windows: golden gate ggsci is picking wrong oracle_sid - GoldenGate

I have
1. 2 oracle db (11g R2) on my laptop (windows xp).
2. using 1 listener, 1 oracle_home, 2 golden gate homes (Version Build 002) , for some testing
The dbs run fine, gg manager runs fine for both the golden gate homes.
I am able to start the extract on the source db.
To start the replicate process, i change the system environment variable (oracle_sid) to the target db. I invoke ggsci from the target golden gate home. From ggsci,when i try to login using "dblogin userid", it points to the correct target db (as set in the system environment variable - oracle_sid). But when i try to start replicat from ggsci, it always point to the oracle_sid, as it was set in the system environment variable when the laptop was started.
Also, when I am trying to use the parameter " tragetdb db2" for the parameter file of the replicat process, it cannot recognize this paramter:
I am more familiar with unix than windows, can some one help me where do i tweak?
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as far as I know if we are using oracle as source or target db in goldengate, we may not use targetdb parameter. but we must use userid username#oraclesid. example: USERID hr#orcl. so it can connect to the right SID. you must also configure the tnsnames to point to the right SID.

you can also use the SETENV parameter in the replicat (and extract) to set the Oracle SID;
This ways you don't have to change it on system level.
Eric van Ettekoven


Need help with error OGG-00662

I have installed Oracle GoldenGate and created the extract and replicat processes. However, when I am starting the processes, both fail with an error message in the event viewer as
ERROR OGG-00662 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle, EXT1.prm: OCI Error allocating error handle (status = -1).
What may be the problem and how do I solve this? 
Although it would be fun to play 20 questions about your environment, why don't you post your extract and replicat parameter files and your environment/OS/database release information? Plus:
GGSCI> view report ext1 
Steve, Thank you for responding. Here are the details;
Extract parameters
extract group
extract ext1
connection to database
userid ggate, password oracle
hostname and port for trail
rmthost REMOTE_HOSTNAME, mgrport 7809
path and name for trail
rmttrail D:\OracleGoldenGate\dirdat\lt
--DDL support
ddl include mapped objname sender.*;
table syncsrc.*
Replicat parameters
Replicat group
replicat rep1
--source and target definitions
target database login
userid ggate, password systime
file for dicarded transaction
discardfile C:\OracleGoldenGate\discard\rep1_discard.txt, append, megabytes 10
--ddl support
Specify table mapping -
map syncsrc.*, target syncdest.*;
I am using Oracle 10g on both environments. The source db is Windows XP SP3 with both Oracle db (10g and Oracle client (10.2) installed.
The destination environment is running Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 with the same Oracle components.
I am using Oracle GoldenGate V11. for Oracle 10g on Windows XP, 2003, 2008 (
The output of show extract ext1 is
Parameter settings:
Current directory: D:\ORACLE~1
Using subdirectories for all process files
Editor: notepad
Reports (.rpt) D:\ORACLE~1\dirrpt
Parameters (.prm) D:\ORACLE~1\dirprm
Replicat Checkpoints (.cpr) D:\ORACLE~1\dirchk
Extract Checkpoints (.cpe) D:\ORACLE~1\dirchk
Process Status (.pcs) D:\ORACLE~1\dirpcs
SQL Scripts (.sql) D:\ORACLE~1\dirsql
Database Definitions (.def) D:\ORACLE~1\dirdef
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You may need to fix some parameters. Replace (asterisk) with just an asterisk (otherwise this hokey web site will cause other formatting to appear).
table syncsrc.(asterisk) at the end of your extract param file is missing a semicolon
The mapping will fail because you haven't specified any tables: use a wildcard (asterisk) or list them out.
map syncsrc., target syncdest.;
Using "owner." will fail.
map syncsrc.(asterisk), target syncdest.(asterisk);
Have associated the trail with extract process? And again, what does view report ext1 show?
Since you are on Windows, you also need to ensure that the owner of the manager service on the source has permissions on the target. Using Local System won't work.
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Steve, agree with the formatting problems on this website. I have all the asterisks at the right places but it got messed up.
The table syncsrc missing a semi-colon was a good catch :) Just to confirm, syncsrc is a database for me and my intention was to copy everything into the syncdest database. Is my understanding correct?
I did not quite understand - Using "owner." will fail. Can you explain this please?
I have created the same user on the destination machine but with no luck.
Ext rpt shows the same message
extract group
extract ext1
connection to database
userid ggate, password ******
Source Context :
SourceModule : [ggdb.ora.sess]
SourceID : [../gglib/ggdbora/ocisess.c]
SourceFunction : [OCISESS_try]
SourceLine : [507]
2011-03-21 11:20:36 ERROR OGG-00662 OCI Error allocating error handle (status = -1).
2011-03-21 11:20:36 ERROR OGG-01668 PROCESS ABENDING.
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You have a manager service running? Who are you logged in as, and does that account have ORACLE_HOME in its path? The OCI error shows you aren't even getting to the point of connecting to the database. Comment out the DDL line as well. If you can't get basic DML replication to work, you don't want to confuse things by adding an untested DDL setup when DML doesn't work.
All you have to do is follow the steps in the tutorial. Use that as a starting point and get a test instance/environment to work before jumping into something new. 
Yes Steve, I have installed the manager as a service and my ORACLE_HOME is set correctly for the user executing the commands.
I commented the DDL line as well but no luck.
I am guessing that OCI is not getting initialized properly for GoldenGate. I do have McAfee anti-virus running on both the systems. I do not see any Oracle request blocks but can it be a cause?
My next bet is to re-install everything from the start. 
Steve, I changed the manager process to start as a command window rather than as a Windows service. I get the following error before the OCI error is captured in the event viewer.
extract.exe - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point ldimtzd could not be located in the dynamic link library oracore10.dll.
Any chance that there is a conflict between my Oracle db (10g and my Oracle client, which is newer (10.2)? 
As a comparison, the easiest way to run GoldenGate is as the oracle account on UNIX. For Windows, who runs your Oracle service? The client path shouldn't come into play for GG. GG needs the ORACLE_HOME path relative to the server (particularly for library files), not the client. 
Steve, finally managed to solve the problem. It seems that because I had both the db and the client on the same m/c, some library was getting corrupted. I removed the database client and extract started working perfectly.
Thank you for your help.

Integrated Capture Mode Extract Process Not RUNNING

Hi.I have Oracle GoldenGate Version installed on several servers Windows Server 2008 and others on Windows Server 2012.All the installations and configuration are the same. In two server the Capture EXTRACT process and Data Pump EXTRACT process don't start.I'm using Integrated Capture mode, so Capture EXTRACT is REGISTERED on the database. Below follows the user creation and database grant required. CREATE TABLESPACE GGate_TBSDATAFILE 'GGate01.dbf'SIZE 10MREUSEAUTOEXTEND ON NEXT 10M MAXSIZE 2000M;ALTER SYSTEM SET ENABLE_GOLDENGATE_REPLICATION = TRUE SCOPE=BOTH;ALTER DATABASE ADD SUPPLEMENTAL LOG DATA;ALTER SYSTEM SWITCH LOGFILE;ALTER SYSTEM SET UNDO_RETENTION = 1800 SCOPE=BOTH;CREATE USER "OGGUSER"IDENTIFIED BY ****DEFAULT TABLESPACE GGate_TBSTEMPORARY TABLESPACE TEMPACCOUNT UNLOCK;GRANT CONNECT TO "OGGUSER";GRANT RESOURCE TO "OGGUSER";GRANT UNLIMITED TABLESPACE TO "OGGUSER";GRANT SELECT ANY DICTIONARY, SELECT ANY TABLE TO "OGGUSER";GRANT CREATE TABLE TO "OGGUSER";GRANT FLASHBACK ANY TABLE TO "OGGUSER";GRANT EXECUTE ON DBMS_FLASHBACK TO "OGGUSER";GRANT EXECUTE ON UTL_FILE to "OGGUSER";GRANT CREATE ANY TABLE TO "OGGUSER";GRANT INSERT ANY TABLE TO "OGGUSER";GRANT UPDATE ANY TABLE TO "OGGUSER";GRANT DELETE ANY TABLE TO "OGGUSER";GRANT DROP ANY TABLE TO "OGGUSER";GRANT ALTER ANY TABLE TO "OGGUSER";GRANT ALTER ANY TABLE TO "OGGUSER";EXEC DBMS_STREAMS_AUTH.GRANT_ADMIN_PRIVILEGE('OGGUSER');EXEC DBMS_GOLDENGATE_AUTH.GRANT_ADMIN_PRIVILEGE('OGGUSER'); There are no ERRORs or WARNING reported in ggserr.logAlso the alert.log, doesn't show any error. After calling START EXTRACT* at GGSCI, the processes keep with STATUS : STOPPED and the log only presents the folllowing INFO lines INFO    OGG-00975  Oracle GoldenGate Manager for Oracle, mgr.prm:  EXTRACT PDP00001 starting.INFO    OGG-00964  Oracle GoldenGate Manager for Oracle, mgr.prm:  EXTRACT PDP00001 started automatically.INFO    OGG-00975  Oracle GoldenGate Manager for Oracle, mgr.prm:  EXTRACT PEX00001 starting.INFO    OGG-00964  Oracle GoldenGate Manager for Oracle, mgr.prm:  EXTRACT PEX00001 started automatically. And nothing else happens .... By executing a query on DBA_CAPTURE table the status for the PEX00001 is the followingStatus = ENABLEDPurpose = GondenGate CaptureClient_status = DETACHEDI know that, by taking a sample on a the Server where EXTRACT is running, DBA_CAPTURE.Client_Status = ATTACHED so it may have something related. Any idea?TIA
How did you add the extract and register it with the database?  Should be something like this: register extract <group>, databaseadd extract <group>, integrated tranlog If you have a container database there are more parameters.Ed
The report file will help. ggsci > view report PDP00001If this does not show anything then run extract from cmdcmd> ./extract paramfile dirprm/PDP00001.prmSee what the OS say, for example if you have some r/w issues into dirrpt it will tell you here.CheersKee Gan
Hi,We don't use Multinenant.Below follows the script i run in all of my Windows Servers and it works.But for two servers the GG Processes just don't START and doesn't log errors or warnings.  DBLOGIN USERIDALIAS OGGUSERALIASADD TRANDATA xx.yyy, Cols(x_CODE, yy_CODE)ADD EXTRACT PEX00001, INTEGRATED TRANLOG, BEGIN NOWADD EXTTRAIL dirdat/pl, EXTRACT PEX00001, MEGABYTES 100REGISTER EXTRACT PEX00001 DATABASE DBLOGIN USERIDALIAS OGGUSERALIASADD EXTRACT PDP00001, EXTTRAILSOURCE dirdat/plADD RMTTRAIL dirdat/G0000/pr, EXTRACT PDP00001, MEGABYTES 100 We are using version:      Oracle GoldenGate Manager for Oracle      Version OGGCORE_12.      Windows x64 (optimized), Oracle 12cThanks
Hi.This is the error I get after running the command:cmd> ./extract paramfile dirprm/PDP00001.prm"The procedure entry point zt_init could not be located in the dynamic link library orannzsbb12.dll"Can you advise?Thanks
Looks like you are using instant client? Reinstall this if so. Or login directly, make sure your path and env for oracle_sid is set.CheersKee Gan
Check the environment variables are set properly.  Generaly the parameters are set on command prompt before starting GGSCI over UNIX. export ORACLE_HOME=/data1/oracle/app/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1export PATH=$PATH:/orahome/app/oracle/product/OGG/test1export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib:/orahome/app/oracle/product/OGG/test1 Or  Try to set  below given parameters in extract and restart and check. SETENV (ORACLE_HOME = '***********************')SETENV (ORACLE_SID = '**********')
Hi.Thanks for the tips. We are using Oracle Database SE I have tried both approaches1# Setting the parameters in the Extract parameter fileSETENV (ORACLE_HOME = '***********************')SETENV (ORACLE_SID = '**********') 2# Setting the parameters at command promptSET ORACLE_HOME = '***********************'SET ORACLE_SID = '**********' And then execute the command cmd> ./extract paramfile dirprm/PDP00001.prmGot the same message on both configurations :: "The procedure entry point zt_init could not be located in the dynamic link library orannzsbb12.dll" The situation of the subject is :1#Server - extract never started; uninstalled golden gate; dropped OGGUSER from database; reintalled and recreated everything all over again and the problem persists. 2#Server - extract was working and replicating data to the target server ; after a system SHUTDOWN event on the Source that is not starting extract now, I was no longer able to ever restart the Extract process again. Servers 3#, 4#, 5# all with same OS Windows server 2008 or 2012; Oracle Database SE ; Oracle Golden Gate ; all running equal Extract.prm files. They are working the replicating data to target server Don't know what to do.
I hope you set the correct oracle_home value in the parameter  with correct oracle_home path location like /u01/oracle/app........ You need to set export LD_LIBRARY_PATH also which holds the library files,  set ORACLE_HOME=/data1/oracle/app/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1set LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib:/orahome/app/oracle/product/OGG/test1set PATH=$PATH:/orahome/app/oracle/product/OGG/test1set ORACLE_SID=ORCL Let us know if this helps.
What was the database option was selected while Installing the golden gate through OUI.Or does your have your machine has several installations of Oracle Binaries available  multiple installation of oracle products. These are extracts from metaink check if any this fits your issue.   Possible solutions 1) Extract process can not be started with Error Message: ‘The procedure entry point upigbp could not be located in the dynamic link library OCI.dll’. SolutionMake sure that  correct /bin set in PATH variable.  To confirm execute the following commandcmd>echo %path% Set ORACLE_HOME variable to 11g or 10g oracle home on session level and restart Oracle GoldenGate Manager and Extract processes. 2) GOldenGate 12.1.2 extract on Windows could not be started, and hit error "missing oraxml12.dll file" when starting manually when starting from command line, it shows error "missing oraxml12.dll file"after adding <ogg_home>\lib12\ to the PATH, extract fails with error: "The procedure entry point ons_init_wconfig_ctx could not be located in the dynamic link library oraons.dll". Z:\GG\Software>ggsci -vOracle GoldenGate Command Interpreter for OracleVersion 17185003 OGGCORE_12. x64 (optimized), Oracle 12c on Sep 24 2013 17:47:44Database version:Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit ProductionWith the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options Cause  The build is for oracle database 12c, which does not match database 11g.  Solution   When installing ogg 12.1.2 with oui, chose related database version.  In this case, 11g, instead of 12c, needs to be selected.  3) Replicat is abending without any error messageError : replicate.exe - Entry Point Not FoundDescription: The procedure entry point OCITypeByFullName could not be located in the dynamic link library OCI.dll  Cause: Goldengate is mis interpreting the Oracle Database version and is trying to call a Procedure that could not be located in the dynamic link library OCI.dll. This is because your machine has several installations of Oracle Binaries available  OSTYPE=6.1.7601.18409Path=C:\11g\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\bin;C:\12c\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1\bin;C:\oracle\oracle12\product\12.1.0\client_1\bin;C:\oracle\oracle12\product\12.1.0\client_2\bin;C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Attachmate\Reflection\;C:\Program Files (x86)\QuickTime\QTSystem\  Solution: We have explicitly set the Path environmental variable and now the replicat is running fine            
Hi.SachinDBA, thanks for the effort on searching at metalink. I actually don't have yet access to it  I believe that I'm on the 3# scenarioThis is because your machine has several installations of Oracle Binaries available As for the PATH shown below there are some ODAC also installed on the server. According with the Solution,  What is it expected to add in the PATH? Is it the GG_HOME that is missing in the PATH ? Solution:We have explicitly set the Path environmental variable and now the replicat is running fine  Thanks
This issue is something to do with environment  possibly specific environment variables.Do you see the golden gate home is is present in PATH variable.Put the GOLDEN GATE home in the starting of path environment variable and try new command prompt.  Also did you tried earlier setting environment variables as suggested earlier  on command prompt.  You need to adjust these according to windows  set ORACLE_HOME=/data1/oracle/app/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1set LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib:/orahome/app/oracle/product/OGG/test1set PATH=$PATH:/orahome/app/oracle/product/OGG/test1set ORACLE_SID=ORCL
HiIndeed the issue is path / environment variables related.I was not able to set all of the suggested environment variables yet, because this is on production servers that we are facing this issue, so need to be careful about it. MeanwhileI have refined the PATH with %GG_HOME%;%GG_HOME%\lib12;%PATH% and Extract.exe is responding, it got in status = RUNNINGI have started the Extract data pump and it worked. But got into another issue when trying to Login in GGSCI for Extract REGISTER OGG-02551: ORACLE_HOME is not set to Oracle software directory  I don't have ORACLE_HOME set on the environment variables, but it is configured in the registry and here it's where it may get confusedbecause of [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE\KEY_ORADB12Home1]ORACLE_HOME = c:\app\..\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE\KEY_OraHome1]ORACLE_HOME = c:\app\..\product\12.1.2\oggcore_1 I need to validate with customer dba and technical applications' manager to check is there is any problem on setting ORACLE_HOME on the System Variables has there are many other applications running and i don't know the impacts. Thanks for you help.Mara
Great Mara, You have some direction now to progress.  By the way do you see the ORACLE_HOME  set in other environment variable.  And I believe you set the ORACLE_HOME  Path in the end of PATH parameter without any issue as you would be putting this home path at the end.   Sachin 
Indeed the ORACLE_HOME is not set in the PATH environment variable. In the PATH there is only %PATH%;c:\app\..\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1\bin I will try it by setting ORACLE_HOME in the PATH = %PATH%;c:\app\..\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1 I will let you know.Thanks.

Configure two source database using same binary

Hi,  We have configured ogg to replicate a single instance database ( on solaris 11) to another server (same db and os version as source). Now, we have created another new instance on source server. Now we need to replicate this database as well to the target server which is same as other database. Can i use the same ogg installation to configure replication for the new one or do I need to install another ogg to configure new replication? Thanks for your replies in advance.  Regards,Ilan
It is possible to use both methods. 1) use existing OGG configuration setup or installation.2) Install new OGG setup and use. It is possible use existing setup,  you may need to set up the bellow given  configuration    1) use the sid or service TNS connection string    2) set oracle home and oracle sid environmental variables. 1) EXTRACT EXT_PRCUSERID ggs_owner#sng12, PASSWORD ggs_ownerEXTTRAIL ./dirdat/clTRANLOGOPTIONS _IGNORETSERECORDSIGNOREDELETESTABLE PNC_QA02.ACCOUNTS;TABLE PNC_QA02.ACCOUNT_CAPS;TABLE PNC_QA02.ACCOUNT_GROUPS_MEMBERS; 2) SETENV (ORACLE_HOME = '/home/oracle/ora9/product')SETENV (ORACLE_SID = 'ora9') But from operational and administrative prospective it is better to segregate the golden gate home as separate entity with respect to oracle instance 
Hi Sachin,  Thanks for your reply. I think I will go with option 2. Easy to manage. 
Hi Ilan,You can although Oracle does not recommend this for one good reason. The  extracts and replicats are started by the manager and inherits all env as when the manager was started. So anything that moves away from this, for example your oracle sid needs to be overwritten with SETENV in the parameter file. So you need to do this1) Get an ENV and record this then go into ggsci and stop/start mgr. So you know what the mgr is set at.2) DO NOT login for the manager process, that is use the USERID in the mgr param file. If you do the mgr can only login to one database. There are some things you may need to do manually if you don't have a manager session like purge old ddl rows if you use the old ddl trigger method.3) SETENV as required for your extracts and replicats if it is different from 1) CheersKee Gan

GoldenGate Oracle to MySql

I am trying to replicate data from Oracle(Source) to MySql(Target) , using DEFGEN utility. Steps I have performed so far:
1. created users/ tables on both source and target.
2. created extract eini1985 process at source side
USERID ggs, PASSWORD ********
3. Created definitions file of source table which further I kept copied into dirsql folder at target side
4. At target side
created replicat rini1985
TARGETDB gg_sql_test, USERID ggs2, PASSWORD ********
SOURCEDEFS ./dirdef/source.def
DISCARDFILE ./dirrpt/RINI1985.dsc, PURGE
MAP ggs.customers, TARGET gg_sql_test.customers;
after that I started the manager process at source side successfully but when i tried starting rini1985 i got the error that
ERROR   OGG-00664  OCI Error during OCIServerAttach (status  = 12560-ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error).
Later I also tried connecting MySql from ggsci but not able to do that, could you please help what could be the problem??
I am able to login into MySql from Command Line prompt
The GoldenGate forum is over here:
In your extract, what is the ORACLE_SID set to for your OS GoldenGate user? 
hi Steve,
Can u pls help me ???
how to configure GoldenGate to work with MySql
main problem which I am facing is i am trying to login using
dblogin userid 'username' password 'pwd'
(here user is on MySql DB machine)
but I am not able to do the same, (but if the user is for Oracle and I try on Oracle DB machine I am able to login)
Can you connect in MySQL outside of using GoldenGate?
Can you create a sample/test Oracle to MySQL replication environment?,P24_PREV_PAGE:5316,2 
no i am trying to create this enviornment only
and for MYSQL
i have not worked on it
till now i have installed MySql and also created the required tables/ users on it, that means I am able to connect i guess
is there is some other GoldenGate required for this I am using
Oracle GoldenGate V11. for Oracle 11g on Windows XP, 2003, 2008 *(V26071-01)*
You need two:
GoldenGate for Oracle
GoldenGate for non-Oracle database (i.e., MySQL), so something like:
Oracle GoldenGate for Non Oracle Database v11. Media Pack v2 for Microsoft Windows (32-bit)
Oracle GoldenGate V11. for MySQL 5.x on Windows 2003, 2008 V23460-01 
hi Steve,
when I am trying to search for Non Oracle, its giving option for SQL only :(
could u please give me the link from where i can get installable for MySql
There is no direct link because of how the site works. Search for the media pack under fusion middleware, then drill down to the one I showed earlier. 
Thanks Steve now able to do that successfully (after downloading GG for non oracle --> MySQL),
one more question not related to this discussion
I am trying all this with GG director client, in this we are facing some issues:
1. it shows all tasks we have created between source and target DB irrespective of which diagram we have opened
2. all of a sudden the editor (diagram part disappears and go to hidden items) , again we have to do show hidden items then make our concerned path to 'SHOW' path.
could u please tell me why is this happening???
i need to find the download for Oracle GoldenGate for Non Oracle Database to provide it to the end user of my company. Where i can find that download?

golden gate manager process does not start

Hi Experts,
I am trying to implement Golden Gate on my local system for schema replication for two locally installed databases.
Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit
DB: 64 bit
Golden Gate:
Oracle GoldenGate Command Interpreter for Oracle
Version OGGCORE_11.
Windows x64 (optimized), Oracle 11g on Apr 23 2012 04:55:02
Hence I have just installed GG at one location only, now while trying to configure manager process I get following error:
GGSCI (msheth-work) 7> edit params mgr
PORT 7809
USERID ggs_owner, PASSWORD ggs_owner
GGSCI (msheth-work) 8> dblogin USERID ggs_owner, PASSWORD ggs_owner
Successfully logged into database.
GGSCI (msheth-work) 9> start manager
Process creation error: WIN32 API CALL CreateProcess failed 2 (The system cannot find the file specified.)
I am not sure where I am going wrong as, this is my first attempt to configure GG, so please help me out
Manager doesn't log into the database so you can take out the USERID line.
Your PURGEOLDEXTRACTS should have the full path and not "..." but if you were trying to save time by not writing the full path I'm wasting time writing this sentence. Please never shorten log info because often that's where the issues is hiding.
You may want to look into some helpful tutorials. These are made by Oracle and are free:,P24_PREV_PAGE:5153,24
Good luck,
Hi Joe,
Thanks for your help I finally figured out issue by looking into all the paths and you were right on path.
Mitul Sheth