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Hi - researching this as on our road map for next year and I'm trying to understand the details of the integration. - Can you clarify that each record in Eloqua must have email address (which will be hashed) + Eloqua 3rd party cookie GUID in order to 'match' against the BlueKai Unique id?  (To clarify: Email addresses are captures from and synced with Eloqua.  However the email was not capture via Eloqua / has never been emailed from eloqua so there is no associated user cookie data.  In this case can an email address only be used to match to BlueKai Unique id?) - Am I correct in my understanding that for anonymous site visitors (i.e. no email address in Eloqua database) that land on a page with Eloqua cookie can still be matched to BlueKai Unique ID as long as eloqua-bluekai id swapping is enabled?  - In regards to the steps outlined in "installing bluekai data activation cloud" - is my understanding correct that the segments are created in Eloqua and then mapped to the appropriate categories in our private DMP and that the hashed email address is used to 'match' to the BlueKai Unique id but no data contained within the actual segment is shared. Is this correct? - Some parts of the online documentation mentioned syncing hashed email address and phone number to BlueKaiID.  Can you clarify in what cases this is required?


EML Question - Email Group

I'm using the Bulk API to bring down a bunch of Activities. So, I have to specify exactly which fields I want my Sync to include in EML, e.g.:                  ActivityId = "{{Activity.Id}}",                    ActivityType = "{{Activity.Type}}",                    ActivityDate = "{{Activity.CreatedAt}}",                    EmailAddress = "{{Activity.Field(EmailAddress)}}",  ,etc. My question is, how do I get to the Email Group? I've tried various things, such as {{Activity.Asset.EmailGroupId}}, {{Activity.Asset.EmailGroup.Id}}, {{Activity.Asset.Group.Id}}, etc. but nothing has worked. Does anyone know the string I need to use? Thanks!
Email Group Id is not currently available as an Activity Field for any Activity Type. See this reference document on the Developer Help Center for the list of all available Activity Fields per Activity Type - Activity Fields. This is not a capability that is currently on the roadmap, but we do plan to consider adding Email Group Id to email activities (EmailSend, EmailOpen, and EmailClickthrough) in the future. I'd encourage creating an idea for this on Dream It, and let me know if you're looking for Email Group Id somewhere other than email activities. One option for retrieving the Email Group Id currently is using one of these Application API endpoints - Retrieve an email or Retrieve a list of emails. Note, the depth Query Parameter must be partial or complete to include the Email Group Id. Retrieve an email defaults to complete; whereas, Retrieve a list of emails defaults to minimal.

Has any one changed this contact unique field(emailaddress) to some other field

Hi, I am trying to change contact unique identifier (email address) to mobile no and just wanted to know after changing this segmentation output will be unique records based on mobile no or still it will be based on email address? Thanks! Vashant
Why are you thinking of changing the unique field? Jon Ernst-Oracle shared the following list in this topic: Is there another unique identifier other than an email address 1) Subscription Management processing2) Form submissions and data processing3) Website and Email tracking4) Preference Centre options5) Progressive Profiling6) App cloud apps that rely on email address Here is more info on this topic:… 
We can request Oracle Support to enable another field as unique, but Eloqua will also consider email address as second Unique identifier. When you enable that feature, Eloqua will first check the new UI and then it also check the email address field. So both the fields should be unique and you can use the new Unique Id to import and export data.
#Jan-Pieter Feikens,Sekar R Thanks Jan-pieter/Sekar for the information... I have a scenario where one email address is associated with many accounts and segmentation will be based on accounts fields. Also account unique field will be used in email body as field merge but the problem is in Eloqua One Account : Many Contacts linkage is there but how we can maintain duplicate email address in contact entity as email address is unique field. Our data is something like this: Accounts:Account No|     Account Name     |Location1001               abc                         IN1002               def                          IN1003               ghi                          IN Contacts:Email Address|                  Account No|         1001                  1002                  1003                   CA Segmentation Criteria: Target all the contacts whose location is IN and send them 3 emails on the same email address ( containing their 'Account No' in email body. Pls share your thoughts.. Thanks & Regards,Vashant
Hi Vashant Kumar, I would take into consideration Jan-Pieter's linked documentation and consider what you may be loosing by switching to using another field as the unique identifier. There will be some  Eloqua functionality affected that you may want. What we have come up with to help solve this sort of situation is an app called Many to One. This app is designed to help you communicating to multiple people (the many) who share a single email address (the one).  This thread discusses similar issues to this one - Its is possible to have one field merge to associate to multiple CDO entries and it is worth a read as there are more reference materials there on how this can work. We have put this in place for many customers and I believe it may solve you needs also. I hope this helps you in thinking about a solution to your particular needs. Regards,Linda David4Thought Marketing - Marketing Automation Consultant
Thanks for the information, i am looking some workaround solution without any third party custom app.

Need to Send Dupes Same Email in Campaign

I have several campaigns where one email in a specific campaign will need to receive the email in that campaign multiple times. This email address might have several accounts with our organization and therefore need to be shown several different pieces of dynamic content. If I upload the list into the campaign and then check "allow emails to be re-sent to past participants," will this allow for dupe sends? If not, is there a workaround besides manually pulling the dupes out of an excel spreadsheet and setting up separate campaigns?
Hi There, If you were to check "Allow emails to be re-sent to past recipients", you'd pretty much be able to re-send the email to the contact again - which I'm assuming would have different dynamic content.  Let me know if you have any other flow questions, but definitely pulling a spreadsheet out and filtering out the dupes is certainly a lot of work - that diligence is definitely admirable! Best Regards,Hong Tai
To achieve the outcome I thnk you are looking for you need to add "one Email Element" per piece of Dynamic content. This is because Eloqua will only resolve dynamic content once per send. Your campaign flow will look like this... Segment -> Email One - > Email Two -> Email nnn (as many as your need) or if needed (e.g. Not all emails should be sent multiple times) you could add decision points, like: Segment -> Email One - > Decision Point - > On Yes "Email Two" OR On No "Email Three" The Email will be the same Email in all instances and the Dynamic Content rules will resolve at point of sending based on the criteria you set. Note: You will need to set "Allow emails to be re-sent to past recipients" as Eloqua will see the Contact Record with a single Email Address.
1. Load all the contacts to cdo including dupes and set unique field condition should as blank. Create additional field as Indicator to store the values as 1. 2. In Program builder, get the contacts from cdo and check via decision rule [indicator value is blank or 1] and if value is blank then send the email in next step. 3. Once the email has sent out, move the contacts to next step to update indicator value as 1 by using [update rule]. 4. In next step, move the contacts back to decision rule [Step 2] to send email for dupes contacts. Note : 1. Allow email to be re-sent to the same email address should be enabled.2. Dynamic content should be created based on Cdo.
Prem, This question implies to that single email address who should receive multiple times an email in canvas In step 3 you are sending email to the contact based on his field value which should be 0, once the email is sent out, their contact field is  updated by value 1. In the next step you are pushing again the same contact (for loop) to go to step 2 - a decision rule where we should check if they have a value of 1 or 0 - but since the value has not been changed How would that contact receive email second time as well

GoToWebinar - Multiple Webinars in Single Campaign.

Hi All. I plan to send out one email with multiple (3-5) hyperlinks to different webinars through GoToWebinar. They then registered through the GoToWebinar website.   On the campaign canvas, does the Campaign Action 'GoToWebinar Register' have to be linked to the email being sent with the hyperlinks? Or is the information automatically processed by the cloud app and they then fall into the correct steps? Or Should I be creating a different Campaign for each Webinar? - I have over 40 webinars every Quater and I would prefer to have the 3-5 webinars for single product in one campaign.   Thanks for your help. 
Hi Robert, if you are aiming to send 1 email with a couple of links that allows the recipient to register to different webinars through email links - that is possible. Here's an option:You can create an email that uses blind form submit links. This would have different query string based on each webinar. Example: 3 webinars1.<span class="eloquaemail">EmailAddress</span>&utm-content=GotoWebinar-A2.<span class="eloquaemail">EmailAddress</span>&utm-content=GotoWebinar-B3.<span class="eloquaemail">EmailAddress</span>&utm-content=GotoWebinar-C **Please note that you have to include the information required from GoToWebinar registration page on the link Your form should have the utm-content field where the query strings such as GotoWebinar-A, GotoWebinar-B and GotoWebinar-C will be passed through email click. Then, each webinar should have Post Data to Server form processing step.Lastly, use the query string utm-content as identifier on which Post Data to Server step to trigger whenever there's an email click.     The beauty of this is that, you wouldn't have to create one campaign and eloqua form for each of the webinar. Also, this would allow the email recipient to register on the webinar with just one email click. Hope this helps.

Using external forms to run database lookups, validation rules and insert/update

The customer has a registration form where existing customers can register for rebates. These forms are sent out via Email (this is fine, we match directly on our own ID and have a personalized link) and SMS. In addition, customers can also register directly on the website.  For SMS, we match on mobilenumber and on the website we match on email. There are multiple customers who have duplicate mobile and/or email addresses. Thus, even if customer inputs correct information, it will always add a new record if the mobile/email is a duplicate. This means some manual cleaning to be done. Duplicate mobilenumbers and/or emails is not necessarily bad data and not something we can "fix" soon. We would like to rectify this situation by using an external form and in this form performe a database lookup and validation/matching on mobilenumber/email (whichever exists) and i.e. first name in order to update correct record (in siutations where we have duplicate mobilenumber and/or duplicate email address).  Our plan:Create an external form and host it somewhere which runs look-ups against Contacts via API and validates/matches and then makes a decision whether or not to insert a new record or update an existing one.External form will then perform the actual update/insert/reject (if no match is found)After this, it will then re-post only i.e. email (or our ID if we find a match) back to the an "Integrate and External Form" (I don’t think we need to pass more from the form if we can update Contacts directly using API via the external form), The Eloqua form will then run any process automation rules (such as confirmation emails, etc). Questions:Would this work?Are there better and less complex solutions? Our original idea was to write this scripting directly into Eloqua forms, but we are not sure how we would do this directly in the Eloqua form. Any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated!