tools to migrate data from RDBMS? - NoSQL Database

is there any tool or utility to export the data from ORACLE or DB2 to nosql database as that is in hbase like oraoop,sqoop.
thanks and regards
Sathish shanmugam 

Hello Satish,
Presently we don't have any tools to move in the ORA -> NoSQL Database direction. There are tools for going in the opposite direction.

Are there any docs available on said migration tools?

There is [Oracle Loader for Hadoop|] , but that's not quite released yet.
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ah ok, yeah I had a quick look in the examples at the hadoop stuff. Thought you had somehow meant KV-->Oracle tables ;-)


ODSEE directory documentation moved to OTN

All the Directory documentation moved from to Oracle Technology Network documentation
over the weekend. Here is the new link.
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How Many Vbox servers do I need?

Hi Chaps
Im planning a VDI solution for 300 users I was wondering for my Virtualization platform (Vbox) how many servers do I need?
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Refer to

summarize link for migraton using golden gate

Dear Sir/Madam and friends
Please provide me a summarized link for migrating using golden gate to sqlserver 2005 to oracle 11g
express edition on windows 2003/2008
--all are on 32 bit
i have link but they are bit lengthy so provide me summarised link.
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A difficult thing you are asking for. No-one will be able to provide that. If you have the link for the detailed stuff, read it and extract the content relevant to you.
Else Google is your best friend. See if someone has already done that. 
If it was that easy we would all be out of a job. :)
You really should take the 3 day OGG fundamentals course. Can't hurt to have it on your resume either.
Good luck,
I would follow this path :
1. Install GG on SQL server --> Oracle installation guide
2. Enable extract on SQL server --> Just a sample to make sure it can connect to DB and capture the changes.
3. Install GG on Oracle server --> Oracle installation guide
4. Enable replicat on Oracle server and ship the logs manually to make sure it can be applied
5. When all are completed, create GG pump Extract on SQL Server to read from extract in 2 and push the file to Oracle server for 4.
Installation of GG is simple (I would download doc from otn), If you have trouble in 2,4,5, let me know and I can help.

please provide document link for ogg

i want to migrate and replicate using ogg from sqlserver 2005 to oracle 11g r2 xe
1)please provide me documentation link for source and target database (migration and replication)
windows 2008,ogg112101_ggs_Windows_x86_ora11g_32bit(1).zip
2) i got info that migration is not allowed for above, so
provide me documentation link for source and target database for replication.
3)please also tel me whether i am using correct ogg or not?
thanking u
yours sincerely
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You can find OGG documentation here:
You can download the software from either here:
Or You can definitely migration from SQL Server to Oracle. If this does not answer your question please provide more detail.
Good luck,

Pre-requisites Hyperion Installtion in distribution environment

hi All,
What are the pre-requisites Hyperion Installation?
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All the pre-requisites information is available in the following PDF 
I seriously worry about some of the posts I see on the forums relating to infrastructure lately :)
I agree 
Nothing like trial by fire I say John and Pablo!.
The thing that's bad about these things is you know they are putting in a system that if it works is not optimized nor sized correctly at best. At worst it's unstable and unusable. Either situation likely gives the product somewhat of a poor reputation. What I wish companies would do is seek out people who actually have the experience to do it right and/or train their people.
I've been playing around with Server 2012 with Essbase this weekend by the way. It didn't like the Weblogic deploy and I didn't have the patience to dig under the covers. It's pretty happy with just Essbase. Also looks like even if you use more threads than processors Essbase limits it; which in my case with my 4 disk raid SSD may mean hyperthreading would actually give me a lift for big aggs. Very curious to check that out the next reboot here.
Happy Holidays All,
John A. Booth 
Hi Vivek,
Thanks for in information