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If not, can it be installed separately?


Installing JRE 1.6

I was wondering about bundling the JRE with an Installer.
Can someone point me towards information on how this can
be done? If it can be done?
I would like to eliminate the step for downloading and
installing a jre, and incorporate it into my installer if possible.
Read the Sun Licensing agreements, I'm not sure that is a supported way for the JRE to be distributed.

Vista: Old JRE's won't autodownload...

On Vista, with no JRE's installed, I can auto-download any JRE through web start. However, if I later try to run an application that requires a different jre, an error occurs and I am told that I will have to download manually.
So, I have no JRE's installed. I run an application through web start that auto downloads JRE 5u12. Then I try to run an application through web start that requires 5u10 but it won't work and I am told to download 5u10 manually.
I have no JRE's installed. I run an application through web start that auto downloads JRE 6u3. Then I try to run an application through web start that requires 5u12 but it won't work and I am told to download 5u12 manually.
I've seen discussions on these forums concerning 1.6 JRE's not working but does the same bug apply to older JRE's too?
If anybody knows or can shed more light on this I would appreciate it. 
...I try to run an application through web start that requires 5u10 but it won't work and I am told to download 5u10 >Are you sure that 5u10 is 'enabled' for use?
I don't think you can enable/disable a JRE that you don't have installed on the box. So no, it's not enabled but neither is it installed so I don't think that is the issue.
I can download 5u10 just fine when I don't have any other JREs installed. I run into problems downloading 5u10 (or any other JRE for that matter) if I already have a JRE installed. So, if my box only has 5u11 on it I won't be able to auto-download 5u10.

JWS Installation

I understand that sun does not provide a separate installation file for it's JWS. Is there a way to install JWS without the jre/sdk? Because of the security on the computers here I can not install the jre/sdk on the windows 2000 machines.
i'm currently using the 1.0 version of jws and I would like to use the newer ones since there are so many enhancements. is there ANY way to install jws separately? 
I don't think so. However, if you install the 1.4 release, you can have it use your older JRE if needed. Of course, in your JNLP, you'll have to specify that older version. Other than download size, I don't see any reason not to do this. 
the problem is that I can't install 1.4 JRE :( 
You need a JRE since JWS does not include the JVM. 
the computers already have the jre installed... but they do not have jws included with the 1.4 jre. I would like to install jws... but i can not install the jre because of restrictions. therefore i would like to install jws by itself. hope that clears it. appreciate your help 
Got it!
I noticed two things:
1. After installing JRE 1.4.1, you will noticed that the JWS 1.2 installer ("javaws-1_2_0_02-windows-i586-i.exe") will be located in the JRE_HOME ...
2. You can download JWS 1.0.1 here
Hope this will help. 
I was curious... so I did it myself and it is working. Here are the steps to follow:
1. First you need to install JRE 1.4.1_02 that you can get here . That will install JRE 1.4.1_07 and JWS 1.2.
2. Copy the following file anywhere: C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.1_07\javaws-1_2_0_07-windows-i586-i.exe. That is the JWS installation file.
3. Uninstall JRE 1.4.1_07 and JWS 1.2.
4. Use the javaws-1_2_0_07-windows-i586-i.exe to install just JWS.

J2EE 1.4 SDK Update 1 - How to setup the JRE?

I just installed the J2EE 1.4 SDK Update 1 All-In-One Bundle on a Windows XP machine that didn't have any Java support before. My understanding is that this J2EE package includes J2SE SDK which contains a JRE. However, after the installation, Internet Explorer still cannot display any Java applets. Are there additional settings? How do I set this JRE as the default JRE for Windows/IE applications??
The JDK is installed within the appserver directory. I am not sure you would want to use this for anything but the appserver because if you uninstall it, everything will stop working that requires java on your system.
For browser issues, please go to this site:
and follow the "Get it now". It will check what you already
have and tell what you are missing.
J2SE installation which ships with J2EE 1.4 SDK is basically private copy of J2SE which is primarily intended to be used to run Application Server and for application development.
This J2SE is not configured in the same way as standalone Windows J2SE installation is configured and one of differences is that it will not be automatically configured as browser plugin (in addition to this main differences are Webstart configuration and public JRE configuration).
Best course of action if you need these features would be to install standalone Windows JRE separately. JRE installer will be able to automatically configure your browser settings.

How to install and configure Eclipse???

Can any one guide me how to install and configure Eclipse to use it with jdk 1.5?? 
how to install eclipse?
you don't need to install eclipse just extract it to a specific path...
install j2se 1.5 then eclipse will automatically detect it... 
Eclipse doesn't use JDKs, it has it's own compiler. It just needs a JRE. There's no installing to be done, just download and unpackage the archive