how to change  miy profile name? - *Getting Started (MOSC)

hi,I can't to change itI test edit profile and secutiry and preference, but nothing option to change...! thanks!

Hello, Yes, references to "Handle name" and "Username" are the same.  Please find the link for the instructions for "How to update username" (Step 15) - Note: [These are the instructions for CUSTOMERS ONLY].---Best Regards,Sharonda Message was edited by: SharondaP-Oracle

ok, doneand I want to receive all activity of my post (new, update, ...)like other GUI community profile  how to do so? great thanks!

Hello Pablo, You might find answers to your questions in the short videos in the Getting Started space under the Video Library widget: My Oracle Support Community OverviewHow to complete your profileHow to start a discussionPosting repliesHow to Participate Regards,Stephane

I have moved your question under the Getting Started space. Stephane

Hi Pablo, Please find embedded the instructions for "How to Update Display Name (Handle)”: Updating Handle/Display name on your profile [Instructions for Customers ONLY]:  Step-1: Click on drop-down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner. Step-2: In the Actions list on your profile page, click Edit profile & privacy. Step-3: From Edit Profile Tab > Select Edit Link - - Next to Username. (Note: Click on the blue "Edit" link where it shows "The Handle name applies to the name that shows up...") Step-4: Scroll down to the My Community Memberships Section.  Step-5: Select the “check-box” - To enable Oracle Technology Network (OTN).  Step-6: Choose a Public Display Name: <Enter your Professional Username>.  Step-7: Select confirm button.Step-8: Logout and then Login to view the change to your username. Regards,Sharonda

great but now I need to configure setting to receive any community update by mail thanks!

Hello, Please review the short videos that will cover how to setup profile and how to configure your email to receive community updates.  You might find answers to your questions in the short videos in the Getting Started space under the Video Library widget: My Oracle Support Community OverviewHow to complete your profile


Sharonda, I tried to put the same name as in the previous community (=> Matthieu), but I get this error:"This Display Name is already taken, please choose another one." How can I check if someone has indeed used that name or if the issue is because that name is somehow still linked to the old account? Cheers, Mat

Hello user6839304, Forwarding inquiry to Hemal-Oracle to investigate further for you. Cheers,SharondaP-Oracle

When you change the your User Handle, you will be taken back to the OTN Community page.  You will not see the User Handle change until you log out of your account and log back in. Archie

Hi Before you try a name you can check to see if the name is used by searching by name in people. When we combined OTN and MOSC there may have been some name overlap.  Thanks,Nelson


Not able to start a discussion after login to otn

Hi, I have already logged in to otn and did start a discussion thread sometime back. Now after I login, I am not able to start a new discussion thread. Neither under "Action" on the top right or anywhere else on the otn page , I am not able to see "start a discussion".
You have to go into a specific forum. For example 
Hello everyone, in order to create a Discussion [Create New Document, Upload a File, Create a Blog Post, Create a Poll, Update your Status, Create a Message, Create an Event, Create an Idea] please follow the next path: ♦ access OTN (Oracle Technology Network)♦ Login (upper-right corner)♦ Click on the ACTIONS menu♦ Click on the CREATE sub-menu♦ Select any of the option from the drop-down list based on your needs [Create a Discussion, Create New Document, Upload a File, Create a Blog Post, Create a Poll, Update your Status, Create a Message, Create an Event, Create an Idea] Please see the attached screen-shot.  I would like to emphasize what my colleague previously said that, in order to maintain a clear and optimal topic system, you must always include your new thread within the correct category! Thank you very much!Leo Constantinescu 
Constantinescu Leonard - HUB-OracleI think the OP is talking about on the OTN welcome page:  On that page there used to be a box for asking a new question - however it caused problems because people were asking a question, but not specifying the correct product space to ask it, so we ended up with lots of questions being asked in the wrong places.  Admin changed that so it now asks you to search for a space to ask your question instead, and members can only "Start a Discussion" from the Actions menu inside specific product spaces. As for your screenshot, that's probably fine for yourself, being an Oracle employee (and probably with elevated permissions) however, regular members go to their "Actions" link at the top of the screen and don't get any "Create" sub menu.  The "Actions" option at the Top is pretty much useless for regular members as we cannot do anything in there and we cannot mark any threads/posts for "Action" later on (which is what that area is intended for).

Release Hold Button Exclusion from AP Invoice Bell Notification Workflow

Hi,Our requirement is to exclude "Release Hold" & “Acknowledge Release” buttons from AP Bell Notification Workflow for a specific Custom Role. We created a custom role with privileges of Search and Update the AP Invoices and assigned that custom role a User1. If the User1 is going to search an invoice from the invoice workbench, the Release Hold buttons are graded out in invoice workbench, but the “Release Hold” & “Acknowledge Release” buttons are still appearing in Notification and if the user select “Release Hold” button from the notification, the hold is getting released that means the User able to release the hold from the notification. How we can restrict the “Release Hold” button from Notification workflow.Thanks,Keerthi. 
Welcome!  The Getting Started (MOSC) space is intended for discussions about the My Oracle Support Communities website, not for product-specific questions. In the ACTIONS menu on the right, you should be able to click on "Move", and then specify the correct space, so experts in that software can see your question.  (A moderator here can also move the post for you if you specify which Oracle software you're using.)You might find it helpful to review How to Find the Right Space in Which to Post Your Product Question Also, could you please Update Your Community Display Name and Avatar! Thanks and good luck!

Adding my avatar to my profile ?

Greetings - I am, new to this space, I am trying to upload my own Avatar, went to [edit profile & privacy] but all I see there is how to change [username, email, company info etc..] but I can’t see where to change my avatar.. Please help.. Thanks.
Found this in the FAQ, not sure if this help: How do I set my avatar? You are able to upload your own custom avatars, to a max of two. In order to upload an avatar, you need to click on your username to get to your profile page, and then hit the "Activity" tab. On the right side, under Actions, you'll see a link to "Change Avatar." From there, you can upload your avatar.  Are there any restrictions on my avatar?  Your custom avatars will be moderated according to the Oracle Terms of Service. Avatars will be rejected if they: • Are defamatory, derogatory, degrading, or harassing • Promote bigotry, racism, hatred, or harm against any group or individual • Are obscene or in poor taste • Appear to violate intellectual property or copyright laws • Contain a solicitation of or advertise funds, goods, or services
The solution was sent to me by Mits Tanikawa  from Oracle. I was trying to go back to the post, but it was not there. So I am posting his/her answers on my initial post [here] and I also wanted to thank him for his help To get to the Change Avatar functionality please follow the steps below:1. Click on your name (MoroccoIT) on the top right corner of the screen2. Select the Activity tab3. Change Avatar will be under Actions on the right side of the screen4. To upload your own avatar: click the Add another avatar  link and choose  Browse to select from your computer and follow the instructions.As Vincent has informed, the picture will be moderated.
Hi, Happy it helped you.Actually as the post was similar to Vincent's ... I had deleted it ... but it had already reached you  ... (^_*). Regards, Mits Tanikawa - Oracle

I wish I could change my username.

As you can see, I'm user13471219 which is less than friendly.  I wish I could change it to MarkThomas, but I can't find a way that works.Also, it's a shame that the 'Single Login' mechanism doesn't work when coming here from the course page - logged in there, but have to log in again here.Mark
I am also facing the same problem. It will help if somebody can share any information to resolve this problem. Amitabh
At the top right corner of this page there is your name and set of options (click small triangle). Select "Edit profile...". 
Hi Folks - This is by no means intuitive.... Here is a step by step: 1) Login, and select the triangle beside your name and then choose Edit profile & privacy - here I've already changed my account id2) Click Edit beside your username3) Select Communities from the right, then click the Edit beside communities memberships4) Click the check mark for Oracle Interactive Forums - then the Display Name field will become editible.  Finally, click Save. Tom
Thanks TomI'm no longer just a number!Mark

How can I change my user name?

When I try to login to the community forums from My Oracle Support it links our support contract login to my profile in the community forums.  If I try to edit my User name it takes me to the OTN where my username is my email, but I need to change my display name. 
Here are screen shots of my dilemma.  If I select Edit profile I get: Then if I click on Edit across from my user name I get a new window:  Now none of the edits have the Wile E. Coyote on the form to change.
I think you have to go to Communities (on the left of your last screenshot) -> Oracle Interactive Forums -> Display name and change it there... it's not intermediate.
The reply from Antón R. Yuste is correct. You need to click on the communities link, ensure that the check box for community memberships is checked and then update the display name. Hemal
Antone,Thank you, I was able to change my User Name.Bob