Under which license will the community edition be published? - NoSQL Database

New BSD license? Apache License? CDDI? 

889222 wrote:
New BSD license? Apache License? CDDI?"The Community Edition is licensed under an open source license. Please see the license file in the downloaded release for details". 

Presently there are a couple of options being considered for the Community Edition license, but I am not at able to say which ones. We hope to have the decision made in a few weeks at which point I will report back here.
Charles Lamb 

Is there any differences in functional modules?
I mean Community edition and Enterprise edition. 

In R1 there will be no functional difference between CE and EE. In later releases there will be differences.
Charles Lamb


Community Edition vs. Enterprise Edition

Does anyone know the difference between the editions? What does the EE bring to the table? 
user652241 wrote:
Does anyone know the difference between the editions? What does the EE bring to the table?Present:
EE: Oracle Enterprise License, support available, ships without source code.
CE: aGPLv3 license, no support available, ships with source code.
Features are identical
More features in EE than CE.
Charles Lamb

Help understanding AS7 permanent developer license

Today I downloaded AS7 Plataform edition and after a while I received an email that offfers me "to upgrade the evaluation license of the product to a non-expiring, free for developer use license".
Can I used this permanent free development license to develop and test production products, or is just like BEAs o IBMs "scale-limited non-commercial deployment license."
Lorenzo Jimenez 
Platform Edition is free for deployment.


If someone from Sun is monitoring this forum, I'm hoping you can enlighten me on something.
In looking at the Sun Java Studio family comparison, I see that SE is based on NetBeans 3.5 and EE is based on NetBeans 3.6. When will SE be updated to a newer version? Will the existing problems with AS integration be fixed? Will it be based on NB3.6, or something newer?
I've been using SE for a few years now, and I'm a bit disappointed with Sun's commitment to keeping it current. I paid for a license assuming that I'd get a better product than the free NetBeans IDE.
The latest release was just announced. Go to http://wwws.sun.com/software/products/jsenterprise/index.html
Some of the features that it has (over NetBeans) are UML support, J2EE profiling, and collaboration. 
Thanks. This is nice, but I licensed Standard Edition (not EE). That is still version 5 update 1.

AS7 License

HI all, I have a Sun One 7 App Server instaled. It's a beta version that I found in a Starter Kit.
AS I see, it's a trial version for 60 days and now it's expired, but I want to get a license for software development and Im not able to get it.
Downloading the AS7 from sun.com, I don't recipe any mail with license. Time ago I received one license, but was for a AS7 for W2000 and don't work in the beta version, or maybe because it's a Solaris?
Anybody can help me?
Thanks a lot.
You don't need a licence for the Platform Edition of S1AS7; it is free of charge for both development and deployment use; this is true for all the supported platforms. You should not need to supply a licence number during installation, but I seem to remember that some versions do prompt for a licence number so that you can enable features that are only available on the (non-free) Standard Edition. If you don't want to enable these features, you don't need to enter a licence number.
The Standard Edition adds support for multiple domains and remote administration, among other things. You will need to get a licence number for this version.
I hope this helps.
Best wishes
Just a tiny correction regarding Standard Edition specific features mentioned in previous answer: Platform Edition will also allow you to create multiple server domains, but it will limit you to having only one server instance per domain.

Sun ONE App Server 7.0 FINAL - When?

Has Sun announced an approximate target release date for the version 7.0 final release? 
It would be nice if Sun could five us an idea of when (which month) it is planning to release it's final version of it AS7. I would also like to know if they are planning on a giving a trial download like dfor the IAS 6.5. 
I have heard from a Sun representative that the release date for the standard edition is december 16th. 
I have heard from a Sun representative that the
release date for the standard edition is december
16th.nooo. I heard that definitely earlier.
It is definitely earlier than December (I'm not sure I'm allowed to say when, but it's a month that starts with "O" ;-). This is for Platform and Standard Editions.
Regarding trial versions, Platform Edition is FREE, so no trial version required for that. Trial versions of Standard Edition will be available. 
The product will be available for download from the http://wwws.sun.com/software/products/appsrvr/home_appsrvr.html
,on Oct 23. If there are any updates I will keep you posted.
Rohit Valia
Product Line Manager
Sun ONE Application Server 
Update on the Schedule. The public availability will now be October 28th.
Hy, we're really looking forward to receiving S1AS 7 to be able to use S1Studio4U1 to get out of our hassle with Forte. In Germany it's October 28th right now - are you posting for download today or do you have a new schedule? Best regards Ralf 
the page has a link to get the platform edition.
Hi Ralf,
As of today, the official production release downloads fo App Server 7 are available on http://www.sun.com.
The Standard Edition for Development and Evaluation includes an option to download the App Server 7 product combined with Sun ONE Studio 4, Enterprise Edition for Java Update 1.
You can also download the Studio 4 separately and hook it into App Server 7 very easily. See the tutorial included in App Server 7 (<install_dir>/docs/studio-tutorial/) for details.
Hi Peter and Chris, thanks very very much for the infos! Ralf