Is it offline course based learning or have real-time interactive presentations/lectures ? - NodeJS Microservices

Will there be interactive Online lectures or is it all offline assignments based course ?

This is all offline. If you want to communicate with your peers you can use this forum. Timo


a web application for online music

hi,everybody,now i want to develop a web application for online music using jsp.The function includes listening online and downloading,can anyone give me some advice or source code?thanks a lot.

Web Conferencing - Online Meetings & Presentations

With so many tools for web conferencing (online meetings and presentations) available, I�m totally confused about choosing a software/ hardware combination appliance for my office. Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who might have used one and recommend!!! 
what does this have to do with Java?
go to CNET 
I admit that with the vast amount of service providers available today, it�s not always easy to find the one that best fills the bill for your particular web conferencing needs. Frankly speaking about my personal experience that I have been using RHUB Web Conferencing myself and it has been excellent in fulfilling my needs of web conferencing. This web conferencing appliance is installable behind your firewall and features screen sharing, annotation/whiteboard, remote control. It is available from Try it.

Any Multi-User Chess Programs available?

Hello Java programmers,
I'm building a multi-user chess site. However, the client/server code that I'm using is not user friendly. Are there any client/server chess programs available (code, compiled, or executable) for a multi-user chess site? I've already tried VChess/S. Seitov.
Thanks for any suggestions.
Pancho several multiplayer online games
just do a google search for online multiplayer chess

What is JXTA?

I am a novice in Java and I am required to work on a project related to Java and XML...
Could anyone help me relating me to me how we could use JXTA practical sense
JXTA technology is a set of open, generalized peer-to-peer protocols that allow any connected device on the network from cell phone to PDA from PC to server to communicate and collaborate in a peer to peer manner.
Why JXTA Now?
With the explosion of content on the network, and the existence of millions of connected devices, a multi-dimensional web or Expanded Web has emerged. Content is both on the edge of the network, but also resides in the "deep web". JXTA technology enables new and innovative network applications to be created, giving complete access to content on the Expanded Web.
Imagine the Possibilities...
JXTA has the technology that you need to write networked, interoperable, p2p applications that can easily:
* Find other peers on the network with dynamic discovery across firewalls
* Easily share files with anyone across the network
* Find up to the minute content at your favorite site
* Create a group of peers that can easily find each other, across firewalls,
on any device
* Monitor peer activities remotely
* Securely communicate with other peers on the network
Getting Started
These things are possible with the JXTA technology. Let's see what you can do with it! Download the code at and develop a cool application by yourself or with the help of the JXTA community. If you're new to Project JXTA, read the information on how to get started. 
Thanks JavaMan5 for your reply...
Will be visiting the site

how mature is jxta technology?

Is there any successful project/application using jxta?
I am developing online card game, p2p style.
Check out Workplace on, a shared team workspaces application.