Oracle Linux 7: is missing - ilOUG - Israel Oracle User Group

Hi all,I have installed Oracle Linux 7.2 and want to install Oracle Database Server on it.Performing preinstallation tasks, I should install some RPM packages.The problem is: (64bit) is missing, but it is dependency for other packages.Please help to find the package.ThanksYulia


installation steps for on premises agent

Hi team,I am trying integrate on premises to cloud.for this we have to install on premises agent.I am following this… .I am having centos linux system with version 2.6.18-194.elsxen(gcc version 4.1.2 20080704)(Red Hat 4.1.2-48).can anyone help about the linux system version that we can use for the installation of on premises agent & can I use above linux system for agent installation.which would be better linux or windows using virtual box.   Thanks & Regards,Pooja.
Pooja, Requirement is for Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL)  5 or 6 - mentioned here…  Whilst not certified it will be probably workj on a recent Red Hat Enterprise Linux as well. If you're just testing out the use of the agent, then I'd suggest grabbing a prebuilt oracle VirtualBox and deploying there  Phil

openLDAP missing after EPM fresh install on Oracle Linux 5.8 32bit

I try install Oracle EPM Foundation on Oracle Linux 5.8 32Bits.
No error with but the openLDP directory missing in $HYPERION_HOME/product/Foundation
I have found the openLDAP files after extrac from productCommonComponents/assembly.dat
some can help me ?

oracle installation on oracle linux 7.3

Dear all. I am installing oracle on oracle linux 7.3. It is asking a package pdksh-5.2.14 as a pre-requisite. but it is not available in yum repository. What is your advice?

Create Domain Fail on Oracle Linux 6.5

Dear all,I am have problem when installing oracle VM Manager 3.4 on Oracle Linux 6.5   Step 5 of 7 : Domain creation ...Creating domain ...Error creating new domain! Please help to recommend with that error. 
There were known issues with openssl package version on host where you are trying to install/upgrade oracle vm manager. Try to upgrade the linux host to latest version and if possible move to uek4 and try to install oracle VM Manager 3.4 again

error while installing Oracle 11g XE x64 on Fedora 13

i have downloaded the RPM package of Oracle 11g XE x64 from oracle site.
Extracted the zip file.
When i run the rpm package to install, it gives me following error:
installing package oracle-xe-11.2.0-0.5.x86_64 needs 234MB on the / filesystem
I am not installing it as a root user coz i need to install Hyperion where its mentioned not to install with root and install all DB and hyperion package with same user 
you need to be root for the installation, as the installer is going to do some privileged actions. One of these is to create the system user oracle and the group dba.
You can login as oracle after the installation and try to install hyperion as oracle user.