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Can I use Oracle Nosql with c#?

Presently, the client side is a pure Java .jar file. If a JNI style interface from C# to our driver .jar file is possible, then yes, you could access it from C#.
Charles Lamb


Java Api for Msword

i need api and its help to Communicate with Ms Word Templates from my Java Application 
You could try the tool JacoZoom from InfoZoom (
The tool lets you create so-called Java callable wrappers (JCW) from the
COM object model of Word. You can then use these wrappers from Java
to drive a Word application and document.
Have you used this product against Word yourself? I was wondering how good it was.
Thanks in advance,
You could use J-Integra to access MS Word from Java. Here's a sample code:
Frankie Ragasa
J-Integra Interoperability Solutions
high performance interop middleware for java, corba, com & .net 
If you want to use MSWord as LOCAL/INPROC COM Server then J-Integra is very expencive solution (to have a network connection in the same computer + high fees). Use any simple Java-COM Bridge like at[id]60701[sekid]0[SiteID] 
Hi vitallis,
Would you mind telling me what the license terms for Njawin are? Can it be used in an in-house commercial application (i.e. not resold, but bundled with the application)? The simtel site says "demo" but I don't see any license terms with the distribution. Even if I can use it for this purpose I would like to document the license from the author (you). Njawin, despite being a "prototype" (your words), seems to work very well based on my testing... even with GUIs. I would be happy to promote its use (and OLEJA) in the forums here at Sun and abroad, if I am permitted to deploy it in my application. It's already working in my development version of my application, but I need to document that I have your permission.
Send Email to Danny:
He will provide you with info you needed.

Mono & .NET: C# assembly needs to use a Java library

I am complete newbie to Java.
We are developing an application that runs on the .NET environment, both on Windows (MS Framework.NET) and on Linux (Ximian's Mono Project).
My C# assembly needs to use a Java library.
Can I use J2EE CAS COM Bridge?
J2EE CAS COM Bridge is obsolete. If you need
java 1.4.x functionality you are in trouble if you need both threading model.
But if 1.3.x is sufficient for your need you can use good old
bridge. Documentation here
Of course you can always wrap your functionality so that it can be accessed
with SOAP, but that case you need servlet engine.
Thanks for your help.
Let me a clarifing question: when you say SOAP + servlet, do you mean a WebService? 

EJB, Connector, RMI what should I use?

Hi all,
I need some help deciding how to call a legacy system from a J2EE application. I have never had the privilege to work with a J2EE Application Server before (WebLogic) so I have some problems deciding what technology to use and�s my problem to solve:
The legacy system a want to call is developed in Cobol, it has a C API, so I have developed a "Java API" to the Cobol system using JNI, where I�m using the C API to call the Cobol system. The Java API I have developed contains methods that gets and sets values in the Cobol system. The java object that implements the get/set methods I distribute using RMI.
How should I call this from the "client" - the J2EE Application?
- Should I create a Resource Adapter(JCA) that call the legacy system using RMI, and than use the Adapter in my J2EE application?
- Or, should I create a EJB that calls the legacy system direct using RMI?
- Or should I do something else....?
How does this work together with transactions? When I am using RMI calls to other systems in J2EE applications, should/can I use connection pooling?
If anyone have any ideas/tips or thoughts what I should use and why I should use it, please post it....I appreciates any comment!
//Anders ;-D 
By pure chance I stumbled upon this today:
its an article about cobol and java. 
Hi ANders,
I had seen one of your post in the Java-Forum.I would really appreciate if you could help me a problem as similar to the one posted in the forum.I am using the WebLogic Application Server 6.1 and have to call a COBOL functions from my EJB.Can u help me if possible in the development of JCA compliant Resource Adapters.
Looking to hear from you.
Sincere Regards
Hi Ritesh,
send me a mail at and explain what you want help with....and we go from there.
//Anders =) 
You are having an RMI interface in the COBOL application, and now you wish to connect to the same using a J2EE application. Could there be a possibility that instead of all this, you could use CORBA and the IIOP protocol to establish the connection with your legacy system from your Java Application? VisiBroker for one, does provide the connectivity solutions between legacy systems and Java applns. thru CORBA. Further they also seem to have a full-featured Transaction Management Service based on ORB .. which could solve your transaction integrity problems.
Another option is (assuming your legacy system is running on IBM platform) is to use a bridge (gateway) for TCP/IP vis-a-vis SNA - "jgate" - for example and use the package "ibm.cics.jgate.client" for connection to the legacy system from J2EE application.
aNOTHER CORBA to consider is MICO. Its almost free and it does a good job at what it needs to do.
David Stockwell
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Migration PDA project from VS.NET to JAVA, J2ME+DB

I want to migrate a PDA project developed with visual studio .net in JAVA technology. I use java for the server side. I want the client in java also.
The proble is the VM and the DB access. J2ME is good for big client applications such as CRM client? Is it possible to access to a real Db(not recordstore)? Are there other real solution (such as IBM J9)?
For this kind of application is importat to access data OFFLINE using sql query. Indeed a query needs few resources to access data.
Can you help me?
Giovanni Marino
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You could pair J9 with DB2e likely. Seems they have a trial download. Neither of these products is free however. I don't have any more useful information on DB2e other than researching it yourself.
Sorry for the gargantuan link:

Porting .ocx from c++ to java

Hi all
Not sure whether or not it is the right place to ask such question.
I am an newbie of Java and want to port a .ocx from c++ to java. What should I do the first step or any reference for it?
I have used event mechanism, timer in the com control, how should I utilize them in Java?
There used to be a tool from Sun called the Migration Assistant, that would generate a skeleton JavaBean from an ocx. . Unfortunately, the Migration Assistant is no longer available.
An alternative to this kind of conversion, is a tool like jawin, which is a free open source tool that enables your Java application to call COM-based code without you having to write any JNI (Java Native Interface) code: