i want to send notification to HR after manager's appraisal before shareing it with his employee if the employee is outsanding only - HCM Cloud Service

Hr manager wants to see the performance appraisal if the employee got outstanding appraisal before sharing document with the employee and after manager comments>Does anybody know how to do ...    


Hi,How to change Hire date for some users.

Hi,  Employee 1  Hire date: 6/7/15Employee 2  Hire date: 6/8/15Employee 2 cannot be assigned as Manger to Employee 1 is a bug in Cloud 12  "Hire date of employee affects assignment of that user as a manager to earlier hire dated person"   this issue affects approval manager set up.  How to change Hire date for some users. How to overcome the issue. If HCM Cloud is not implemented No access to user Management "Worker" and change date.
This is not a bug but rather working as per Oracle design. Employee 2 is hired on 6/8/2015 which is after Employee 1 was hired on 6/7/2015. So Employee 2 cannot be manager on 6/7/2015 because for that date Employee 2 even doesn't exists in the system. You should create an update on Employment record for Employee 1 on This is not a bug but rather working as per Oracle design. Employee 2 is hired on 6/8/2015 which is after Employee 1 was hired on 6/8/2015 to assign Employee 2 as Line Manager.  RegardsAnil Khavate

Not able to edit information in Person Management

Hi All, I hired a new person in new person work area and it is visible in person management as an employee. However I am not able to edit any information. I have Human Resource Specialist, Human Resource Manager and Human Resource Analyst Job roles and also data roles with the business unit as security profile. What could be the issue? Regards,Sugyan
Any one has any information about it?
Hi,   is it 'Edit' button enabled in the person management window? Please confirm. Thanks. Regards,Rajesh
Hi Sugyan,   Please add 'HRSpecialist_ViewAll' role to user. You should be able to see 'Edit' button in person management to update the employee details. Hope it will help. Thanks. Regards,Rajesh

HR viewing Historical Data

Hi,  Scenario: Employee is transferred to a different Legal entity. The HR responsible for the new entity is able to view the new Employee's historical data (previous job changes, compensation changes, interdisciplinary actions etc) How can I prevent HR from seeing historical data? Thanks, Hamzah
Hello, If you want to restrict for a particular employeein your case HR, you can restrict at the responsibility-menu-function level. hope it helps.
Hi Madhav,   Could you provide more detail on this responsibility-menu-function level access please?  Thanks, Hamzah

Payroll created but not visible in employment info in person management

Hi All, I have defined the payroll for legislative data group. Now I am unable to find this payroll name in employment information > Payroll detail section of the person management. The person belongs to the same legislative data group where the payroll is created. We don't have payroll license and we just want to capture the payroll name against the employee. Nothing else. What could be the issue? Regards,Sugyan 
Anyone has any idea on this?

Payroll Name for segregation of Assignment change approvals

Hello All I have a client who needs to segregate approval routing for Transfer, Promote and Salary change based on the payroll names/ ids attached to employees. I tried two approaches : 1. BPM,but did not see Payroll name under a Task,Payload parameter, 2. Area of Responsibility - I see Payroll as a disabled option on the screen there. Is there a way of routing approvals using the assigned payroll name? Appreciate your inputs on this. RegardsPreeti