How can multiple forms be validated on one landing page - Oracle Marketing Cloud Customer Portal

I have created a landing page with 5 forms to allow users to submit contact information and download the version of the asset of their interest. Form field validation only works on the last form on the page. The other forms can be submitted without entering the required data, but the form is not processed on the back-end, and the visitor doesn't receive the downloadable asset. I've tried jQuery script and giving each form's fields unique numbers for that form. Nothing seems to allow for more than the last form's required fields to be validate in order to submit the form. If anyone has a solution for this issue, please share. Thanks in advance,


Eloqua form which post the data to another eloqua form not redirecting

I have Eloqua form 1, in processing step i have only "Post Data to Server"(to an other Eloqua form 2).  In form 2 processing step i have "update custom data object - with form data", "Add to shared contact list" and "Redirect to web page". Form 1 is successfully posting data to form 2.  and in form 2 "update custom data object - with form data" and "Add to shared contact list" elements are working fine. But form 2 "Redirect to web page" element is not redirecting.  Please help me to the resolve the redirection issue.
Assuming these forms are sitting on Eloqua landing pages, could you place the redirect on the first form instead? If that does not work or this is an external form we may need to think about another solution.
Having redirection in form 1, is working fine. My question is, when "update custom data object - with form data" and "Add to shared contact list" elements are working fine in form 2. Why not the "Redirect to web page" element in form 2? Just want to know, whether redirection using "Redirect to web page" element in form 2 is possible? 
With out of the box Eloqua? No, I don't think so. With some custom coding, yes . I guess my next question to you would be why does the redirect have to occur on the 2nd form? I suggest leaving on first if it is possible.
Redirection using form2 is not in requirement. Just to know about it. Thank you very much!
The reason that the second form isn't redirected, is because the "post data to server" isn't a redirect, but it just sends data on the background. This means that the submitter will not actually be sent to form 2, but will stick with form 1.

Struts: JSP Multiple form Validation Problem

I am developing a web application using Struts framework. I am facing a problem and let me explain it brief.
I have a JSP page which is populated by Collection of items. Each item is a form in the JSP page. All the forms points to one action class.
When I submit a form on the page, I am validating the form. A validation error occurs becoz one of the field in the form had a invalid value.The error message is properly displayed back to the same page.
But here is actual problem,
I am getting the invalid value populated in all the forms field in the page, instead it should display the invalid value only on the particular form field where the validation failed.
I would appreciate if some one is suggesting a good solution to this problem.
if all the form fields have the same name, and the forms are all for the same action, then how is struts to know that you only meant one? To struts, it looks like multiple copies of the same form.
Is there a reason you have multiple forms for the same action on the same page? There can be other issues with multiple forms on one page if you aren't careful. 
Hi bsampieri,
Thanks for your response.
Let me explain you the reason why am I using multiple forms for the same action on the same page.
I have a project that contains several tasks. Each task has a list of sub task.
In the JSP page, I am displaying all the task and its subtasks. I am basically managing this page. Meaning I am doing this following operations on the tasks and subtasks.
1.Edit a Task.
2.Edit a Subtask of a Task.
3.Add a subtask to a Task.
Consider this case 3.
I am adding a subtask(one of the form in the page contains an add button) to a Task. I am entering name(field in the form) of the subtask. When I click add button to add this subtask to a particular task, I am validating the name field of the subtask.
If it's a not a valid name, then the page is loading back with error saying that "Sub Task Name is invalid".This is fine with my case. But added to that, all the subtask name fields are filled with the invalid value that I entered before.
I need a way to get rid of this. If you have any better way to do it, please tell me.
I appreciate your help.
I'm not sure you can, the way you seem to have the page set up. How about having an add task button for each form that takes the user to a different page to fill in the form, that way, it doesn't confuse things.
See if you have more then 1 form on the page for the same Struts Action, they are all having the same form name and the same form bean. So when it displays the page on error, it can't know that you were using the 1st form or the 2nd or the 10th. There's no way for it to differenciate between forms.
So either you can go to a new page to add the task, or you could try combining all forms into 1, where you have a radio button to select the main task to add to. That second idea, however, depends on what else you need to do on the form, but you might be able to use the same idea.
I have a web app with a list of alarms that can be cleared or acknowledged. Instead of dealing with each alarm separately, there's checkboxes that the user has to click at least 1 of before they can clear/ack the alarm, so the app can know what alarms are being modified. As an example... 
Thanks for your prompt response.
I will discuss with my technical manager about your solutions. By the way, do u have any technical idea of how to handle or implement such scenarios in Struts?
Like handling multiple forms...Seems to be struts is lagging in such things?
What do u think?
Thanks again,
Well, it's not a purely Struts issue, actually. The nature of web pages and HTTP is that there is a request and a response. So in reality, you can't have multiple forms on one page submitting at the same time, if that's the type of thing you are looking for. The notion of wizards, where you have multiple paged forms works well, particularly with JSP/servlets where you have an associated session to store previously submitted parts in.
I have made pages with multiple forms in Struts, but in those cases, they would submit to a different action (it might be the same Action class using it, but it would have a different action mapping, usually with a different "parameter" in the mapping to identify the request type.
But if the forms are the same form, with the same mapping and bean and everything, then that is a problem, as I mentioned before. It's similar to multiple fields in the same form. You can have 2 text fields with the same name, and both are submitted. But you can't know which of the 2 actual fields had which value. (although, in reality, calling request.getParameterValues() probably returns them in the same order they are defined in the HTML, but this is not a guaranteed behavior).
If that makes any sense...

Using Customized page for logging in

Hi all,
I am trying to use an html page for logging into Sun Identity manager.
Actually we have an html page, on which we have a section in which the user can enter the credentials.
Now when he clicks the submit button, then the user should be able to login SIM.
I thought that in backend we can pass the values entered in html page to user/login.jsp.
But i am not getting in which attributes, we should get these values on user/login.jsp because i think,in backend it also calls some form and i am unable to get which form it is calling.
Any pointers can be helpful.
i dont thik its possible use a separate html page for can customise the login page(bit difficult but you can do it there are some css and .properties files are associated with that)

Any Simple JSF Strategies for Stopping Resubmit on Refresh?

I know this problem is as old as web applications, but has anyone come up with a simple and elegant method for not allowing the resubmission of a form when a user hits refresh / reload? I know users are prompted to confirm if they want to resubmit data, but I want to validate that it's not.
My application has lots of forms, so navigating to another page on submission isn't an option for me. Also, a user can and should be able to resubmit a single form over and over with different information, so tokens don't immediately make sense for each submission.
The only other methodology that I know of is using a hidden field with a random String in it. Then somehow on form processing, check that the String hasn't already been submitted for processing.
Is there a way in JSF to do something for the entire application, or would I have to implement a strategy like this on each and every page in my application? And if you have to do this on every page, is there a sample application out there as an example?
Here's some information on the topic: 
One option that occurred to me is to check if the values of the fields have changed before submitting.
Extending that a little, when the form is rendered once again after the submit, load all the values in the fields which have been saved. Keep the Submit button disbaled. Enable the submit button only when a value is changed for any of the fields.
The option of the hidden field however seems a saner approach as you would have to do only one comparison as opposed to the camparisons equal to the number of fields in the form.
Hope this helps

Javascript for form thank you module

Hey there, Has anyone had any success redirecting a successful form completion not to a full thank you page, but rather just the modal it is contained in like the below? Generally our thank you messages are really short, so this would work better than the full Eloqua thank you page redirect. Any tips on JS for having the form go through the successful submission on the back end of Eloqua, but then displaying the thank you message within the box would be incredible.  
There are different ways this can be accomplished yes.  submitting to an iframe would be one, you might be able to submit direct with js depending on domain trickery.  If you used a proxy you could do it that way as well.
Hi  mwilsontu,This is achievable I have used this in different landing pages. You need to create a function using jquery/ Java script . Make the submission of form through "ifram".The submit button you will take on the landing page will be button type(<input type="button") and on the click of button function will be called. Form will be submitted through iframe and your message will be shown after that.Thanks,Eloqua Expert    
The simplest way to do this would be through JavaScript. Essentially what you would do is: through JavaScript prevent the form from being submitted, perform a blind-form-submit and then hide the form and show the pop-up "thank-you" message. Fairly easy to implement.
We do this for all of our event/webinar registrations. We don't create separate 'thank you' pages but instead use the same page and just show/hide different sections (divs) based on the form submission. For example, for a successful registration, they get a 'thanks for registering message'. For a duplicate form submission, they get a 'this email address has already been submitted' message. And for somebody who wasn't invited (if it's an invite-only event), they get a 'sorry this event is invite-only' message. All of this is done with JavaScript (making use of the Form Processing Steps).  Thanks,Kevin