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Hi community, I need to do an integration between CPQ and Oracle Services Cloud, the problem is that don't find any documentation for this process, can you help me ?   Regards


Sales cloud to oracle CPQ Integration DOCS?

Hi All,  Can any one provide me the Integration Document of Oracle Sales cloud to oracle CPQ. It will be great help...!   Regards,shiva kumar
Doc ID 1962226.1: Oracle Sales Cloud Integration Documentation 
This Document refers only point to point not by ICS. I required using oracle Integration cloud service.
Here you can find document about how typical workflow works integration with Oracle CPQ in ICS…  Here's one about Sales Cloud:…  Think that you can make it work combining both documents.
Hi, Thanks for the reply. This is oracle standard document I'm aware of using ICS. I mean  want a flow OSC to CPQ Docs using ICS.

Oracle Hyperion PBCS

Hi All, I want to create  a budget v/s actual  dashboard in PBCS.Can some please mention the steps like on a high level.Or  give links to document  where is it mentioned
Try - Designing Dashboards  Cheers John
Hi John, Thanks for the reply. But what i am trying to do is,i am trying to integrate oracle Fusion Budget data to oracle PBCS  by data management. I am trying to configure the WSDL .But its not getting connected. Do we need to register the WSDL or update something Please do help
I would suggest to start looking at few of the documents available with us. Here is the link:…  You can also refer to the below KM as a starting point: Integration Between Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service And Oracle Planning And Budgeting Cloud Service (Doc ID 2110026.1)
I see you have already created another on the subject which I have replied -Oracle Hyperion PBCS source configuration

OSC to Siebel

Hi , Can any one provide detailed document to Integrate Oracle sales cloud with Siebel On Premises using ICS. ThanksNags.

CPQ Cloud-ICS-ERP Cloud

Hi,I've found several questions and aswers about integratinf CPQ Cloud witrh EBS for the process of turning a Quote from CPQ into an Order in EBS usaing ICS. My questions is regarding just the same process but with ERP CLoud instead of EBS using ICS. Is there any document out there about this kind of integration.Regards     Angel 
Could you please share the document in case you found for CPQ and ERP Cloud integration

Oracle Taleo integration with Eureka, SAP,EBS using ICS or SOA

Hi All, I have a requirement to integrate Oracle Taleo Cloud (Source) with Eureka, SAP and EBS System.(Target) . Does anyone has prior experience in that using ICS or SOA ? How can we achieve it? Please help. Thanks,3503583