How to configure GlassFish SSO with Sun ONE LDAP - GlassFish Enterprise Manager(Archived)

O/S: Linux OEL 5
GlassFish: 3.0.1
Does anyone have any experience (or direction they can point me) with using GlassFish SSO with APEX? To be more precise, this will be APEX -> GlassFish SSO?
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I have the same question.
Our users sign on their workstations using their Active Directory ID. For our SSO solution we've always used the old 10gR2 32-bit Oracle HTTP Server (Apache 1.3) with NTLM to get the Active Directory user name and feed that name into a sentry page function which looks the name up in a security database.
We're wanting to move to 11gR2 64-bit on Windows2008 with GlassFish Server 3.1.2 and Apex Listener 1.1.3. But I can't find a practical open source SSO solution for this new environment that would match what we're able to do with our old set up described above.
What is the most practical open source SSO solution for our new environment?
Any help or nudge in the right direction is appreciated. Thanks!
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SJSWS 7 to Weblogic 10.3

I have requirement to reroute request from SJSWS 7 to WLS10.3. A application is installed in 2 managed instances in Weblogic and clustered. Now I need to have SJSWS to reroute the request from two instances of WLS and launch the application.
Please let me know the changes of configuration files I have to do for SJSWS 7 to make this work. Appreciate if any document is available for this process.
[here is a blog about how to configure reverse proxy on Web Server 7.0|] 
I need to access 3 weblogic instances from SJSWS 7; I should have a common URL from webserver to invoke weblogic; how can I get complete details from How to setup SJSWS 7 to point to 3 instances of Weblogic and how to test the links.
Please read the document:
It may help you. Sun one and SJSWS7 are built on the top of NSAPI.
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Issue while installing idm 8.1.1 gateway on 64 bit windows 2008 R2

We have issue in installing idm 8.1.1 gateway on 64 bit windows 2008 R2
C:\Program Files (x86)\IDM\gateway>gateway -i
An error occured while trying to install the service: Input/output error
Sun notes: if you're running 64-bit Windows 2008, you need the JDKTM Version 6 Update 12 and later.
But this java version should be there in Gateway server(windows 2008) or idm installed server?
We don't have java installed on gateway server. is this causing issue?
please let us know
the gateway doesn't use java, and no, you don't need java. though it should install normally on 2k8 r2 x64.
you may have run into a corrupt archive. try to recopy the zip file into the server and unzip there... it should work 
Same result -
Couldn't start sdervice: The service process could not connect to the service controller
Please help
will this version affecting any thing?
Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
Copyright 2009 microsoft corporation 
Yes, Windows 2008 R2 is supported.
Do you still have an older agent installed? your problem sounds like the gateway cannot register its service to Windows. Have you made sure you have the right admin privilege to register a windows service? 
How did you resolve this? I am facing the same issue. 
I may have found a workaround. Can you try to change the "compatibility mode" in 2008 R2 to "Windows XP SP3" and see if it will install?
Admittedly I have not done this myself so I'm not entirely sure where or how it's done, but I have confirmation it resolves the issue from others who have faced it.
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You probably don't need any assistance with this, but it looks like it's simply: 
Just checking to see if you can confirm the above workaround is successful. Thank you in advance.

the Oracle Application Express Listener with Windows Login

According to APEX installation documentation, there are three ways to install APEX: the Oracle Application Express Listener, the embedded PL/SQL gateway, or Oracle HTTP Server and mod_plsql. The IT at my place of work used the Listener. I really want to use the users Windows Login ID to authenticate against AD. I have found ways to do this through Apache (mod_ntlm). I haven't found a way with the Listener. First of all, can the listener use the users login ID? Next, if it can, how? There is little to no documentation in Oracle APEX on this setup with a listener.
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you could try to put your Apache with NTLM in front of you APEX Listener if your JEE server supports AJP (mod_jk).
See if this post would fit your problem: {thread:id=2236885}
If your JEE server doesn't support AJP, you might want to give a shot at some NTLM-Servlet as discussed here: {thread:id=2164903}
Note that there are a few other interesting threads on NTLM here. You can use the forum search to start further research...

Project Hedeby / Service Domain Manager for Grid Engine with multi-cluster?

Hi all,
Currently I would like to achieve the job submissions crossing different grid engine clusters.
After reading some articles I realized Project Hedeby / Service Domain Manager could fulfill my goal.
I would like to know if I can find the Project Hedeby source codes so I can test the qsub job submission to Amazon EC2 or my private grid engine clusters?
(all the Hedeby URLs linked to
Or I should buy the commercial version of Service Domain Manager from Oracle?
Thanks in advance!
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there is no commercial version of Service Domain Manager.
The last open source version of Gridengine is 6.2u5 and within this version SDM is bundled. But I am not sure if there is any location where you can download it..
Regards, aja 
Hi aja,
Thanks for the answer.
I've tried sge6.2u5p2 source and compiled it from scratch; didn't see any SDM related info (JMX Mbean server?).
But from Oracle I got the oge6.2u7 and they packed the sdm-1.0u7 in this distribution.
I will try with this new build to see if multi-clusters could work with oge.
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APEX LIstener administration via SQLDeveloper 3.2.2 error

I configured the APEX Listener 2 on my server and everything works fine.
I also configured the Restful webservices that also works fine in APEX.
Now , I would like to be able to configure the APEX Listener via SQLDeveloper 3.2.2
I changed the defaults.xml file to allow a non HTTPS connection and configured the adminlistener password.
When I try to connect to the APEX Listener via SQLDeveloper to retrieve the configuration, I get the following error :
Error occured retrieving Administration Settings from Listener.
Unexpected Content-Type:application/json; charset=UTF-8
APEX Listener is installed on Windows (french version).
Hi Francis, I'm getting the same error.
(I do note however that SQLDev does make the connection - and even though I get the UTF8 error, I can upload/download config files. This would appear to be a warning/info message. But still annoying.)
I am using CentOS 5.8 Linux, Glassfish 3.1.2, SQLDev, ApEx 4.2. DB is, AL32UTF8. So this problem is not unique to Windows or French.
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Hi Francis,
Similar error for me as well in SQL Developer.
Sohil Bhavsar. 
Can you try with the latest build of SQLDeveloper 3.2.2 (Released 1 November) 
I am already using that version. I downloaded it the night it went up.
Hi All,
Thanks for reporting this bug. We are looking into this issue and will let you know when a fix becomes available. This error message can be ignored.
Liz Saunders