How do you deactivate an eloqua microsite in E10? - E10 Users

Do you know how can we deactivate an eloqua microsite in E10?

Would deleting the microsite suffice? You should be able to delete the microsite after selecting it in the setup area. 

Thank you Nora O'Leary-Roseberry-Oracle very helpful.


Anyone have a workaround for 'add members to campaign regularly' + 'allow email to be resent to past recipients'?

Hi, I need to send a monthly schedule maintenance email to all LIVE customers. This email is the same each month so the 'allow email to be resent' option is a must. However, when I do this, I can't add new customers to a campaign automatically with the 'add members to campaign regularly' because Eloqua's system has blocked this function. Does anyone have a workaround for this? Many thanks!
Hello! Have you tried looking at creating a program feeder within program builder to feed contacts into the campaign canvas?  That so far is the quickest way to workaround this "odd" design.  Would you be able to tell me more about the when you'd be sending the maintenance email? (eg. Same day calendar day of the month dependent on a particular customer's pod - actually is the maintenance notification more of a "global" blast?)  In any case, was just wondering since some of the time frame decision options in program builder might just come in handy.  Hope this helps!  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions in the program builder area. Best Regards,Hong Tai
Hi, The Work around is, you need to delete the segment of campaign, re-add the segment assets by choosing it, save the campaign and reactivate. Since both the options  "Allow contacts to enter campaign more than once" & "Allow emails to be re-sent to past recipients." cannot be selected at a time as it will cause delivarability issue.  Hope this helps!   Thanks,Deepa
Thanks Hong Tai. I've not used it before so basically not sure how it works. Have you used it in a similar way?
Thanks Deepa. That's what I'm currently doing for the short term, but I was wondering if there was a more automated way of doing this? Because I'm wanting to do the same thing for a few survey emails we have, and it's going to get to a point where there'll be 10+ campaigns I'll have to do this for regularly which seems silly when Eloqua is supposed to be a marketing automation tool.
Hi There, Yes, I've used it many times in this very same way.  Since we're looking at now two use cases, both a maintenance email plus a survey campaign, would you have time to hop onto a screenshare where I can build / demo a couple quick flows for you? There are some precautions that we also need to take in this route, but it should save you from having to consistently "disable" / "re-enable" campaigns.  Please let me know if you would be open to that!  Best Regards,Hong Tai

Unsubscribes counting as click-throughs

We are noticing that users who click on our unsubscribe link on emails are being counted towards our overall click-through numbers. This is scewing our rates quite a bit, and not giving us an accurate idea of a campaigns success.  Is there an easy and quick way to ensure those are not counted? Right now, I have to pull a completely separate click through report from Insight alongside the general email analysis report and then do the math to get the true click through rate. Super time consuming.
Hi There! Is your unsubscribe link a direct email / global unsubscribe?  We found that the if your link went to the system preference center instead, it won't be counted as a click-through.  Would that be an option? Best Regards,Hong Tai
Hi, You could go to the manage links section of the email in the Actions menu next to save? Then uncheck the link to the unsubscribe. That will prevent the link to be tracked, so it will not be reported as a click. I hope that helps. RegardsChris Metcalfe4Thought Marketing - Marketing Automation Specialist
Hi Chris, The method that you have just described, does not work. The manage links section that you are referring to will only manage Redirects for untracked pages. The original poster is asking for a method to NOT track their unsubscribe link as a click-through.
unfortunately we do not have a preference center set up correctly yet!

E10 - Eloqua Microsites

When creating a microsite with E10, it allows users to customize the URL. Is it possible to use your company domain then?
Yes, that is what I do. You just have to set up the A record and then have you Eloqua Admin set up the domain in the setup section. 
Thank you for your feedback. This is very useful. We are moving to E10 next month and with the new campaign canvas you can do much more than E9.

Followup: July 2014 Meet-up

Good morning, Texas Eloqua Users! (I’d say Austin, but Kurt drove all the way from Houston to join us!) That was… awesome. I loved the open dialog and willingness to share. Thanks for coming and participating! As we discussed, the next EUG meet-up will likely be scheduled in late Sept or early October (remember to turn on notifications for this group so you don't miss it). We should be good on a location to host (thanks to all who offered!), but will be looking for a few speakers to share stories, ideas, challenges. Send a note to me or Rohit Gudipudi if you’re interested. Let’s make use of all this brainpower!  IMMEDIATE TO-DO ITEMSFollow your fellow Texans on Topliners! Here are some folks to get you started:Kristin Farwell-Oracle | Rohit Gudipudi | David E Johnson-Oracle | Mindy Barenblat-Oracle | cparisitx | kurtstoll | gaea.connaryAren't really sure how to get the most from Topliners? Read this: Getting Started with ToplinersBe thinking about topics / questions you want to discuss at our next meetup. Don't be shy in sharing them in the comments! Based on attendance, I'd like to have at least one technical topic (overview of a complex program, custom data objects, etc.)  MEETING NOTES / QUESTIONSHere are some of my notes from the session. I've only been able to get answers for a few, noted below in purple. I've reached out to our Product Mgmt team for the rest and will leave comments when I find the answers. If you have add'l questions (or can answer some of these!), please reply to this thread and I’d be happy to pass them along. No guarantees I’ll be the one to move the needle, but it’s a good start! QUESTION – Can we have more information on personalization using External Content. Is this like the old RSS function in E9?Here is a link to the documentation for this feature - Eloqua AppCloud Service Configuration: AppCloud Content (you must be a member of the Eloqua Insiders group to view these Release Notes). Please let me know if you have add’l questions. (It would also be helpful to review the comments on that thread and leave your own questions there for the developer to respond directly).QUESTION – When pulling contacts into a Campaign from an external source (Webinar Registration), if the contact does not already exist, will this create them? Will it add any sort of Lead Source or other info or just create a contact with email address? On a related note, will that ‘feeder’ show up in Segment reports?QUESTION – Does the new Export Data function for emails include Campaign ID? Exporting this data is great, but w/out knowing what Campaign it's from makes it much less helpful.QUESTION – In the new Review/Approvals functionality, what is the process to change the workflow? For example, a reviewer leaves the company and you need to replace them with someone else, or you need to add/remove a step entirely? In the Winter ’14 Release documentation, this was in CA and it’s mentioned that “Once any Campaign in your Eloqua instance is in Active status, you cannot add, remove or edit any of the Approvers (Reviewers) in the Workflow.  You must deactivate any and all active Campaigns in your Eloqua instance before being able to modify or add/remove Reviewers.” Is that still the case? QUESTION – The On24 Cloud Connector has been problematic for numerous users. It would be a valuable connector, but is not usable in its current state. Can it be disabled until it’s fixed, or can open tickets/bugs be prioritized to resolve?QUESTION – The group would like to see some social sign-on examples. Companies who did side by side testing, or are seeing success w/ B2B.QUESTION – Is anyone using (and seeing success) with SMS. Use Cases discussed: Sending a text reminder the morning of an event (physical or webinar). Promo pushes (text a code to XYZ to receive a coupon, custom demo, etc.)QUESTION – Can the opt-in banner in Strict Mode be customized? It was not initially, curious if that’s changed.QUESTION / FEATURE REQUEST – The form that pops up in Engage when a contact doesn’t exist is not consistent w/ the company. Example, it does not have standardized picklists that company uses, so Sales is able to enter a contact with questionable data. Can this form be customized, or can the company choose a default form.FEATURE REQUEST – Love the new Email and Landing Page editor, but would like there to be a way to lock the size (vs. the textbox expanding horizontally). Usecase: This would prevent users from making overly complex text heavy documents.FEATURE REQUEST – In Profiler it would be helpful to bring back the ‘Add Twitter Handle’ feature. There is also no subscription status listed. Lastly, you aren’t able to choose a Default Lead Scoring View. You can change the view, but it’s unlikely Sales will do this.FEATURE REQUEST – The Setup menu now requires two clicks to access frequently used items (ex: Program Builder). It would be nice to see this sub-menu customizable in some way (the Admin could set defaults for various permissions, or the user could choose the QuickLinks themselves.)
Kristin Farwell-Oracle: Thank you for a quick follow up post  It was great to see everyone and liked the energy. Hope to see more folks at the next one, to exchange more ideas/tips !!
Two things. I forgot to thank our hosts in my initial post. THANK YOU, Bulldog! You guys know how to make a group feel welcome.  Here are also some pics!    
Hi guys - One answer for you, working on the rest. Regarding the Default Lead Scoring view in Profiler. The Eloqua Admin chooses the default Lead Scoring Model and that is always what will show up on the main Profiler screen. Other Lead Scoring models are available via the gear drop down. When a user changes it via the gear drop down, that LS Model will appear for the user whenever they open Profiler.
Sorry I missed it--lots going on, so just bad timing for me.     Hope to be at the next one!  
Cheli, we missed you! Definitely look forward to seeing you at the next one. 
So sad I missed it!  I had a west coast call that came up too late and as sad as it is the client wins.

Are the Eloqua links to add or update SFDC contact data in Eloqua working for others using FireFox?

We are coming across an issue with the Add To Eloqua link in the SFDC Contact record, where after selecting Add To Eloqua, it bring the user to the Eloqua login screen, after you login, it take to you the Eloqua main page when using FireFox.  Anyone else experiencing the same issue?  The idea is our telemarketing agency will create new contact in SFDC then click the Add To Eloqua link to immediately add the contact into Eloqua so he can use Eloqua Engage to send an email to this prospect.  To ensure proper tracking and all emails auto log in SFDC, it seem we will first need to ensure the person is in Eloqua before sending the email using Engage. For some reason it work in IE but we are having issue with FF.  Kind of a pain to switch between browser... Thanks.
Hi Angie, From my understanding, you don't have to have them logged into Eloqua. Try these steps: Create a "Generic Sales User" in EloquaSave the password you create for this userCall support and tell them you want the "hashed Salesforce Web Links"- They will ask you for the password for the "Generic Sales User"They will then send you a spreadsheet or just update the case online with the correct link which includes the hashed pwWork with your Salesforce Admin to update the link in Salesforce I can attest that this works as expected so let me know if it doesn't.
Hi Juanita, Thanks for the steps, I will try.  Quick question, so the information that Eloqua send back will be something the SF admin take to update the current Add To Eloqua link?  Once this is updated, whoever click on the Add To Eloqua or Unsubscribe links will immediately update in Eloqua? Regards,Angie
Correct! I recently removed my links because we sync every hour and there was no need - I would have sent you a screen shot. When clicked, it will pull up a window that shows the fields and requires you to confirm. If the contact already exists in Eloqua, it will show the side-by-side field population and ask if you want to merge the records.It works very well if you have a longer sync time.
Great thanks. Our sync is set up for every two hours. Do you suggest changing that to every one hour? Reason I'm thinking that we need to click the Add To Eloqua link to add immediately is to ensure the email sent with Engage get log in SFDC under activity history.  Our Telemarketing team find that it log the email some time but most time it is not there so I'm thinking it is the timing issue... Thanks for your comment, I'll follow your steps and will work with support and our SF admin to complete this. Regards,Angie