Does anyone have a good way to track email responses that come to your sales people as a result of a marketing email? - E10 Users

My marketing department sends a fair amount of emails out on behalf of the sales team. The email responses go directly to each salesperson so I have no way of knowing how many leads our marketing emails have created. We don't want to have all of the email replies go to marketing because we want the clients to reach their specific salesperson immediately. Does anyone have this same issue? Any solutions?  Thanks!Brie

Hi Brie, This is something that we also face. We have a sales call every week and in that call we tend to close the loop on this (it is a manual process). Moreover, when sales get direct responses, they are very honest and share it with me so I can linked it back to the email campaign. I hope this helps. Thank you. Merce

Hi Brie,I haven't found a perfect approach to handle this challenge but here are some ideas that might help you.Automated way:1. Insert a link to a form in the email footer of these particular emails. The link can be small and say something like contact sales or similar.2. Put prepopulation script on the landing page where the form is hosted.3. When the person replies to the salesperson the original email will still be in the reply (in most of the cases) and still hold the recipient's details.4. The salesperson can click on the link and then the landing page will open with the details of the prospect.5. The salesperson then can edit the details, put comments and submit. On the back end side the form can create the leads in salesforce/other systems with comments how this lead was creates/updated.The only downfall of this is that the contact can also click on this link and submit the form but from my experience this happens in very rare cases.The manual way:I have used this for a project several years ago. Basically, as above create a form that the sales people will submit the information for the prospects that they have been in touch with. Agree with the sales department that the leads will be entered only via this form and not directly into the CRM. Set up the form to perform any actions you want. However, this needs a firm commitment from the sales that they will follow the process.Hope this helps,Aleks

Thanks Aleks, this is a really interesting way of handling it. I'll see if I can implement that with my team!

So if there are multiple sends and replies between the customer and rep, is the entire thread captured?


How do your field marketers and sales reps log their leads when they are attending a tradeshow or event?

This has always been a challenge for our clients, and while we have provided and created some solutions, we have found that almost all do it differently. How does your organization currently do this and what are you biggest challenges and things you wish you could do?
In the past, we have created lead registration forms and equipped field sales reps with iPads to log leads and stay mobile. 
generally a tradeshow lead form.  everything is entered by the sales staff onsite onto the spreadsheet, but then they mark as qualified the ones they want imported as SALs.  We just started a new process to enter them as Campaign Response=Tradeshow into Eloqua first and this then passes over to our Oracle OD instance. we also have an SLA with sales that states Marketing has to import the leads within 24 hours of receipt from sales.  The problem is getting them from sales. It may be a week post show.  Definitely not ideal.
Carey, We have a couple of layers in place. For larger shows, we use Validar tools on site to scan or enter leads directly on the trade show floor. These are then directly uploaded into a Validar tab we have within SFDC where we can map them into sales leads that then route automatically using our sales assignment tables. For smaller shows, (very small) we use a paper lead form that the local marketing representative will scan and send to my team. Then we will (using a contractor) manually enter those leads into SFDC taking the burden off of the Sales and Field Marketing teams and making the turnaround time a few days compared to several weeks in the past. We have piloted some Eloqua forms for iPads that work really well and would like to do that exclusively. That said, internet access in these facilities is generally pretty expensive and cellular coverage (leveraging 3G/4G devices) tends to be spotty at best. 
Dave - for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the thread, but several months ago someone had come up with a solution to have Eloqua forms on an iPad, that stores the data in the background and sends it once a signal becomes available. That should solve that issue for you? Edit: Found it. Last post by cjcorney on this thread: Re: Offline contact upload for remote sellers
Thanks mate! I'll be sharing this with my entire team immediately and then harassing them as to why they haven't already implemented it!
Which is the better option:  logging the leads in an Eloqua form, or logging leads right in  We have implemented the integration between the two, but not sure what the best process is?
I reckon kroman-Oracle can give you some good suggestions on that.
Hi Becky,Best practice is to have your tradeshow leads go into Eloqua first.  You want to do this for many reasons; (1) if you have a contact washing machine in place, the data can be washed, (2) you can place these leads into a tradeshow follow up multi-touch campaign to offer them more information, (3) you can also gather a bit more data on them (4) based on how they engage with your multi-touch campaign, you can score them and pass only the 'ready' leads to sales.  At my previous employer, we stopped putting tradeshow leads into SFDC because the sales people found most of the contacts not qualified and they were wasting selling time on these contacts.  Best to engage them with some campaigns first.  If anything, you can ask a question on the form like 'have sales contact me' and push those over to SFDC immediately.    Hope this helps!
I agree with Justina's comments about the benefits of pushing leads into Eloqua first. This allows your lead management process to handle these leads the same way as the other leads you are generating through your Eloqua marketing campaigns.   As noted by others, capturing leads at an event can be challenging on many fronts - does the event have a lead capture system (e.g., badge scanner)? does the event have reliable internet access? do you collect business cards? etc., etc. While it is relatively easy to have an Eloqua form on a computer/mobile device, it is not always convenient to get - let alone enter - their email address (or other contact information) in the course of your conversation with them. We have a number of clients whose events are low-tech so we created a Lead Capture application where the rep snaps a picture of a business card using a mobile device and emails the vCard to our Lead Capture app. Our Lead capture app creates/updates the lead in Eloqua and then, within seconds, sends the rep an email with a link to an Eloqua form that is pre-populated with the lead's email address. With picklist and checkbox questions on this form, it is easy for the rep to capture information during, or immediately after, the conversation. The result: by the time the lead walks away from the rep, the lead is already in Eloqua with complete contact information (from the business card) as well as the additional information needed to segment/qualify/route the lead (from the form). Our Lead Capture app is currently geared for events where the norm is to collect business cards though future versions may meet other use cases. 
Thanks Eytan  Becky, I agree with Justina as well - definitely best to put them in Eloqua first. I have used Eloqua forms set up specifically for tradeshows on a simple landing page that the reps use on their iPads to enter leads real time. We use badge scanners for the people who are stopping by for a raffle or whatever we are giving away (hence, our less qualified leads) and the form for those truly interested. We then start sending them info right away. Previously, I also implemented a solution for very large tradeshows where I had a custom booth where we had kiosks with forms right on them (simple - Email, First Name, Last Name) that connected to Eloqua. Hope that helps!Kim
We are currently looking into using QRcodes that ares sent to the invitees by email and registering them in by using phones.
Carey, that is a great question and I began to ask that same question in 2005 when I was asked by field marketing to help out with a large trade as a sales professional. I was hugely interested what field market called a lead and what sales called a lead and what the process was to get the leads into our sales process. My first rude awaking was the amount of money a company has to spead to get to a trades show for to be in front of a targeted audience. As I managed to work more and more trade shows over the next 8 years my second rude awaking were all the trade show productions that continued to nickel and dime exhibitors with half decade old technology to capture leads and when I say nickel and dime I mean $200 - $500 for each lead retrieval machine. Worst of all the leads (oops I mean excel list or phone list of those that stopped by)  still are giving to you in a thumb drive after the show. The don't want to re-invent their rental revenue stream. Back to your problem, even with all the marketing automation, cloud solutions, CRM changes over the past 8 years the BIGGEST PROBLEM still exists and it is "The Lost in Translation." Every company has it's process of taking the data (let's not call them leads) and get it to either email marketing, the CRM and in front of the sales reps.  Typically what we find as we qualify of field marketing, events managers, VP's  of marketing, and CMO daily that two things happen:   One they email every attendee a general email thanking them for coming by with a call to action to call them or see demo. (Basically every attendee gets same email from every exhibit) Leads are segmented to sales based on their internal rules and for two -three weeks they have the reps pound the phones of every attendee.  Since many shows of the field marketing team are back to back those thumb drives and excel files don't even make it infront of sales for a couple weeks due to travel or internal processes of routing leads. Typically the same message comes out of every sales reps. "I would love to learn more about your business and why you stopped by our XYZ companies exhibit, Can we schedule time to speak?" I got over 50 of these calls after Dreamforce and Oracleworld. What our customer's are finding out, is how to you translate the data from trade shows into four main buckets:Trick or Treaters ~ come by for prizes, give-aways, and booth buzz gamesMarketing Leads ~ asked for content and product info but never looked at it (How do you know?)Warm Sales Leads ~ asked to be contacted by rep  (You would be surprised that most field marketers think they have the process in place but if you asked customer the majority are never contacted) OR took product info home and viewed it check out your website. (How do you know?)Hot Sales Leads ~ asked to be contacted and took home product info and viewed it and even HOTTER shared that content with team or decision makers. Being able to quickly make sense of the data in real-time or daily from the cloud aligns Marketing and Sales:Sending and nurturing via email the Trick or Treaters can possbile turn a couple of sales but may take a while. (General Thank you email can still exist)Marketing Leads ~ Using  Eloqua to email market with specific messages based on content requested by attendee. Show them you listened to them which will accelerate their interestHot and Warm Sales Leads ~ now you can use live calls with email marketing to really accelerate the message specific to the prospects needs and there by accelerate your revenue. Sales will also be getting many more appointments with less rejection because they are confident they understand the general needs of the prospect.Hint you can use this same concept as sales enablement with your Fields Sales team. (will someone review you website and content if delivered in real-time) Discuss your process and see and ask yourself, "How do we currently take registration data form a show and deliver it with the upmost return on our investment. The answer will always be process and how fast can I take registration data and make it useful. NOT Quantity but Quality. 
Leading Reach Features DatasheetCustomer Success Video: WatchGuard
Sounds great. 

How's everyone handling surveys?

Hello -  We're kicking off a project to evaluate our customer experience and satisfaction and we're starting with a Net promoter score survey. As part of this initiative, I've begun to research various tools for this project. I know that Survey Monkey is working on an integration but I've received some really neat in-email surveys recently from various companies. It appears that the email ecosystem has figured out how to embed these surveys into an email, so has anyone had a good experience with using Eloqua to send the email and then capture the associated survey data? While we're on the topic of surveys, our subscription for survey monkey is up for renewal so any ideas for survey tools are welcome as well! (BTW....I know that I could achieve this with some wiz-bang form work that can be done through the platform but Eloqua doesn't make it easy and we do not have developers to work on this.) Thanks! Chad
As you know the NPS is based on 1 question - How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?, with a 0-10 metric for response.So it should be super easy to capture. Couple of ways:1 - if you want to go down the 'no linked form' route, you could create blind form submits [Topliners How To article here] in your email template, with the recipient clicking on the specific one to update a contact or CDO field with the result [only thing is you'd probably have to include all 11 links in the email so might not look as beautiful as you'd want] 2 - super simple linked landing page and form with the NPS question and drop down of 0-11 in the response field.  Again that updates a contact field or CDO field. Either way should work - you can do this within the interface without any hardcore coding skills], and you'd probably want to set up an Quarterly campaign to capture feedback - writing to a new field each time so you could capture the history and plot your [hopefully!] amazing increase in NPS due to your services delighting your customers!  You could also have it as a standard triggered event after a Sale is made/new customer onboarded. So that gives you the methods of capturing the data, then either export to Excel and run the NPS calculation, or you could try the new Eloqua Insight analytics to see if you can run the calculation there. And on the question of surveys, well you can use Eloqua for most basic surveys, it's when you want conditional questions to pop up based on a previous answers or full on Survey analytics that you need look at platforms like SurveyMonkey - which is bringing out an Eloqua integration this year. Good luck 
Hi Nick -  Thank you for your suggestion. I appreciate you providing a workaround but I'm sure that I'm not the only Eloqua customer that's trying to find an easier, faster to deploy process for conducting surveys. The NPS project is just one example. We have a number of other surveys planned that will involve 3-4 questions regarding a customer's experience during various implementations and product updates that will be sent during different stages of their life cycle.  We are at the point where we need a more scalable solution. Stamped is one solution that makes it easy to insert simple surveys into an email but it's geared more towards ecommerce. I've spoken with our Surveymonkey account manager and it sounds like you'll just be able to push the data from surveys back into Eloqua contact records or data cards but the pricing is pretty outrageous for just this feature. Thanks,Chad
Hey Chad -  We're big practitioners of NPS here. While we do have a back end dev team, all of our survey elements exist on a landing page. We are about to run a test where we have the initial 1-10 rating in an email. Each number will be a separate URL that redirects to a landing page and pre-populates that response into a hidden field on the landing page. The customer still has to use a landing page to complete the form though.  While you can code forms into emails, it's important to note that most mail clients provide a warning prompt before submitting from email. Also, most businesses utilize Outlook and Outlook doesn't support the form functionality. I'm not sure how well these services you listed handle those scenarios, but I would be curious to see how they make that work. From everything I've seen, in-mail surveys are not so much limited by Eloqua, but by the clients and processes outside of that.  I'd be more than happy to discuss our NPS process though! Thanks,Ryan Rijken

Linking Eloqua and Linkedin: If you had your wish, how would you want...

...Eloqua and Linkedin to work together?  Love to hear your thoughts.
Hey Nadia.  Not sure how they'd work together. Technically, I am not aware of how Eloqua would interact with LinkedIn via the Cloud Connector. Each offer similar funtionality.  Both offer unique audiences. The benefit of LinkedIn is that anyone in my network can see what I am posting.  The value of Topliners is that all the Elq folks I want to engage are here. I asked a similar question here a few weeks back ... Topliners or LinkedIn? Until these stars align ... I am gonna double post the topics I am most interested in.  For example, on Topliners, I replied to the "Thinking About Marketing Operations Structure" thread by referring a discussion I posted to the LinkedIn Eloqua Mktg Ops group asking about categorizing business request types. Basically,  I'd be more interested in knowing when to use one over the other.  J
J - thanks for the response. This is more on how you as a marketer may perhaps use Linkedin and Eloqua together for your marketing efforts. Any thoughts from that perspective?
Ok.  This IS NOT about how J uses these mechanisms for getting answers from the community, it's about how the company leverages data from LinkedIn Profiles and Groups via Eloqua Cloud Connector.  I oughtta refill my coffee cup and wake up. So, any data available thru LinkedIn's API, i'd want.  Maybe I'd start with those following the AMD Group.   What type of info could Elq pull from LinkedIn?
Nadia & J, I'm also interested in this topic.  Currently, we have a group established on Linkedin and people in our industry request access to our group.  When this happens, I review the request and if the person meets the criteria to participate, I send them an email through Linkedin welcoming them to our group and include a link to an Eloqua Form where I request them to update their profile along with my contact info.  It's a clunky process, but it's been working fairly well as I'm getting a 20 - 30% response rate on the request to complete the profile update. A couple of issues regarding the process: - Linkedin used to provide the email address of the group applicant, but no longer does, so you have to use their interface to email the message and link to the Eloqua form.- In walking through the process, I drift the mouse pointer over the name of the group applicant to see if they qualify for our group.  If so, I send the email through Linkedin (I personalize the message and include the text of the welcome and link to the ELQ form)- Once the email has been sent, the Linkedin list of people requesting access re-sorts in alpha order, so I must click the "Requsts to Join" tab to resort to get the most recent at the top, then I click to approve the request.- I also have the identical text of my welcome in the Linkedin autogenerated approval page, but very few people seem to respond and complete the form when I only rely on the autoreply form.  They really respond well with the personalized email from me, even though it's coming through Linkedin. Currently, we don't draw a hard line requiring them to complete the form before providing access to the Linkedin Group, but I guess we could.  It's a real double edge sword though as it could become more difficult to manage and may be the equivalent of throwing a cold bucket of water on the process.  So for now, the request to complete the Eloqua profile is completely optional. Would love to hear what others are doing with Linkedin and Eloqua.
Thanks for sharing Sam. This is a very good use case example, one that I will put forward with our product management team for sure. I understand why you are not requiring a hard line on completing the form - on one end, you want your customers/prospects to self register and also need to make the process as easy and seamless as possible to not inhibit participation. I definitely would like to take a rain check on discussing this more with you and would like to hear results. #J Weiss - planning on the capabilities is still in the works. I do want to hear what folks are doing or want to do on this front so that we can incorporate as many requirements as possible to go forward product discussions. 
Related to Nadia's question, I posted something I saw on LinkedIn that I thought was pretty kewl!
 Hi there, I am looking at a similar solution to Sam's problem. Client wants to use LinkedIn as a forum platform and get tracking back to Eloqua. Any idea how that can be done? 
Great thoughts and interesting use cases.  We'll bounce that off of what LinkedIn's API allows (it's *very* restrictive in terms of the data it provides), to see what's possible.
I think one of the most beneficial use cases would be through the sales enablement tools - eg Prospect Profiler/Discover. Similarly to how you have put the twitter section, this should be a "social" section where you could "follow" a company, see a contact's public profile, see which groups they are in, and see if they are in "your" group/s.  This could go further by getting the sales person to "sign in" to their own LinkedIn through Prospect Profiler (or somewhere else? - linked to their Eloqua user login?) so they they can see the full profile/news feed of all of their contacts, and perhaps further contacts within the same company (eg 2nd or 3rd degree connections) - all from within CRM... I was asked this by a senior salesperson when demoing/rolling out prospect profiler. In program builder/cloud connector it would be great to get a link to a contact's public profile into a "LinkedIn" contact field, and query group membership to allocate contacts into segments/groups/filters etc so I can select "is in my LinkedIn shared list" or " "follows" my company. Thanks 
3 years later Richard, have you heard any news? I have been on a webinar in Q2 where there was a tiny part about LinkedIn and now are interested in the available options.
At this point, the best path toward LinkedIn integration is probably through Bizo. Bizo integrates with Eloqua already and was acquired by LinkedIn so will presumably be deeply integrated there.
Thanks Eli!

How do you handle booth leads?

We are trying to figure out the best way to handle tradeshow booth leads. How do you capture them and make sure the informaiton you're providing to sales is meaningful and has context? Who is responsible for what parts of the process?
This may sound obvious but we only pass along people that have notes as leads.  We send these leads to our inside sales team for further qualification before they go to the field sales reps.   I send an email to the both sales teams letting them know the details of the show so they have some background when doing their follow-up calls.  In the note that gets passed to sales in SF we include the Tradeshow name, the people that attended the show as well as the lead note, so if the rep has more questions they can talk directly to the person(s) that took the lead. We have found this dramatically improves our lead to opportunity conversion rates.   For any leads that have no notes, they will be put into a nurturing/drip campaign to warm them up to a MQL.
I agree with Rachael.  All tradeshow "leads" are sent to our call team that does further qualification.  No lead is sent to field sales that does not have an active project.
Do you have lead cards? What is the actual capture vehicle? 
We actually just created a tool that has been very well received. The disclaimer is, we defined the goal of our booth to be interactive and generate leads so the tool we created helped us acheive both, but the results have been outstanding. Basically, we created an interactive demo that is a mixture of illustrations (an example of which you can see here: and product demos. We asked booth visitors to watch the video and presented a landing page at the end of the track that had a form on it if they wanted to see additional information on the subject they chose. By the way, we had 8 paths someone could take depending on the "pain" or goal they wanted to address. The form was hooked up to an automatic email with supporting documentation on the goal they had plus some product information to help them acheive the goal.  The catch is, we gave away a cruise which is the motivation for the people to complete the process. If they wanted entered into the cruise drawing, they had to submit the form. From our perspective, we captured all the booth leads directly into Eloqua, were able to immediately (within seconds) start to nurture them, and gave our inside sales person the ability to see overall prospect activity through the Eloqua's Prospect Profiler tool to help prioritize follow up. It worked really well without a ton of effort (though there definitely was some).
Unfortunately we are still pretty manual on this part of the process.  We capture everything manually on a spreadsheet and then import them into SFDC. We do have lead cards, but the reps rarely use them.  They usually just take a note on the back of a business card or use whatever lead retreival device they have at the show.
In early 2011 we came out with a solutions that integrates with Eloqua and but can be used stand alone. We now have over 65 customer with 17 being fortune 500. Leading Reach helps you pass along great information and communication about a prospect entering you exhibit or any face-to-face contact that needs to be passed to sales or marketing.  Leading Reach help you to quickly put leads into buckets:Hot Sales Leads - Attendee asked to be contacted and/or took information with them, viewed and shared that information.Warm Sales Leads - Attendee took information with them and viewed and downloaded informationMarketing Quality Leads: Attendee took information from booth that they selected our you helped them select but never viewed. Now you can use Eloqua to market to them like a specific prospect based on what you discussed with them instead of another general "Thank you for stopping by email" Show them you listened and remembered.Trick or Treaters - Attendees that stopped by for give away for free promo item....They are the only ones getting general Thank you nurturing emails.
We created a landing page/form and it works in many ways:1. Captures contact info2. We can check box the collateral/resources they want and it send it through a dynamic email response to their inbox, that way the collateral/resource is not lost in their hotel room, because it safely send to their inbox.3. We capture what type of follow up they want i.e. add to email list for thought leadership, demo request, representative follow up, etc.4. Captures solution areas of interest This also adds them to a nurturing campaign as well and add them to our CRM too. The booth staff can capture on their mobile devices.  One potential road block is you have to have 3/4G or wireless access so always have a "Plan B" that does not require internet access. It is great and easy to adapt if needed.

Eloqua for HR/Intra Company Campaigns?

It is that time of the year again...that point every year where Human Resources requires everyone to sign newly updated "Employee Rules and Regulations." This year, they are hoping to use Eloqua to help out with their process; roughly, the idea is to download PDFs and send out brow beating emails to employees who don't. Has anyone ever  used Eloqua for an intracompany campaign like this? Was it effective? Are there any apps out there that can help? Thanks for your help!
What feature of Eloqua would be a plus over your current or last year’s process? Metrics? Automation? Do your employees need to physically sign or virtually sign (click a check box or button that says yes I have read & agree etc. ..) Since we have a contact limit for our Database I would not import 15K+ employee address into my DB for an internal project like this. I would save that contact room for external/client contacts and do it all with corporate email tool (MS-Outlook) & intranet web pages (which can read a user’s Network log in ID for tracking). If that's not an issue for you & If 'virtually sign' then this is how I would do it. - have a landing page/form with an acknowledgement check box which is required for submit - send an email to employees reference the LP to do the action (read the docs & acknowledge it on the form)- set a program to send a reminder to all those that do not have the yes value for that check box or have not submitted the form.- you will have options based on 'open & click metrics' of the initial email also
Thanks Trevor. We need a physical sign. An online option was discussed, but dismissed for legal and privacy issues. The plan is to put the forms up on a landing page, send out an email, have us download the forms, and email people who don't download reminder emails.
I've been dealing with the same problem for over a year. HR needs and the ability to send emails to Outlook email alias', etc and this request keeps dropping on my priority list. We currently use Eloqua for all internal events - RSVP's, event details and logistics and major announcements. I'm interested to hear what others are doing to service internal stakeholders. 
A coworker sent me this: Eloqua on Eloqua: New Hire Onboarding. It was designed for a new hire program, but there is a lot on it that can be cannibalized . 
I have not seen that before, I like it, very detailed flow. Yes lots that can be leveraged from that.