Network speed - E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud

Hi All, Is any documents available to test or to know the network speed/bandwidth required to connect Cloud. My EBS R12.1.3 or Hyperion-PBCS in cloud, from my local network i will connect to cloud application/databaseIn this case what is the network speed requirements Please suggest RegardsShaik

Hi All Please suggest 

Hi Shaik,  Currently, do you have your EBS 12.1.3 running on Compute Cloud(IaaS)? And do you also have PBCS? PBCS is a part of Oracle's SaaS offering. Regards,Apurva

Hi Apurva Currently PBCS[Hyperion] in cloud, and some SOA related cloud implementation going on here i want to know the network speed related to local network.  RegardsShaik


Is OBIA/OBIE packages avaialble in BICS for EBS as a source

what are the packages avaiallbe in BICS(Business intelligence cloud services) for the replacements for OBIEE/OBIA especially to use for EBS reporting :I am looking the steps to connect the EBS source database (On premise) to BICS for reporting..Earlier in On premise (OBIEE/OBIA 11g) has the following options to load/configure the data relate to EBS modules..BIACM (Business intelligence Application configuration Manager) it is used to register the EBS source instances and also to enable the modules like HR/Financial analytics..etc and it includes the prebuilt .rpd files for specific to EBS..So looking the same in BI Could? are there any similar packages of OBIEE/OBIA in the cloud can use with Onpremise EBS databases.Appreciate you help on this.
Hi, I am afraid these packages are not available. You have OTBI (Enterprise) in the Cloud but these are specifically for Oracle's SaaS applications in the Cloud. You can connect directly to the eBS database from BICS via the RDC (Remote Data Connector). In this case you cannot use the packages. You can use the on-premise packages and load to a Database as a Service which you can connect to BICS. Cheers Daan
I know its probably too late for a response. But you could leverage the pre-built BI Apps Stack for a hybrid approach for your requirement.  - Migrate the pre-built Reports and RPD to BICS.- Have the BI Apps DWH and ETL to remain on-premise.- Leverage RDC (Remote Data Connector) to get BICS to directly talk to the BI Apps DWH from cloud. This way you can leverage the goodness of the OBIA pre-built contents and still embrace cloud. At a later point, you could even have your ETL, DWH to Oracle IaaS on cloud - so that your entire ETL/DWH/BI stack is shifted to cloud.

Porting Custom application to Cloud

Hi, We have a custom application (java based) integrating Oracle EBS with Agile. We intend to move this application to cloud and are planning on using JCS, DBCS and ICS to meet the needs. However, I need some guidance and help on how to design it, so that the data for each customer is isolated?Should we use VPD/Label security on the DB level? How to achieve the same on ICS and JCS layer?Any pointers/design approach will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Did you look into the option to use Application Container Cloud Service to move your java application to cloud -  Oracle ICS does provide EBS Adapter that you can use to connect to your EBS Instance - Oracle Cloud Using the Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter  Regarding Security, for ICS the backend database is completely hidden and not exposed to user/outside world. For Dbaas instance I suppose support VPD/Label Security -

Oracle Compute Cloud - Network setup, VPN, F5 clarifications

Hi, We have a customer requirement and need your guidance in doing the below:  1) How to establish a secured network for customers to access the cloud environments? 2) How to establish a secured network access for both customers and third parties? 3) How to setup F5 load balancer URL for cloud EBS or applications and how it can be accessed via secured layer? 4)How to setup a dedicated VPN tunnel from Oracle cloud to customer network? 5) How to restrict set of IP's or user connections at network layer on Compute Cloud network?  We have a critical project to perform R12.1 to R12.2.6 upgrade and deploy on cloud and need the above info ASAP.  Thank you, Anantha 
Hello, You say this project is critical, and while all the questions are valid, in my personal opinion you should seek assistance not from this community forum, but from Oracle Consulting or one of the accredited partners who specialises in the  apps migrations to the cloud. A free advice from the community will only get you so far, in your case you'll need to scope the project by a professional.  Regards.

Network Bandwidth Require for Fusion Mobile Apps and EBS R.11?

Hi all,  What is Network Bandwidth Require for Fusion Mobile Apps and for EBS R.11? Thanks in advance

EBS DR on Cloud

Dear All, Env: R12.1 & R12.2  Is it possible to have EBS application tier in cloud for DR? any reference document available to understand high level steps. we could get information regarding database DR in Cloud using PaaS. Regards,Kirushna