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hi,what are you testing? Can we help?kr, strix

Welcome New User, It worked we see your test.If you are testing it is likely that you have other questions.Here is a list of questions and answers that that other MOSC users have how found very useful.Including answers question about how to set up profile and notification.Migration Frequently Asked Questions Thanks,Nelson de Young


Hi,I have an ERP issue regarding oracle apps workflow the iteam code is not displaying in status monitor for particular PO ,even if it is present in table fields,and item is active either.

Thanks in advc.
Hi 3146851, Welcome to the forum.As you might have read, this group is eager to help you finding your way around the OTN spaces. The question you have asked is product specific and can't be answered here. You should ask this question in the space specific for your product. From your questiopn I can't see exactly which product space is best for your question. Can you provide more info about the product you are talking about? Or you use the search box and search for your product there yourself. Timo

Frequently Asked Questions

I am very new to Forte, and have just recently completed the Forte
Application Development training. I wanted to put together a list of
questions which would help me to remember various important points about
Forte. Being a consultant, I also figured that this list would be useful
for review prior to an interview! I have attached a copy of my initial
draft of what I affectionately call my 'Forte Frequently Asked Questions'
or FFQS.
If anyone has any quick bullet-point style FAQS which they can contribute
to my list, I would be greatly appreciative if you could E-Mail them to my

Is "Oracle welcomes Customer and Business Partner discussion" a canned response used to garner points for Oracle employees?

I just wanted to see if seeing the "Oracle welcomes..." post was just a method for the Oracle employees to get additional points on their profiles? If so then I thought I might start adding a post to several questions like " The MOSC participants would enjoy getting a meaningful and helpful response from Oracle." Then I could increase my participation points as well. What does everyone else think when they see that inane post on a question? George....
hi George,I would read this as a kind of welcome and to show you that your request has been notified.In support this welcome often looks like: "My name is xxxxx and I will be helping you with this SR. I am currently reviewing the issue and will update the SR as soon as I have completed the initial investigations." just to ensure our customers that we are not neglecting the request and to make a first contact, does not bring any points but ensures customer that the SR has been assigned to somebody kr, strix
I guess it could be taken that way but the Oracle person that posts the "welcome" doesn't contribute to the resolution of the question. Now I have had a couple of people tell me "I am researching your question and I will get back with you." But the welcoming discusstion from Customer and Business Partners is like say "we don't know anything and we need help from someone outside Oracle" or more specifically "hey buddy, good luck and your on your own." George....
hi George,I would like to have an actual example (post + community and/or Service Request) you are referring to, it would enable me to follow up.TIA, strix 
Okay on one of my questions about "Does Fixed Assets need to be active before implementing Plant and Equipment Maintenance?" the first post I received was from Dennis N-Oracle with this note. I have seen his post like this on a couple of other questions as well.
hi George,ok, I will follow up, FYI: I am working EMEA shifts in my "normal" support life and I am coming back to communities later (off shift) its 9:26h pm here and I will leave now, but will come back to  - taking, strix
Thanks for the notifying us of this behavior. We want to be friendly, but we also expect each post to add value. You gave a good a example.   And sure enough I found about 20 more of these exact same messages posted by different users. It looks like someone in JDE sent the incorrect message to these engineers, they are all in the same space. We will follow up internally to ensure that this does not happen again. Thanks for the heads up,Nelson
Nelson Just posted a new question in JDE World Technical and almost immediately received the "Oracle welcomes..." message from Alik-Oracle        May 13, 2014 10:11 AM. It was so fast it seems like an automatic Email reply that indicates "We got it" but I will wager that I will not get another post form Alik.Thanks,George
Hello George,by the action Alik took (moving to the appropriate "Space" aka discussion) your question got replies from specialists, I saw. In case he is not specialized on JDE World, he at least took care that a specialist will see it.I am sure Alik did research where to move it to. It is polite to inform that a question has been noticed and that it has been forwarded to a different area.Thanks for your kind, strix
Hi George,  Since this is professional/business community we only want post that add value and therefore Oracle employees usually do not post this kind of welcome and we'll follow up.But I don't think that any of my colleagues are just trying to earn points with these update.After all a single point will get you nowhere on your profile status.  ThanksJorg
I see any post as a legitimate question from the community. So your question is legitimate, and deserves to score a point.Also any reply is also legitimate, and deserves to score a point.

Not happy with the new format of MOSC :-(

Ever since the format of MOSC changed, I hardly ever get any responses to discussions I open.  With the old format, I would get responses more frequently and were much easier to track, mark as a bookmark, follow, etc.  I opened a discussion earlier today which I will now close.  In the past, MOSC answered my question much sooner than SR's did.  Now it's the reverse and I'm considering not using MOSC based on how it's changed and the lack of responses. Is anyone else having issues with the new format?  It's also harder to navigate around and find what I want than the old format. Thoughts?  Suggestions?
Hello Dave, I also observe in recent days reply time to discussion/question is taken more then earlier , in fact some discussion remain unanswered or after some point of time no  response received to uncompleted discussion. Second thing in new rewards & racemization format ,certificate is removed which earlier oracle issued when we reach the level like Explorer....journeyer. Please believe this certificate has much more value for us because when we saw it to our collogues or put it on our notice board , people value us & see with respect...&  more people were inspired to take part in this community base support of oracle..... Thanks,Mayank Pandit
hi Dave L,best prove that Support is good in "Initial Response Due Date" .... and "Next Response Due Date"kr, strix (Support ........... doing bit promotion for us) I asked internally for an additional answer
Hi Dave - it appears that you may have actually uncovered a bug in our platform. In the content list for this space your thread shows an icon, cloud with a green check mark inside it, that indicates this thread has a correct answer, when if fact it does not. My guess is that's why you didn't get a response. We are raising a bug on this issue and will keep you posted on the progress if you would like. Thanks,Jeff
Hi Dave,what about the OTN part ? After merging OTN and MOSC in one gui it seems that only a few person asked and answered questions in the MOSC part.But on the other hand there is a lot more traffic in the OTN communities. Have a look at SQL & PL/SQL or General Database Discussions and follow these communities.Here you get a lot of answers and you get it quick. regardsKay

Post a Discussion (Question) to a Particular Expert

Hi Experts,                   Is there any Option, where we can Post a New Discussion (Question) in MOSC to a particular Expert directly . Please advise
Hello: There is not any possibility through Communities to send the question to a specific engineer. Communities system does not allow to do that.Instead you can log it in the correct Space or Community to get an answer as soon as possible.Hope this helps.Marcos NOTE: If you consider your question/issue as answered/solved, please, rate this answer as Correct or Helpful. This will help to the rest of customers to find correct answers easily. Thanks!!!
Hello, Thank you for participating in My Oracle Support Community. We have over 200+ communities specific to meeting the needs of our customers. Your question would have a greater audience and a faster answer to your query in a different community, in this case, in the Getting Started community.The purpose of the Getting Started community is to provide a convenient channel for you to learn about the Community, access video training and FAQ so that I'm moving this thread to that Community.Hope this help to get a faster additional help, if still proceeds.Thanks & Regards, MarcosGL Community Manager
Hi Marcos,                   I have one more question. I.e Under  : Oracle EBS Spaces,Where I can Post my discussion for Inventory & Purchasing. I didn't find a space for Inventory & Purchasing. Please advise
Hello: You have two different Communities: one for Inventory (Inventory Community) and one more for Purchasing (Procurement Community).Here you can log your questions and threads to get an answer as soon as possible.Hope this helps.Regards,Marcos NOTE: If you consider your question/issue as answered/solved, please, rate this answer as Correct or Helpful. This will help to the rest of customers to find correct answers easily. Thanks!!!