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The best way to influence Sun Java developers is to not be silent.
Vote for bugs on bug parade, post your comments with justifications why the bug must be fixed or the feature must be implemented, participate in JCP, post your problems with justification on forums.
Do you think that is not enough? We'd like to hear your suggestions.

Hey there. Thanks for starting this forum.
But do you still think this is best place for this. Isn't anything more suitable around?


Building A Discussion Forum

Has anybody built a Discussion Forum, i.e. one that is similar to this community forum using Java? There is a commercial product called Jive. But, I am not going to purchase it. I am thinking about reinventing the wheel. Would you advice how much effort it takes? Would you share some of your experience? 
I have been looking for the same thing but don't have $450 to blow on the lite version of Jive's forum. I did find this link:
but it is extermely simple and doesn't even use a database to store the threads, therefore the functionality sucks compared to Jive's version.
So, if you are able to find anything, please let me know. There are plenty of .ASP based free ones out there but in the interest of maintaining my integrity I refuse to use one on my website. 
somebody else posted this in response to one of my posts... good luck

Open request to Sun, get with the program.........

Why don't you assign someone to get involved and help out on the Forums?
You have a vested interest in this too, in case you've forgotten...
Even lowly 'PalmSoft' have dedicated people to helping out on their Java and other technology forums.
If they can do it, you certainly can.....It makes a difference.
Best Regards
Paul Carew 
Very true!
Sun seems to have very little control over this forum. There are no real ruls, no modderators, no nothing from sun. Furthermore, the facilities of this forum are not really up to standards.. You'll need to log in every time you close your browser, no edit function, and also there are lots of bugs. 
You are right.
If this problems sort out i personally feel that sun and their products will reach the maximum.
All the people like myself how are budding in this Technology could be benifited.
So its my request to sun org. that to solve all the above problems.

Wiki & Forum Software

Can anyone recommend any Wiki software for me?
I tried JSPWiki (because it's popular and recommended) and ran it. It's nowhere near what I expected. Maybe my definition of a wiki is warped or something. Anyway, what I want is a Wiki that is:
- Java-based
- Open Source
- Includes forum software 
Anyway, what I want is a Wiki that is:
- Includes forum softwareYes, your definition of a wiki is warped. 
- Java-based
- Open Source
- Includes forum softwareAnd is a Wiki 
I simply need a Java-based Wiki where developers can start topics/threads (which are searchable) and then others can post solutions, diagrams, documents, whatever. Nobody out there is doing this? 
Nobody out there is doing this?Google broke?. 
Maybe, maybe not - google and see what you come up with. But in general, (mentioned as an attempt to assist you with your research) you are combining two definitions. Loosly speaking a Wiki is an editable web site with no concept of threaded discussions, and a Forum is a threaded discussion site. Some forum software likely supports the posting of diagrams/documents/whatever, but it sounds like you want forum software, not wiki software.
I think
Good Luck
This is a developer site; for asking specific questions on programming issues.
It is not a repository of applications; as such it is unlikely you will get a useful response for this kind of question.
Try Google, SourceForge, and
Good luck. 
I expected more than an eloquent flame from mlk, but what can i do :-)
seriously though, of course i checked Google, but it's not like there are tons of sites out there with non-biased reviews of Java-based wiki blah blah, and for every java-based wiki you know there is a site that claims "this wiki is the best wiki ever, guaranteed!" 
Nobody out there is doing this?Google broke?.And yes, it's official, Google broke! 
I expected more than an eloquent flame from mlk, but
what can i do :-)Flame? Where?
seriously though, of course i checked Google, but
it's not like there are tons of sites out there with
non-biased reviews of Java-based wiki blah blah, and
for every java-based wiki you know there is a site
that claims "this wiki is the best wiki ever,
guaranteed!"Welcome to the world. So you expect a bunch of people that can't agree on a OS/PC/programming language/app server/browser/IDE/whatever to be the best to tell you which one's the hottest Wiki? Especially since no Wiki really matches your requirements? 
Maybe someone has written the exact Wiki you need. But the chances that he hangs here regularly and sees your post in the near future are slim.
Maybe someone has tested, compared, and reviewed the various Wikis out there, and can tell you what the best one is. But the chances that he hangs here regularly ...etc...
Sure, it could happen. But I'd guess it is your best bet for Mohammed to go to the mountain :-) 
well we posted our wiki and it's great for calendar, phone lists, etc., but i still maintain that it's less than useful (so far) as a developer tool. sure we can post where servers are located and what their URL's are and such, but i can do that in notepad!
what am i missing here? what do developers need with a wiki? 
Mm, 1/2 a month on, and you still have no better answers than "Google". (other than my list of app repositories)
well we posted our wiki and it's great for calendar, phone lists, etc.Can I take it from that you have developered your own?
what do developers need with a wiki?In my view, not much. If you over complicate it, people will fight the complex bits to make them simple. People are lazy. 
what do developers need with a wiki?That depends on why they're setting it up. What's your use model? 
again, we wanted a place where we could post common problems/solutions, but in a way it could be updated
so we have that now with our wiki, but ANYONE can go in and just wipe it. we could do some version control, but that sucks, we do enough of that
what we need is forum software

is there a good forums like java Forums for general technical issues?

I am not sure whether it is relevant here but i have been tired searching on google for very good and decent forums like the forums here for discussing general issues about technology , such as design issues, approaches in application development. Something like "stack overflow" . I have not liked stack overflow because it is very strictly question and answer site. They have very strict policies. They keep locking accounts if the question is not to their standards. I am looking out for a forum where we can discuss beginner level question to expert level and on any general topic and on any language.
I have been here for from so many years and like I am so happy with java forums(oracle forums). so many times I feel like my life would have been so difficult on java without these forums. People are really good and amazing here. I am looking out something like this.
Please don't mind for posting this question. There is a large technical gathering here. So i thought if any body already found one it could be of help. 
That's really interesting. I would have thought this site was moderated much more strictly than StackOverflow, yet you find the opposite.
Have you tried the Java Ranch? I don't use it much but it seems to make a big effort to be very friendly. 
here it is not like "stack overflow". Here the moderaters locks the thread and posts a reason for locking the thread. Then we have a chance to think, what not to be posted and what can be posted. And we avoid doing that mistake again. But there if we are off the forum boundaries for 2 times then they lock the account. There is no chance for us to rectify our mistake. More over locking an account says like we are not interested in you, it is much like we don't like you being around. When they don't like us why we should hang around. We have kept some effort answering and providing suggestions and have earned some points and all of sudden there will be lock on the account. Something made me feel too bad. It is not about the account and points. if they lock one account I can create 100. but why should we hang around with the people who does not like us.
Here I have much peace of mind. Here I have liked the people and environment.
Any ways will try "java ranch" for general design and approach issues. Basically i use "stack overflow" for Android and hibernate and like some few other technologies. If any body knows any such forums(single place where we can discuss technical issues) please let me know.
Thanking you.
Edited by: Muralidhar on Apr 20, 2013 3:33 PM 
Code Ranch is awful. You get answers, but not after being ridiculed by people with huge ego's, and nothing to show for their "Amazing coding ability." Users on this forum, I've found are much nicer, though I've seen a couple egos here too. I'm mostly in the FX forum and everyone is super nice there.
I would post your questions here, it's waaaay better than stack overflow... I'm surprised people still use that poorly laid out site. 
Thanks for ur suggestion. Definitely I am not looking for an alternative for Oracle forums. I am looking out for forum for the topics that we are not supposed to discuss here. 
Muralidhar wrote:
Thanks for ur suggestion. Definitely I am not looking for an alternative for Oracle forums. I am looking out for forum for the topics that we are not supposed to discuss here.You want generic tech forums; for example when you want to install and maintain Java on Linux a forum specific to the particular flavor of Linux you're using is a good bet. You want forums where advanced computer users visit; arguably you can say that a programming forum is also such a site, but programmers don't have to be knee deep into the system maintenance stuff to do their work.
A good reason to want non-programming help with Java on Windows is the installation, which is very delicate indeed. But Oracle only rolls out the installer using an installer generator like anyone else; if something blows up its generic support with the windows installer services that you're looking for. That is Microsoft territory, not Oracle. 
Ok. Thanks.

Responce from SUN?

There seems to be a lot of ideas here covering the full spectrum from good, mediocre, hard, easy, ect... Could SUN give some UNOFFICIAL feedback here to what ideas they think have some possibility of being looked at so we know where to focus our attention?
Some ideas, like === overloading, seem very easy to implement without causing any problems (yes, I'm partial) but maybe SUN has ruled this idea out for good reason. I don't want to waste everybody's time on ideas that SUN has already determined are NOT going to happen (like removal of depreciated methods).
Just hoping for some UNOFFICIAL feedback to get an idea where SUN is at. Who's name from SUN should I be looking for (I know there have been some changes recently)?
Thanks SUN for providing this free speech forum.
Hey! Let's not shoot down any cool ideas :)
Agreed, though, it would be nice to get more feedback from Sun on our suggestions.
Any unofficial feedback from Sun is official in some sense, so this puts some restrictions on our posts... As a rule of thumb, I'd say that you may assume that any idea that hasn't been voted down by other forum posters is good from Sun perspective as well. I look at all ideas, but from "being looked at" to "being implemented" states of ideas from negative ("already implemented") to infinity ("sorry") time may pass, and no definitive answer may be given until you see the first official Mustang release.