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OMC Acadamy has done a great job in breaking out the client solution for meeting the international double-opt in process for Eloqua but is there any documentation specifically for Responsys?  Even information about Responsys double opt in would be helpful.  I'm able to find an answer to almost every question i have for Eloqua but nothing at all for RI.. like ever


Contest:  What’s the best "worst" sales email you have ever received?

Let's have some fun and share a little!   Tell us - what’s worst sales email you’ve ever received?The email that misspells your name and offers a solution completely unrelated to your business.  The email with a “first time user!” offer from a vendor you just fired.  The incomprehensible email filled with typos.The email in…gulp…purple Comic Sans.  We’ve all been on the receiving end of a poorly timed, poorly crafted and/or mistargeted sales email. And we’ve all shuddered as we thought, “Glad that didn’t come from my sales team!” Now you can share your “best” your story with the world.  The rules:Hit “Reply” on this post to enter your “Best Worst Sales Email” story. You can paraphrase if you don’t have the email anymore; or upload an image of the email if you still have it (click on the camera button to post your image)Protect the innocent... please remove or blur sender specifics (sender, sender’s company name). In your reply, tell us how you would have done it better. Enter your story by March 31, 2012. Limit three entries per person. The Eloqua marketing team will select the best of the worst, and that story will be posted on our Web site. Winner will receive recognition on Topliners. So, what are you waiting for?   Hit reply!   Looking for an antidote?  We can help.  Eloqua Engage is a fast and effective email tool that lets sales professionals customize, send and track pre-built email templates from the iPad, CRM, or web. I need it!  Get the required license now. More info, please. Learn about Eloqua for Sales. 
Here's a recent bad sales email received this week that I resurrected from the recycle bin just to use as an example here - it rambles on and on, talking about the company, not about my needs. Did not pique my interest. Hi, Greetings! Hope you are doing wellWe are a xxx, India based leading web Services Company that specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As a outsourcing vendor we have partnered with many reputed SEO agencies based in USA, UK, Canada and Australia.  We have a dedicated team of 270 professionals who are backed by experience and expertise. We provide both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM solutions to achieve top rankings on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing for your website and requirements. We can work on on-page factors, off-page factors and site wide factors of your website. Further, our team always adopts ethical SEO processes or White Hat techniques to bring you excellent results. We also follow the guidelines of Google and major search engines for the best SEO results. Our principles on which we base our work:•Ethical processes and white hat techniques •Agency or client oriented approach in our process •Ready to sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreement) •White label for client re-selling and re-branding •Facility to provide effective Online Project Management tracking tools •Frequent reporting with required formats and information •Timely and smooth communication We can ensure that you will enjoy high SERP (Search engine Result Page) rankings with our high track record of success. Our SEO solutions will help increase the traffic and sales of your website. We are look forward to starting a long and healthy business relationship with you. Please get in touch with us to discuss your SEO requirement.Kind Regards,xxx,(Marketing Development Manager)xxxx, (India)  P.S. This is an advertisement and a promotional mail strictly on the guidelines of CAN-SPAM act of 2003. We have clearly mentioned the source mail-id of this mail, also clearly mentioned the subject lines and they are in no way misleading in any form. We have found your mail address through our own efforts on the web search and not through any illegal way. If you find this mail unsolicited, please reply with "Remove" in the subject line and we will take care that you do not receive any further promotional mail.
Thanks Mark... certainly a LONG email...

Why should Marketing have all the fun?

 You know what, Marketing? You need to stop hogging all the Eloqua and let others share in its awesomeness. There is no reason why other parts of the organization can't leverage the platform to do all the cool and funky things our customers are doing.  At Eloqua, I've been charged with (among other things) developing the training and ramp process for our new sales hires. How to get a sales rep up and selling quickly is a common challenge in most organizations. We need them to learn what they're selling, how to sell it, where they can get additional information to sell more of it… well, you get the idea.   Being an Eloqua Master (insert sound of lightsabre swinging) I decided to tackle the problem the best way possible: use Eloqua to deliver materials to a new hire in the same way marketing organizations use Eloqua to generate demand. First step was whiteboarding what was needed - what information we had, how often to send information to the rep and when to send it in their training process. Then it was a matter of collecting all the materials, packaging it up in trackable emails and executing the campaign. And we've even got a nifty contact segment that filters in any new hires, so I don't need to do a thing anymore when a new sales hire joins Eloqua!  And if you've read this far (shameless self promotion warning!) I'd like to extend an invite to attend my DO IT session at Eloqua Experience, where I'll show these non-Marketing campaigns live in our installation. Session is called "Eloqua on Eloqua: Why Should Marketing Have All the Fun?". Would love to hear how others have used Eloqua in a NON-Marketing way - Comments welcome!
At a success tour in Boston someone told me that they had used Eloqua in part of their billing process to automate the reminders for customers behind in their payments.  If you can use Eloqua in finance you can use it anywhere.  I know that people out there have some interesting stories to share.

Eloqua Engage Templates

During my discussions with clients who purchased Eloqua Engage I like to not only show them how it works, but I also like to give them various use cases on how sales & marketing teams use Engage.  I have a variety of examples since I work closely with our own sales people so I know how they use it and how our account management team uses it, but during one of my recent discussions the question came up about using a lead nurturing campaign or just using some Engage templates to roll out Engage to their sales reps. So I thought I'd reach out to the Topliners community to see what the rest of the gang thought - for those using Engage - did you have any special internal campaigns or Engage templates that you used to roll out Engage to your own sales team? Also - I would love to hear what others out of the box ways people & teams are using Eloqua Engage.
Hey Leigh, did you ever get any responses to this? I'm definitely interested in hearing from others that have successfully done this as we are looking into this and trying to prepare for a rollout at our own company. Thanks!
blake.mccaig so far you're the first to respond, but thanks for pushing this back up to the top of the list.  I'll try and get some people to respond - cc'ing a few of the Topliners top dawgs Eytan Abrahams krista.seidemann jennifer.gonzalez dliloia Kristin Connell  Please reply or share this with others that have some engaging thoughts on Engage 
ebutterwick always has something engaging to say on this topic.  Eric?  
Leigh, we have been using the sales enablement tools for over three years and recently began our transition to Engage from ELMO at the beginning of the summer. The most common way of gaining adoption is of course having certain champions and guinea pigs within the sales team that will use it, give good feedback and allow you to make the mass rollout easier and more refined. Having said that, I think if possible it's best to do a 1-1 appointment with each individual who wants to use the tool. It may take longer to roll out, but people will use it more because they'll understand it better with the 1-1 session. We have a sales team of 100 people so this is possible for most sales teams. In addition, I would suggest having some members from upper management and sales managment try using the tool. This will cause reps to be interested and often want to use the tool if their RVP is using it. We roll out internal messages through Engage that different parts of the  business use. It allows us to have a uniform look to all messages being sent out either external or internal. Here is a link to a recent podcast I did with Mindy Barenblat with Eloqua University:
Hi Eric, Has the link to your podcast moved? I cannot access it. Thanks!

Interesting Internal Marketing Ideas?

Greetings Community! Our organization completed our SmartStart program last week. We are very excited about the potential this brings, however our heads are still spinning slightly . I am interested to hear about any cool use cases for Internal Marketing. We are already thinking about Newsletters, and a "Leads Update Newsletter" which would update our organization on large opportunities and success stories.  Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,Anthony
 We do a Leads Update Newsletter, a Partner Newsletter to partners about product updates and we just started an E-mail Newsletter targeted towards our global marketing to help share great e-mail practices and ideas. 
At Eloqua, we run a series of new employee onboarding campaigns, based on their role in our organization. For example, when a new sales rep joins Eloqua, they get automatically entered into an HR Onboarding Nurture campaign and automatically fed into a New Sales Recruit Nurture campaign. Each campaign "drips" information on the new employee at a time when it's shown that they need to absorb it. For more detail, you can check out my presentation from Eloqua Experience here: Or feel free to connect with me to discuss!
To add to Melissa's comments, we at Eloqua also use it to share details company wide on new products or campaigns launching (including positioning and key messaging, links to datasheets and videos and so forth) and to celebrate customer wins.   It's a great way to share information with our 'internal customers' ;-)
Mellisa, Thats a great idea! One thing we lack here is an on-boarding / training program. I would like more information on this, however the link you provided is broken  Can you provide another link? Thanks so much!Anthony
You do need to join the Eloqua Insiders group in order to access the EE11 presentations; that may be why the link isn't working? You definitely should join the group anyway, not just because of my presentation.  Or I can email it over to you? And feel free to give me a call to chat in detail about it! I can be reached at 416.849.3254 or
Got it now! Great presentation, this is something we will definitely utilize!! I will be sure to contact you if we have any additional questions 
 We've done fun "themed" launches by putting little items on everyone's chair that they'll find when they come in the morning with a note that says "stay tuned for some exciting news." We did this with an internal newsletter launch to get everyone excited and left little goodies that you could flip over one way and they would moo like a cow and then flip over again. It got everyone in our sales, marketing org/entire company VERY excited. We then followed up with an email. 
We are attempting to do this with a Look Into company newsletter, however our corp SPAM filters are preventing us from sending internally from an internal email address.  Is anyone else having a similar issue or if you did, how did you resolve it with IT?
We were having issues recently with that as well. Our IT guys just whitelisted Eloqua, and we have been fine ever since. I don't know if you are experiencing a different issue or not, but ours was a pretty easy fix.
What information did you use to white list?  The IP address?  Our filters catch anything at the domain level (ie and there lies our challenge.
Seems the link is broken now. Registered and all... but link doesn't work. Can I still find this somewhere?
Cathy, did you get an answer to this?  I can't get anything out to internal recipients.

Eloqua and Responsys

With Oracle's recent purchase of Responsys, does anyone know if or what Responsys features/capabilities will be exposed within Eloqua?  Lately, I've read a lot of posts here on Topliners about how Eloqua Email doesn't match up to other ESP's in terms of features/capabilities.  Would anyone from the Eloqua Product team be able to post about that Product integration road map? Many thanks,James
interested to hear what they have to say.
Yes, would love to know!
Hi James I'm not Oracle and this is a personal opinion, but I think that what we are going to see a roadmap that shows a single marketing cloud with various additonal modules provisioned, and various levels of volume around deliverability volume per hour / number of records contacts. I would really love to know if it will bring increased functionality to forms - such as dynamic forms showing fields based on response (like you would script in surveys). I cannot see how from a tech perspective Oracle would want to have a single infrastructure to support and develop as opposed to mantaining a variery of platforms, tech, and all of the associated support costs.  When you look at the additonal acquistions such as Blue Kai you start to see the real benefit of bringing it all togehter, and from my perspective in B2B, imaging if I know and understood preferences, interests and behavious of my B2B buyers and influences when interacting in the consmer world - even more powerfulf if you have brands in both spaces. Then throw in Compendium into the mix.  The long term roadmap would be nice to see, but I suspect that it may take some time before they are able to be certain about time lines, and I susect that there is more to come on the acquisition front. What do others think will happen, as it may take a while for a formal product response? Greg
The last few acquisitions have been very interesting. It is a bit unclear on how Oracle plans on bundling/integrating everything. It would be great to get a better idea, even if it's basic on the roadmap. I'm sure most companies go through the process of re-evaluating platforms around renewal time. Every bit of information helps when justifying those decisions. I'm most curious about the Blue Kai purchase and how that will integrate
i have a question on feature comparison between these two products.  DBL, digital body language: we all know eloqua does it beautifully. How about responsys? does it track websites out of the box? can we build and deploy tracking scripts?  thanks!RS
Rahul - I've yet to seet any Roadmap from Oracle on how they intend to integrate their offerings, or a timeline for that to happen. What I have heard on the grapevine is that what they may be considering is utilising Responsys eMail capabilities as the mail engine for Eloqua, but what we don't know is how well the Eloqua environment would scale to the volume of data etc that Resonsys would normally handle from a B2C perspective. What is clear though is that Responsys state that "Web behaviour enhances orchestration. Smart marketers know relevant messages drive better results. And one of the best tools available to them is website behavior. But why stop with cart and browse abandonment emails? Expand your use of web behavior data. Use what you’ve learned in all of your digital marketing efforts, so you can orchestrate the right message, via the right channel, at the right time." Cross-Channel - Web Marketing | Oracle Responsys Marketing Cloud Services . That sounds like Responsys speak for DBL to me: but is it OOTB? That I don't know, and curious to know just how many Eloquan also work with Responsys, or how many Responsys peeps are on topliners forums. Again Eloqua - an update would be good.
Thanks Greg_W for the detailed reply :-) Yes, Responsys is a bit ambiguous when it comes to 'tracking' features. I did find a 'contract profile' screen shot of Responsys, it has some interaction related parameters. These, I am guessing can be populated, either automatically or via a data load. Segmentation can then happen on these.