Talent Snapshot (Taleo Enterprise Edition) - HCM Cloud Service

Hi, is there any option to remove an area in  the talent snapshot (Taleo Enterprise Edition)? The problem is that user (manager)  can access Metrics information through the talent snapshot  not only for his/her direct reports, but for all employees he/she has access to.This user should be able to see these information only for his direct repoorts (user belongs to an user group). If it was possible to remove this area from talent snapshot, that would resolve the issue. Could you please advise how to do this without restricting the user to see the metrics information for his/her direct reports? Thank you in advance,Ana


Supplier On-boarding Process

I am looking for some guidance on the Supplier On-boarding process in PeopleSoft 9.2.  There isn't a lot of documentation for the actual end-to-end process and user experience so any help would be greatly appreciated. We are testing the supplier on-boarding process.  We added a new company to the "Manage Invitations" screen and had an email sent out to the vendor (email attached).  When the vendor clicks on the link, the browser pops up with a PepoleSoft login screen (attached). 1. Is it normal for a potential supplier to be introduced to the login screen before beginning the on-boarding process?  If so, I assume that a generic SUPPLIER or GUEST id needs to be used by the supplier to gain access.  (I think it would not be advantageous to NOT have some form of authentication for the potential vendor to access the system.)2. If a generic id is required, what roles/permission lists do people usually give to this generic ID?3. Once we have the vendor added to the database, they use the supplier portal to access their information.  There's a second login box in the supplier portal - what is the purpose of that login box? I'll probably have more questions as we go on as we are working to understand the end-to-end process. Thanks.

OTBI Analysis Security to view only Direct Reports

Hello EveryOne, How to restrict the OTBI Analysis security for the manager to view only information related to his/her direct reports. Currently I am able to see both direct and indirect reports as well when the Line Manager execute the OTBI Analysis. Please let me know how to restrict this so that the logged in user/manager will only be able to view information of his/her direct reports. I am not sure if there is any delivered Person Security Profile (to restrict the view only to Direct Reports) to be assigned to the Line Manager Data Role. Appreciate your help! Thanks,Lakshman.

BICS - Read only user, how to refresh data in report

We are demonstrating to a top 10 pharmaceutical company the ability to send data from the Oracle mHealth Connector to BICS. We created a separate BICS account for users with limited privileges (read only privileges) to view the reports. The read only user we have created in BICS  belongs to a custom Application role we have created in BICS which has no other roles or application roles assigned to itself. After creating this user with the BI Cloud Service User role, the Canvas Settings drop down is no longer available. And thus the "Refresh Data" option is not available to the read only user. Is there a way a read only user can refresh the data in the report?  BICS environment: https://businessintelltrial8930-usoracletrial36881.analytics.us2.oraclecloud.com  Thank you
I have the same question. I don't have this problem in Answers reports but only in visual analyzer reports in BICS.Any help on this topic will be appreciated.

How to tie in Areas of Responsibility to data security in R12

Can someone walk me through securing a data role in Oracle HCM R12 to Areas of Responsibility by more than one dimension?I know how to set up an area of responsibility through Person Management.I can set up data security profile through Manage Person Security Profile but it only gives me the option to secure by one location. Perhaps I am missing something.Don

Request you to clarify what access can be disabled/enabled for various users on the page (line managers/employees/HR Administrator) using the security settings?

Hi,Can anyone please let me know if it is feasible to enable/disable or hide fields on the page using Fusion security? The customer requirement is to enable/diable or hide certain fields on the Goals detail page under Goal Management for different users e.g. line manager/employee/HR Specialist. Using sandbox customization it is possible to hide/unhide/mandatory/non-mandatory at site level/legal entity level but there is nothing to control at different role levels. I have done my analysis in cloud environment but not sure if it is feasible to meet above requirements onpremise as customer will be using onpremise model. Thanks,Omesh