Old MOSC migration issues - *Getting Started (MOSC)

With all due respect to all that have tried to provide a better experience I have to say I am disappointed: My avatar is gone, in fact, most of my profile, except my username and score.In addition, I am a member at least since 2010 and not 2012 as it's been shown.The icon from my score isn't correct on most "communities" (or what used to be communities).I don't care about a lot of "social" that's been thrown at me now, in fact it obliterates me from getting to the info I do care about.Old MOSCs weren't perfect but now things are so segmented and spread out that it's quite difficult building up something manageable. So far the only thing I liked is the better and working editor.On the former MOSC the "editor" got broken at some point with newer browsers. In the end I felt like less able to contribute on the communities.

Hi Carlos,in this thread i see that you have the guru icon, so that is ok. I think you talk about the list of top participants of a community.In the new GUID it seems to me that the icons will show the "experience" community-wise. So in this community i'm only a  journeyer. That makes sense for me.regardsKay

Hello Carlos, First of all, thank you for being a valued member of My Oracle Support Community. We feel sorry about all your frustrations about the new My Oracle Support Community Platform. Here are some tips that may help you address some of your concerns: First I recommend to visit the *Getting Started (MOSC) space where you will be able to learn about the new community, through the FAQs, videos and new member orientation. There are also some discussions going on there already on Help for new/upgrade look of MOSC or Re: To View 'My Discussions' page (as in earlier version) to check  discussions raised/participated by meIn this same space, there are short videos that will allow you to familiarize with the new environment under the Video Library widget:My Oracle Support Community OverviewHow to complete your profileHow to start a discussionPosting repliesHow to ParticipateLooking for the list of other Communities you can switch to? Go to the breadcrumbs at the top and click on YourCategorySpace (MOSC). You will get a list of communities (a.k.a. subspaces) there.Wonder where all discussions for a community are located? Click on the CONTENT tab to see the complete list of discussions.We also have Webcast sessions around Using the new My Oracle Support Community Platform. Feel free to register to one that would be convenient for you. I hope this will help you getting more clarity in this new platform and that we will keep you being such a great contributor for My Oracle Support Community success. Regards,Stephane

Hi Carlos, I forgot to ask you if you were ok if I move your question to the getting started space? Please let me know,Stephane

Please, go ahead and move it to the "getting started space" as I believe it will be valued for other fellow members.Please, note that my disappointment is primarily having to rework years of previously hard work and knowledge and references. Thank you.

Well it could make sense indeed.Nevertheless, at the same time it would mask the "global" score.I would prefer sticking to the the old MOSC style where you were able to see both side by side. Regards.


[MOOC] JET: Course Completion Review

Hi John and Geertjan The Last Post of 2017 and I want to say this has been quite an interesting course, requiring a lot of research.  Then what else would one expect if one want's to learn something new.   There was the element of familiarity as I have done web development and java script programming quite a while back.     Two factors that are evident are time and technology.  As time progresses so too one finds that technology changes exponentially in relation to this.  This brings about the necessity for each person involved in IT to continually update their skills and in so doing remain relevant in the industry. What I liked about the course was that one did not only have video content provided but also access links to GitHub and from there one could access links to the relevant material for each lesson.  It was interesting to learn about the separation of javascript code from the web page and using tools to bind them together.  I really  like the flexibility and openness of OJet which allows one to utilise different modules available in the open source community.   The Cookbook is an exceptionally great feature that accelerates development.   Obviously I came across some problems relating to screen refreshes etc. but I would be inclined to put this down to my experience level with OJet. A few suggestions I have made in the past and would like to put forward here are:Why does the MOOC community not have an idea space of its own?MOOC: Video experience and user controlsMOOC: Screen display and layout for QuizzesPOST Quiz completion allow all attendees to publish their homework solutionsMOOC Quiz to Simulate OCP Certification Style testing I look forward to participating in more MOOC courses relating to OJet, APEX and related technologies within the Oracle family of products. Message was edited by: OTG-467455
Hi OTG, Thank you very much for the feedback and for the suggestions on areas where improvements and additions could be made. We will run this same MOOC again at the end of February (with the quiz questions redone so they can't be passed along :-)  ).  We are working on a preliminary idea for another Advanced MOOC on just Composite Component Development.  Stay tuned for more details on that as it becomes available. I'll make sure your comments are passed on to the OLL team.  The JET team also works very closely with the APEX team and I'll see what we can do to maybe (maybe) get something put together in conjunction with them in the future.  They are a fun group to work with. Thanks again, and a very Happy New Year to you and yours. -jb
Happy New Year to you and the rest of the team.   Hope 2018 is a great year.     I look forward to participating in the Composite Component Development course. 

http Mix.oracle.com not responding ....

http://mix.oracle.com is already not responding to me. (As at time of post)
Can be same problem as certification.oracle.com and certview.oracle.com 
AFAIK, this is the last week for Mix - it is being decommissioned
Mix.oracle.com is now available to me.
The announcement on that homepage ... and that site ... seems to imply it is set to crease on 31st may. At least at the time i write this post.
The announcement on that site says ....
Oracle is sunsetting the MIX platform as of May 31st to coincide with the planned upgrade of forums.oracle.com. This is just one step towards building a much more engaging community and we’d like your feedback along the way. 
Not sure what that glitch was. We are shutting down mix - only a very small number of people have been using it and it mostly duplicates features that will be available in the new space. We are working on a migration script to pull the content into our new forums soon after launch, so nothing will be lost. 
The Mix forum operation is very random - I started to enter an idea, got near the end and it kicked me out saying I needed to log in (I was) - then went back to it and the idea summary and description fields were red, I could not enter anything into them. It clearly states it is being shutdown May 31. If we cannot use it what are we suppose to use between now and May 31? if it is still suppose to be working could someone please make sure it is operational? thanks! 
We will be continuing to keep it online through May 31, but won't be doing any more bug fixes. If you have a specific topic that you'd like to see us create a forum here to cover, let me know and we'll work on setting that up for you in the new space next week.
Sonya Barry
Director of Community Infrastructure
Community Manager Java.net and Oracle Technology Network 
Quick update on Mix - we've done a test migration of content into the new forums platform and it looked good. It will be brought over into a read-only space in another month or so after the relaunch so no Mix content will be lost, and users can start a new conversation and link back to the older discussions if you like.

To View 'My Discussions' page (as in earlier version) to check  discussions raised/participated by me

Hi,How can I view 'My Discussions' page (as in earlier version) to check  discussions raised/participated by me (in various communities)?Thanks & Rgds,Gaurav Joshi.
Hi,I have same problem too. Regards,Moh
Agreed.We used to have a "one-stop shop" in which we could work with all of the communities (now "Subspaces?") in which we have an interest. Now, it appears, we have to bookmark a dozen or so separate pages and visit each in turn to see if there's anything there to which we can contribute.  Progress?  I think not. Regards,   Phill  W.
This is a replay of the introduction of MOS featuring "Flash".
Hello, Click on the little avatar in the upper right corner near "Welcome, xxxxx" This brings you to your OTN profile. Then Click on the "content" tab. In this page you can chose on the left side to see the threads raised or particpated. There might be an other way, more user-friendly somewhere. I hope this is more a workaround ... Regards, --Bertrand
Hi,Path given by Bertrand seems to be OK.If any other path/workaround, then pls suggest. Thanks & Regards,Gaurav Joshi.
My experience suggests it is even easier to find the "bio", "activity", "content", ect of anyone. Click on my avatar on this message and you can see the above as it relates to me. have a good day,GlenG
Hi , For all the threads raise or participated since MOSC has changed, you can just click in "Communications" in the blue MOSC part. This seem to be the new normal way of getting this.The workaround is only useful for all the threads from "the old times" ...  Regards, --Bertrand
Hello everybody, Did you get the opportunity to look at our short videos in this space under the Video Library widget? You might find some answers or helpful content for all the questions raised here above. My Oracle Support Community OverviewHow to complete your profileHow to start a discussionPosting repliesHow to Participate Regards,Stephane
BeGin wrote:
Hi ,
For all the threads raise or participated since MOSC has changed, you can just click in "Communications" in the blue MOSC part. This seem to be the new normal way of getting this.
The workaround is only useful for all the threads from "the old times" ...
You mostly missed my point - which was that we can see anyone's activity and content by simply clicking on their avatar (or name). "communications" maybe in competition with avatar->activity (or avatar->content) but I do not see it replacing them.  Today (I realize that has been only a coupe of days ) I find avatar->content the more useful tool.  have a good day,GlenG
StephaneM-Oracle wrote:
Hello everybody,
Did you get the opportunity to look at our short videos in this space under the Video Library widget?
You might find some answers or helpful content for all the questions raised here above.
My Oracle Support Community Overview
How to complete your profile
How to start a discussion
Posting replies
How to Participate
I watched them before go-live and several of them after go-liive (2 couple of them did not load when I was reviewing them after go-live). I believe there is a webinar later today (Tuesday Feb 4th). GlenG
How can I retrieve all contents that I posted on my Oracle support community in the past?    
Go to 'Avatar'---> 'Content' , and it will show all discussions in which you have authored/participated.Rgds,Gaurav Joshi.

Got Feedback regarding Topliners? Please share here!

Welcome to the new Topliners on Oracle Technology Network! We want to continue to capture your feedback regarding the site and how to maximize your experience. Kindly share your thoughts here!
We have also added a Topliners category to our Oracle Community Ideas space, and you're welcome to post your suggestions and ideas there. Welcome to the community!
Thanks Monique! 
Is there a way to view the activity stream for JUST Topliners and not all of the Oracle community?
We are seeing a lot of irrelevant posts... as Krysten asked above, can we just be localized to our Eloqua topliners .. that way it is more relevant and fun.. 
Good morning! I'll be working my way through the newly migrated site this week, so I'll check this thread before posting any questions. First question - I may have missed it in an earlier communication - where is the Topliners leaderboard? And to add to krystenollice's question - do you have a diagram of the new community structure you can share with us that includes the intersection points? Among other things, I'm trying to determine how much of "Topliners" conversations will be available for those in other Oracle communities to view, comment, share, etc...  Best,Kristin
I agree! I can see some things in my following stream but I miss being able to just click on 'activity' to see all the awesome Topliners/ Eloqua convos.
Yay for the new Topliners and thank you for starting this discussion Adrian Chang-Oracle! I second #krystennollice 's comment about filtering the activity feed. Also, I'm not sure where to find the groups I'm a member of. Also having an issue with changing my handle so its my name and not a number. 
Hmmm... My comment above is being "moderated" and has been in limbo for 20 minutes.Interesting... How is this feature ever going to scale? Well, since status updates appear to posting more quickly, I'll start adding my feedback as status updates... But I can already confirm that seeing ALL community updates is a BIG issue - we need to be able to sort by a primary community tag, period. I can't believe that any of the non-Topliners community members are particularly excited about it either. 
I don't know the answer, but for now I just created a new Stream and added the topliners places to it: imagine it, see it, do it, code it, know it.
That's a good start, Ben, thanks for the tip! Anyone else on how to do this for updates and other information outside of the specific Topliners sections?
I hope topliners community activity, features and functionalities without login and with login stay available. Currently no visibility on activities and overflow of non-eloqua related conversations.
Ben's tip + using the "My Connections" Stream is a much better experience - but there's still a gap for all non-connections - we need the ability to filter on Topliners as a primary community, someway, somehow. 
Maybe this is an obvious and I just didn't read the instructions well enough but my profile didn't transfer over the same as it was, I've lost all my connections, my settings, what I was following, etc.  Is that because I had my personal email linked to my Topliners account, not the same email as my SSO login? Worst off I lost all my points and content that I'd published!
Couple things I thought you all might find helpful:  Recent Activity - I'm still trying to sort out the best way to find "Recent Activity" just for Topliners. If/when I figure that out, I'll share! (I suppose that's not immediately helpful, is it?) Groups - The best way to find ALL Topliners groups is click “All Places” in the breadcrumb navigation (directly below the tabs). On the “All Places” page, select “Groups” and then choose “All Topliners Groups” from the filter dropdown. OR... bookmark this URL: https://community.oracle.com/places?filterID=all~objecttype~objecttype%5Bsocialgroup%5D~topliners I'll keep playing and try to share more stuff when I find it! (You guys do the same and we'll meet back here.)

mooc subject selection

Hi, First of all, good work with the course so far.I wanted to ask why was lambda and stream were selected as the mooc subject and not something else. Is it part of some upcoming mooc series which covers other topics too. Can we expect some other moocs related to java in the near future.
We rana similar MOOC last year focused on Java ME 8 Embedded and using the Raspberry Pi.  As I have been doing a lot of presentations on JDK 8 Lambdas and streams I figured this would probably be a popular subject (which, judging by the registration, it is).  I would certainly like to develop further courses in the future, so feel free to post if you have ideas for what would be useful material.
What would be the best place to deposit the ideas to?
From the actions on the right, please click Create an Idea.  Thanks for the input! Please add other subject areas as well - for example, we are considering MOOC's on Oracle Cloud products and Oracle Database.