Can not configure Apex listener - ORDS, SODA & JSON in the Database

I'm trying to install Apex listener in standalone mode on Aix 6.1. I'm pasting the output. When trying to go to http://livaixoradev01:8080/apex/listenerConfigure I'm not getting any response - it's just hanging.
$ /usr/java6/bin/java -Dapex.home=/ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener -Dapex.images=/ccrrd1_orabin/apex/images -Dapex.port=8080 -jar /ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener/apex.war
INFO: Starting: /ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener/apex.war
See: 'java -jar apex.war --help' for full range of configuration options
INFO: Extracting to: /ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener
INFO: Using classpath: file:/ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener/apex/____embedded/start.jar:file:/ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener/apex/WEB-INF/lib/apex.jar:file:/ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener/apex/WEB-INF/lib/commons-fileupload-1.2.1.jar:file:/ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener/apex/WEB-INF/lib/je-4.0.103.jar:file:/ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener/apex/WEB-INF/lib/ojdbc6.jar:file:/ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener/apex/WEB-INF/lib/ojmisc.jar:file:/ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener/apex/WEB-INF/lib/poi-3.6-20091214.jar:file:/ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener/apex/WEB-INF/lib/ucp.jar:file:/ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener/apex/WEB-INF/lib/xdb-11.2.0.jar:file:/ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener/apex/WEB-INF/lib/xmlparserv2-11.2.0.jar:
INFO: Starting Embedded Web Container in: /ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener
Enter a username for the APEX Listener Administrator [adminlistener]:
Enter a password for adminlistener:
Confirm password for adminlistener:
Enter a username for the APEX Listener Manager [managerlistener]:
Enter a password for managerlistener:
Confirm password for managerlistener:
Mar 22, 2012 4:37:44 PM ____bootstrap.Deployer deploy
INFO: Will deploy application path=/ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener/apex/WEB-INF/web.xml
Mar 22, 2012 4:37:44 PM ____bootstrap.Deployer deploy
INFO: Not a valid WebApp, will be ignored : path=/ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener/apex/WEB-INF/web.xml
Mar 22, 2012 4:37:45 PM ____bootstrap.Deployer deploy
INFO: deployed application path=/ccrrd1_orabin/apex_listener/apex/WEB-INF/web.xml
Mar 22, 2012 4:37:45 PM com.sun.grizzly.Controller logVersion
INFO: Starting Grizzly Framework 1.9.18-o - Thu Mar 22 16:37:45 EDT 2012
INFO: Please complete configuration at: http://localhost:8080/apex/listenerConfigure
thanks for any ideas/help,

Hi Sue,
from what you describe it sounds like there's a firewall blocking the access to your APEX Listener port.
Note that there have been several reports on problems with APEX Listener on AIX. Colm posted instructions on how to patch the apex.war on AIX here: {thread:id=2318817}
I don't think you've reached the state where the issue(s) addressed by that patch would be relevant, as you should at least see a stack trace now, but perhaps you can prepare your apex.war while searching for the network issue.

Hi Udo,
Thanks for your answer. I looked again at the output I pasted below and I noticed the line"Not a valid WebApp". I did a search in Metalink for this string and found Note 1369154.1 :Standalone APEX Listener on AIX Deploy Message:Info: Not a Valid Webapp, Will be Ignored. The conclusion is :
Currently there is no fix for this issue.
The workaround is to not use the standalone environment on AIX, instead use a proper web server, such as Weblogic or Glassfish.
Do you have access to Metalink or should I paste the note here ? Can you tell me if this is relevant to my issue ?

Hi Sue,
you're right, I missed that line because it's logged as "INFO", which is definetly an inappropriate severity for that kind of failure.
As far as I remember that issue, the reason actually is in the Oracle XML libraries that conflict with the IBM JDK on AIX. Did you try out the patch described by Colm? There are a few people who solved their problems that way.
Anyway it's recommended to use a proper JEE container for production environments. I guess this workaround could have removed focus from that issue, and perhaps the internal processes didn't allow Colm's solution to be published officially, because it hadn't been tested on the acutal (non-Oracle) platform.

After applying Colm workaround I was able to bring up Apex listener on IBM. However when trying to import an application it's hanging on "Installing Application" - anybody encountered this issue after applying the workaround ?
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Hi Sue,
great to hear you've advanced one step.
Do you see any error either in your browser or in APEX Listener's log?
One of the possible causes for problems with installing applications could be your APEX tablespaces have run full. In that case, it could take a lot of time until you receive the database message about "unable to allocate..." (more space).

Hi Udo,
Thanks for your answer. You are 100% percent right. The issue was that the tablespace ran out of space.
I was surprised that there was no error reported in the alert file and I was also trying to look for some log fie pertaining to the import but could not find one so I have two questions :
1. What do you mean by "it could take a lot of time until you receive the database message about "unable to allocate..." - is there a point when this message should have appeared in the alert file and if yes when ?
2. Is there an import log file in APEX and if yes how do I find it ?
As always thanks,

Hi Sue,
I'm glad to hear you finally got your APEX Instance with APEX Listener up and running as expected now.
1. What do you mean by "it could take a lot of time until you receive the database message about "unable to allocate..." - is there a point when this message should have appeared in the alert file and if yes when ?There should be some ORA-message when you hit the fixed size or extend limit of a tablespace, e.g. ORA-01653. But in many databases, this doesn't happen immediately as the so called "Resumable Space Allocation" feature is in place. See the [url]Database Administrator's Guide for details.
If the timeout is set high enough it might happen that your client connection (in APEX Listener) will get a timeout before the error occurs and hence you won't see it. I'd expect it to appear in the alert.log as well, but possibly delayed as well. It could even happen that the transaction is rolled back when the connection is aborted by APEX Listeners connection pool (e.g. because AbandonedConnectionTimeout has hit). In that case, the error wouldn't appear at all - a nightmare for troubleshooting...
Perhaps it should be considered to disable the resumable-feature in APEX Listener's sessions in a future release.
2. Is there an import log file in APEX and if yes how do I find it ?You could import using the command line instead of the application builder and see (and spool) the output of the application script. The application builder itself doesn't provide a log file.
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Logs like mod_plsql ?

In mod_plsql we can get logs indicating errors in procedure call.
How can I find such informations in apex listener ?
Hello Tullio,
you'll find errors either on the listenerStatus page or in the log of your APEX Listener.
where can I find the listener of apex log? 
That depends on your JEE container. If you didn't configure anything different, it'll be the default log for the deployment, e.g. the console output in "Standalone Mode", or the server.log of your domain on GlassFish.
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losing resource templates

We have created numerous resource templates. When we shutdown the listener we lose our templates and have to recreate them. I know that I can export and re-import them, but is there a way to maintain the created templates between starts?
Hi Wayne,
are you running the APEX Listener in standalone mode or do you have it deployed onto a JEE-Container? If it's the latter scenario, did you setup the parmaeter config.dir?
The APEX Listener stores the resource template data in that location as part of its configuration. If this is a non-persistent one (e.g. the default, which would be /$ ) it might be you lose all your configuration after a cleanup, which some application servers do on every application start or periodically. In that case, I'd expect that you'll also have to reconfigure the database connection upon every restart...
Otherwhise, if you use the Listener in standalone, you could provide the parameter apex.home on startup, so again, you can provide a persistent directory location to store your state...
If that's all not fitting to your scenario, please provide some more detailed information on that topic.
Also worth pointing out that on Linux/Unix ${} defaults to /tmp, which is usually wiped on each restart of the operating system. So it's important to configure the config.dir property in web.xml.
P.S. Very interested to hear any feedback on your experiences with Resource Templates.
Hi Udo,
Thanks for the help. Yes I did use just the default and the apex-config.xml file went to the /tmp/apex directory.
I modified the web.xml in the apex.war file and reloaded/redeployed it.
I copied the apex-config.xml file from the /tmp/apex to /home/oracle/apex_listener/apex
Stop the the services (WebLogic)
deleted the /tmp/apex directory
Restarted the services.
Tried going straight to /apex (as mentioned in one of your other posts) and got the following message:
/apex/ is currently unavailable.
Went to /apex/listenerConfigure
Reconfigured the connection
an apex-config.xml was recreated in /tmp/apex instead of using the one in /home/oracle/apex_listener/apex.
Do you have any other suggestions.
Hi Wayne,
could you try to set the path for the config.dir without trailing slash?
If that doesn't help, could you check if the apex-config.xml is has appropriate file permissions (r,w) for the user your WLS runs with? But you probably did that before...
If both is as it's supposed to be but the result is not, could you please tell me which operating you run your WLS on? And could you post the application log of your WLS from application startup to the first call of /apex ?
Thanks for the help Udo,
removed the trailing slash in web.xml no help
modified the apex.war file, reloaded war, redeployed no help
uninstalled application, re-installed with modified apex.war no help
checked owner and permissions of /tmp/apex/apex-config owner is oracle with r,w which is the same as /home/oracle/apex_listener/apex/apex-config
OS is Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 (Nahant Update 7)
I'm do not know what you are asking for "And could you post the application log of your WLS from application startup to the first call of /apex". Could you explain more?
Thanks again
Additional info: I just got it to work by bouncing the server and restarting everything. It is now using the config.dir. Not for sure if it was the trailing / or not
Thank you for all of your help
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the Oracle Application Express Listener with Windows Login

According to APEX installation documentation, there are three ways to install APEX: the Oracle Application Express Listener, the embedded PL/SQL gateway, or Oracle HTTP Server and mod_plsql. The IT at my place of work used the Listener. I really want to use the users Windows Login ID to authenticate against AD. I have found ways to do this through Apache (mod_ntlm). I haven't found a way with the Listener. First of all, can the listener use the users login ID? Next, if it can, how? There is little to no documentation in Oracle APEX on this setup with a listener.
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you could try to put your Apache with NTLM in front of you APEX Listener if your JEE server supports AJP (mod_jk).
See if this post would fit your problem: {thread:id=2236885}
If your JEE server doesn't support AJP, you might want to give a shot at some NTLM-Servlet as discussed here: {thread:id=2164903}
Note that there are a few other interesting threads on NTLM here. You can use the forum search to start further research...

APEX LIstener administration via SQLDeveloper 3.2.2 error

I configured the APEX Listener 2 on my server and everything works fine.
I also configured the Restful webservices that also works fine in APEX.
Now , I would like to be able to configure the APEX Listener via SQLDeveloper 3.2.2
I changed the defaults.xml file to allow a non HTTPS connection and configured the adminlistener password.
When I try to connect to the APEX Listener via SQLDeveloper to retrieve the configuration, I get the following error :
Error occured retrieving Administration Settings from Listener.
Unexpected Content-Type:application/json; charset=UTF-8
APEX Listener is installed on Windows (french version).
Hi Francis, I'm getting the same error.
(I do note however that SQLDev does make the connection - and even though I get the UTF8 error, I can upload/download config files. This would appear to be a warning/info message. But still annoying.)
I am using CentOS 5.8 Linux, Glassfish 3.1.2, SQLDev, ApEx 4.2. DB is, AL32UTF8. So this problem is not unique to Windows or French.
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Hi Francis,
Similar error for me as well in SQL Developer.
Sohil Bhavsar. 
Can you try with the latest build of SQLDeveloper 3.2.2 (Released 1 November) 
I am already using that version. I downloaded it the night it went up.
Hi All,
Thanks for reporting this bug. We are looking into this issue and will let you know when a fix becomes available. This error message can be ignored.
Liz Saunders

Error Notification message checksum content error in APEX 4.2

We are Getting "Error Notification message checksum content error" when somebody enters wrong password in one of our installations after upgrade to 4.2
Installation -- OEL 5.5 --> Oracle 11g --> Apex 4.2 --> Weblogic 10.3.4
I understood from other threads, that problem is lying somewhere in apex 4.2 new feature (ajax wait count down), because i get below url in browser
However i have similar other installations, where i do see the correct error message(Incorrect Login Credentials, Please wait for <n> seconds).
Also i have seen that on other thread somebody giving solutions for similar error in Apache installation, but i couldn't find any for Weblogic installation.
Please help me on this.
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