.
If it Is Hyperion or later, we will get Create Application Profile and Manage Metadata only. HFM Client are individually come from this version. It won't come with Hyperion Installation. Thanks,Mady