Where is the all sample of SOA which were in java.net? - Java.net Forge Sunset

Hi, there were soa samples in java.net. ex) https://blogs.oracle.com/soaproactive/where-to-find-oracle-soa-suite-and-osb-samples-and-tutorials  1) For 11g:https://java.net/projects/oraclesoasuite11g/pages/Home2) For 12c:https://java.net/projects/oraclesoasuite12c/pages/Home Where did they go?They were linked in documents as well.ex)https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/12211/adapters/develop-soa-adapters/GUID-088EFFE9-AE8B-4A35-B9DB-0A0DDA1BBBE7.htm#TKA… ---You can see the Adapters-101FileAdapterFlatStructure sample by accessing the Oracle SOA Sample Code site.--- Have you moved to other places?

I have the same question, I need to know what happen with all the code samples ? Please answer our question...

I have reached out to the team to see if there are any plans to migrate these assets to a new location, and will update with any information I receive. **UPDATED to add: These assets have been moved to the following location: Oracle SOA Suite Learn More  Best,-ChristinaCommunity Engagement and Ifrastructure

Christina, unfortunelly not all content was migrated.  I was in the middle of OSB training, when page was removed. Content provided included video tutorials on OSB with example projects, none of that can be found now in location you have mentioned. Previous location was: https://java.net/projects/oraclesoasuite11g/pages/OSB I am looking forward for update, these materials were very helpful! Regards, Arkadiusz

I´m still waiting for 11g examples demos 

I am also looking for the location of the 11g samples.

Partial samples are available here New location of the samples of SOA usecases that was in java.net


Ways of integrating Logfire with ICS

is there any pre-built adapters available for Logfire , if not please suggest any other channels like soap/rest where in which we can integrate ICS with Logfire. Note: Logire got acquired by Oracle in September 2016.
I am unaware of any adapters for Logfire.  I'd suggest that you raise an SR, shows a desire/need to the product management team.  If other people have done that then it will get pushed up the priority stack. I couldn't see any info about Logfire APIs, so can'tr comment but ICS offers support for SOAP and REST OOTB. The last option is to use the Adapter SDK to build your own connections for Logfire.  You can then offer them on the market place. hope that helps oracle-integration.cloud
Thanks for the Suggestion,  i  came to know that LogFire does not yet have an Oracle ICS yet but it is on our roadmap. Yes we can integrate Logfire using SOAP or REST xml as of now. Thanks,Sridhar
Hi Sridhar,  Do you have the documentation of SOAP and REST APIs from Logfire.
Can you plz share any pointers where I can find the webservices exposed by WMS/Logfire ?

Print BIP report

Good morning I am using the erpintegration web service and I want to get/download my pdf attached to my job.I tried downloadESSJobExecutionDetails and all I got the Xml and the log file.Any idea how to get the PDF please Thank you in advancee
Does your question perhaps relate to the Ebusiness Suite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  If that's the case, I'll move it over there, as the Enterprise Manager product is something completely different.Just let me know.
It is about Erp cloud. I am new here, you can move it if you think it fits better and that would help me to have an answer.Thank you
Well, there appears to be only one ERP Cloud community: Oracle ERPM Cloud EMEA Partner Community  but that is a private group and I can't move stuff to there.I'll move this to the space I suggested before, as it's at least closer than the Enterprise Manager product. Edit: the other option is Oracle Cloud Applications for FinanceHowever I can't seem to move the post to any of the mentioned spaces for some reason. Chitrasai1-Oracle can you please do what is necessary to move this to a suitable place - it seems there isn't an appropriate place that I have access to.
Hi BluShadow Which place do you want me to move ?Oracle Cloud Applications for Finance or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
please move to Oracle financeThank you

OSN Public API - existing? documented?

We have a Fusion CRM account, with Social Network as part of it.Yes, it is possible to share a CRM object in OSN (as described in Implementing Oracle Social Network Integration - 11g Release 7 (11.1.7)), but we want to add more "automated" functions to it.We might try calling it from CRM Groovy scripts, or maybe from an externally hosted application.There seems to be assuggestion that OSN has a public RESTful API (see http://dgielis.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/integration-of-oracle-social-network.html), but I cannot find any referenced to such API.Does it exists at all? Is there any documentation? Does any Web Services API exists?Thank you.Dmitri Tchikine
Dmitri- We do provide an API for working with the Oracle Social Network to do custom development as you are describing.  We make this documentation available to known customers, and I will be following up with you directly in the next day with the location you can retrieve it. Best Regards,Josh
Yes, I received the documentation.Thanks a lot.
Hi Josh , We as a part of Fusion Projects have some requirement to work with OSN Restful API. Can u please share the API docs with us also.  Thanks and Regards,Aakar

Queries regarding the Oracle Process Cloud

Hi All, I have some queries regarding the Oracle Process cloud which I hope can be answered in this forum:Is the Oracle Process Cloud available as Private Cloud or a Hybrid Cloud option? The reason is we are in the Pharma domain and there is lot of sensitivity around data privacy.Where can I find information around the SLA's and licensing models?Is the Oracle Process cloud a cloud enabled version of the Oracle BPM 12c on-premise offering or is it an entirely different product? What are the migration options for the migration from on-premise to Cloud (both processes and instances)?From a development stand-point, for the human task forms, is the only option for the customers usage of Web-Forms or can the ADF implementation be done, similar to what we can do in Oracle BPM 12C on-premise solution.What are the options if we want to build our own custom workspace (ADF based)  to get the tasklist and stuff, but be able to use the web-forms to render the task forms? Do the API's provide ways to build the task form url?There are lots more questions but a lack of publicly available documentation around the supported cloud infrastructure and developer guides, is the reason for these questions.Thanks and Regards,-Venu
Hi Venu, You can find a lot of information and some of the answers to questions 1, 2, and 3, in the presentations and recordings in the following link:https://stbeehive.oracle.com/teamcollab/library/st/Replay+-+H2FY15+BPM+Sales+Play+Update+-+Mar+10+2015/Public+Documents/…These are from a presentation that PM did a few months ago. Regarding question 4: you can use the REST API to get the information from PCS and use their own ADF code. It doesn't necessarily have to be ADF, it could be plain JSP, or any framework you want, as long as you are able to invoke the REST API from there. Regarding question 5: are you asking about something similar to the WAPI API in version 5.7? If you are, then the answer is no, we don't have anything similar. However, there is an operation in the rest API that returns the form in HTML text. It's probably only useful for viewing it, but might help. This is the link to the documentation for this operation:http://docs-uat.us.oracle.com/cloud/latest_prod_ics_pcs/process_gs/CPRRA/op-tasks-%7Bid%7D-form-get.html Hope this helps! Carolina
Hi Carolina, First of all thanks for the information! I am not able to access the document at https://stbeehive.oracle.com/teamcollab/library/st/Replay+-+H2FY15+BPM+Sales+Play+Update+-+Mar+10+2015/Public+Documents/Mar+10+2015+-+H2FY15+BPM+Sales+Play+Update+for+NAS%2C+LAD+and+EMEAI think some access permissions need to be added. Would it be possible to add me to the beehive workspace? If not can you email it to me?Thanks,-Venu
Hi Venu, You have to ask PM to add you to the Beehive Workspace. Are you an Oracle employee? If so do you have an Oracle email? Thanks, Carolina

Oracle Financial Services Liquidity Risk Management 8.0

ALL, Can someone where on  the Oracle Support where I can view known errors such as operation, Admin, or systems .  I been looking in the knowledge base section in Oracle but very limited information was return. Thanks, Shawn
hi,feel free to check:Oracle Support Document 1664698.1 (How to use My Oracle Support - Searching and Browsing - Part 2 of a 2 Part Series [ Video ])kr, strix
Hi , The link you provided below is not available an error message  is displayed  “ VE_PD_NOTFOUND” please try again later. Regards, Shawn Wilson  201 630 3421
hi Shawn.re:(The video you are trying to watch is currently unavailable. Please try again later. Error Code: VE_PD_NOTFOUND - Error message when viewing MOS How-to Videos or Accreditation Videos.) Oracle Support Document 1952499.1another Doc ...hope you had/have a great thanksgiving, strix
Good Afternoon, Do you who I can contact if I have a question that is not address in Oracle Community or the Knowledge base tab. I try searching the knowledge base tab with certain keywords and try many filters but unable to locate or come up with operation, administration errors for OFSAA in general and Liquidity Risk Management.
hi,in this case I would suggest to create a Service Request - one of the product specialists would1. answer your question2. provide a Note for further referencekr, strix
Good Afternoon,I opened a SR last week and they gave me a path to where I cant find troubleshooting guides that might help me out with my current assignment.Thanks,SW