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Cross posting this question, but trying to determine if there's interest for an Eloqua User Group meeting?  Please join the EUG here or respond to this thread. Kansas City Metro Area Eloqua User Group


Twin Cities User Group - February 2013

Join Us February 26th for our Twin Cities User GroupPlease join us and your fellow Eloqua users in a discussion about Eloqua, marketing automation best practices and topical breakout session.  Below, you will find a link to the RSVP form where you can register for the event and suggest topics for future User Groups.If you bring a newcomer to this month's meeting, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a Parasole giftcard! Twin Cities Monthly Eloqua User Group RSVP When:Tuesday, February 26th 20133:30PM-5PM We are located at:8009 34th Ave S. Suite 300Minneapolis, MN 55425Level C - Room 012 We will be discussing:Mobile Best Practices E10 Shared Content Demo, How to Use and Best Practices Featured Cloud Connector DemoFeatured Cloud Component Demo Don't feel bad if you can't make it this month.  If you'd like to get the invite to next month's user group, email .
Thanks to everyone that joined us at the February user group. Lots of great content and discussion - solving the world's marketing problems! Feel free to download the presentation at ourRelationship One | Blog. Hope to see you next month! If you are in the Twin Cities and new to the Eloqua community or simply want to learn more about Eloqua, come join us for our monthly user group. It's held the last Tuesday of the month at our office in Bloomington, MN. If you'd like to get on the invite list, email .

How interested are you in User Groups?

We have all been part of User Groups in past or present, mainly based on interest or work that we do. How interested are you to be part of Eloqua User groups on Topliners, Linkedin or any other locations? What do you normally seek out of joining a user group or participating in User Group gatherings, activities and meetings. What do you suggest should a User group be focusing for it's member? Do you recommend meeting on timely basis or discussing interesting topics? Any thoughts or comments are appriciated. Thank YouAmit Pandya

Utah Eloqua User's Group Meeting Agenda

Thinking about attending the inaugural Utah Eloqua User's Group Meeting? Well don't delay, RSVP Now! We'll have a content-packed meeting with presentations from local Eloquans, Oracle, and other special guests as well as a group activity that will put Utah Eloquans on the radar. There's no cost but space is limited. SessionTimeAgendaGrab, meet, gab3:00Sign in / nametags & networkingGrab snack or drink, find a seatWelcome3:15Big welcome to the first EUG meetingShare vision, acknowledge sponsors, agenda overviewOracle Marketing Cloud Update3:25A representative from Oracle will discuss what’s new with the Oracle Marketing Cloud.Topliners Activity3:55In groups, choose a question / problem in Topliners. Discuss, solve, and post insight / solution to Topliners.Break4:20Refreshments & networkingGuest Presentation4:35How to leverage Personas to drive more happiness!Open Discussion4:55Let's talk about the vision of the Utah Eloqua User's Group!Wrap-up5:30Call for volunteers: venue hosts, speakers, planning committee.ReceptionNetworking, refreshments, drinks.
Hi Matt - I am working with Faleni to send out an invite campaign to our customers, prospects and the EUG members. I think I have most of the event details but has the location been confirmed?  Thanks!E
Hi Erin - Yes, the location has been confirmed - we'll be at the Xactware building in Lehi. Details are on the the meetup page. Matt
Very exciting, Matt!  Looks like a great agenda.   JB
Looking forward to meeting the group, looks like a great agenda!

Eloqua Jobs USA group on LinkedIn. Now available to see and posts Jobs requiring Eloqua experience. Join the group to start receiving job postings or to post jobs.

Purpose of this group to enable all job seekers and employees to have a common location where they can look at and post jobs requiring Eloqua experience. Amit 
Amit - We have a group here on Topliners for jobs as well: Job BoardIn addition - many people posts jobs on the "Eloqua Users" LinkedIn Group. I fear that this new group may be redundant....?

Summary of First Chicago Area EUG Meeting

Hello Chicago Area Eloqua Users! At our first local EUG meeting, we developed the following list of topics we'd like to explore in future meetings:Big DataContent Across Multi-Segment/Unit/Brand Organization StructuresCompliance (would like legal representation to help explain)Cloud Components (workshop)Program BuilderData CleansingLead ScoringLead Flow/Process & Nurturing: Integrations with the CRMTrainingFacilitated Discussions Which of these topics should we focus on at our next meeting?  Vote in this poll: Which topic should we focus on for our next EUG meeting? Are there other topics we're missing on our list?  Comment below!