OGG-00146 Error while Extracting from mysql - GoldenGate

Dear all,
I am trying to use goldengate 11 to extract data from mysql 5.1. I have tried the step that alienman give in previous thread GoldenGate extract with Mysql
I am managed to install goldengate in mysql and the manager is already running succesfully. but the problem is when we try to configure extract from my sql, we always get an error like this
ERROR OGG-00146 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for MySQL, ext1.prm: VAM
function VAMInitialize returned unexpected result: error 600 - VAM Client Report <CAUSE OF
FAILURE : Log index file does not exist,please check if binary logging is enabled - /var/l
ib/mysql//ida-bin.index WHEN FAILED : While initializing binary log configuration WHERE FAI
LED : MySQLBinLog Reader Module CONTEXT OF FAILURE : No Information Available!>.
2010-12-22 22:56:41 ERROR OGG-01668 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for MySQL, ext1.prm: PRO
fyi, we have set the log-bin in my.cnf. even we have start the mysql using --log-bin option. but, I don't know why goldengate still trying to look for log file ida-bin.index which is the default(hostname) file if there is no log-bin specified.
please,we need all your help. we really get stuck into this. any tutorial about setting extract data from mysql using golden gate is really appreciated :D
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finally solve this.. this is related with the bin-log setting in mysql :D 

can you tell me how to solve it I set the log-bin? 

I edit the following values in my.cnf file:
log-bin = /var/lib/mysql/mysql-bin.log
log-bin-index = /var/lib/mysql/master-log-bin.index
the my.cnf file I edited is located at /etc/my.cnf which mean like global configuration
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Extraxt Base24 Tokens

We have Oracle GoldenGate Adaptor - Base24 T24 installed on our NS2002. The defgen and ddlgen are created. When we try to run the extract it gives this error
"**GGS ERROR 101 Invalid GGS installation, bad altkey pointers*."*
I hope i can get an answer to make the extract work.


I used oggs 11g for sqlserver 2000 on WinXp sp3,
when I started the extract named exbs
it can be a running stutas ;
my parameter file setting are :
extract exbs
table dbo.* ;
after a lot of minute passed , it will be abending ;
the report are the folloowing :
Database Version :
Microsoft SQL Server
verison 08.00.0194
odbc version 03.52.0000
database language and character set :
Warning : unable to detemine the application and database codepage settings.
Please refer to user manual for more information .
2010-12-29 14:24:23 INFO OGG-01226 Socket buffer size set to 27985 (flush size 27985 ) .
............... OGG-01055 Recovery initilazation completed for target file ./dirdat/bs000003 , at RBA 812.
................................. OGG-01478 Output file ./dirdat/bs is using format RELEASE 10.4/11.1.
................................... OGG-01026 Rolling over remote file ./dirdat/bs000004.
................................... OGG-01053 Recovery i completed for target file ./dirdat/bs000003 , at RBA 812.
................................... OGG-01057 Recovery completed for all targets.
................................... OGG-00182 VAM API running in single-threaded mode.
................................... OGG-01515 Positioning to begin time..........
Source Context :
SourceModule : [ggvam.gen]
SourceID : [../gglib/ggvam/cvamgen.cpp]
SourceFuntion : [com_goldengate_vam: : CVamGen::vamInitialize ]
SourceLine : [418]
time ERROR OGG-00146 VAM funtion VAMInitialize returnde unexpected resutl : error 600 -VAM Client Report <MSSqlVam :<1> [CLogReader ::Open] [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen  (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exists or denied . Error (-2147467259) : [DBNETLIB] [ConnectionOpen  (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exists or denied . >.
Hao can I do to solution this ERROR ,
or What is the reason .
Can some body help me.
I can ensure the odbc can Connectivity by use sourcedb mstzsw , userid sa , password oracle 
the reason that my friend told me is :
can not telnet port 1433;
for my question , the windows firewall or wall of fire is closed ,
and my sqlserver 2000's version is 8.00.194 ,
till I update the sqlserver's version to 8.00.2039 (sp4)
this question is solutioned ;
forgive the low-level of my English Language skill ; 
thanks my friends 
so,does it mean that finally you have succesfully solve this problem by upgrading the sql server version?
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Yes ,
the OGG-00146 error to me , the reason is 1433 port can not use , and this error because my Sql version was too old on WinXP

MySQL to Oracle Replication Error

Hi Experts,
I want to replication mysql to oracle with goldengate. I configured source and target sides. Target side is good. But at source after ı start extract it gives me an error :S
*2013-01-21 15:51:44 ERROR OGG-00146 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for MySQL, EXT_01.prm: VAM function VAMInitialize returned unexpected result: error 600 - VAM Client Report <CAUSE OF FAILURE : Failed to connect to mysql database WHEN FAILED : While initializing mysql context WHERE FAILED : MySQLBinLog Reader Module CONTEXT OF FAILURE : No Information Available!>.*
*2013-01-21 15:51:44 ERROR OGG-01668 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for MySQL, EXT_01.prm: PROCESS ABENDING.*
Can somebody helps me?
In addition my source OS windows7 64 bit, target side oracle linux 5.
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1.Can you able to connect your mysql database through GGSCI?
GGSCI 1> dblogin sourcedb test, userid ogg
Successfully logged into database.
2. did you use TRANLOGOPTIONS ALTLOGDEST parameter in your extract file?
3. Did you configure below parameters in MY.cnf file?
log-bin = '< bin Path>'

Error in SQL Server Extract

Hi all,
I'm facing error in extract while running Golden Gate for SQL Server. The 'ADD TRANDATA' command successfully completes on the desired table. The Manager is also started. However, when the extract starts, it gives error. Following is the reported error for extract.
Oracle GoldenGate Capture for SQL Server
Version OGGCORE_11.
Windows x64 (optimized), Microsoft SQL Server on Jul 25 2012 04:00:23
Copyright (C) 1995, 2012, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
Starting at 2013-02-13 08:50:57
Operating System Version:
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 , on x64
Version 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1)
Process id: 1676
** Running with the following parameters **
2013-02-13 08:50:57 INFO OGG-03035 Operating system character set identified as windows-1252. Locale: en_US, LC_ALL:.
EXTRACT epm_echg
SOURCEDB sqldsn1 userid ggsowner password ********
2013-02-13 08:50:57 INFO OGG-03036 Database character set identified as windows-1252. Locale: en_US.
2013-02-13 08:50:57 INFO OGG-03037 Session character set identified as windows-1252.
EXTTRAIL C:\gg_for_sql\dirdat\em
TABLE efbr_rep.dbo.ePayments_Main;
2013-02-13 08:50:57 INFO OGG-01815 Virtual Memory Facilities for: COM
anon alloc: MapViewOfFile anon free: UnmapViewOfFile
file alloc: MapViewOfFile file free: UnmapViewOfFile
target directories:
CACHEMGR virtual memory values (may have been adjusted)
CACHESIZEMAX (strict force to disk): 42.44G
vm found: 46.44G
Check swap space. Recommended swap/extract: 128G (64bit system).
Database Version:
Microsoft SQL Server
Version 11.00.2100
ODBC Version 03.80.0000
Driver Information:
Version 06.01.7601
ODBC Version 03.52
2013-02-13 08:50:59 INFO OGG-01055 Recovery initialization completed for target file C:\gg_for_sql\dirdat\em000002, at RBA 990.
2013-02-13 08:50:59 INFO OGG-01478 Output file C:\gg_for_sql\dirdat\em is using format RELEASE 11.2.
2013-02-13 08:50:59 INFO OGG-01026 Rolling over remote file C:\gg_for_sql\dirdat\em000002.
2013-02-13 08:50:59 INFO OGG-01053 Recovery completed for target file C:\gg_for_sql\dirdat\em000003, at RBA 990.
2013-02-13 08:50:59 INFO OGG-01057 Recovery completed for all targets.
2013-02-13 08:50:59 INFO OGG-00182 VAM API running in single-threaded mode.
2013-02-13 08:50:59 INFO OGG-01515 Positioning to begin time Feb 13, 2013 5:18:31 AM.
2013-02-13 08:50:59 INFO OGG-00178 VAM Client Report <Opening files for DSN: sqldsn1, Server: WIN-LV23RF055LU\ODSSQL12, Database: eFBR_Rep>.
Source Context :
SourceModule : [ggvam.gen]
SourceID : [../gglib/ggvam/cvamgen.cpp]
SourceFunction : [com_goldengate_vam::CVamGen::vamInitialize]
SourceLine : [464]
ThreadBacktrace : [10] elements
: [C:\GG_FOR_SQL\gglog.dll(??1CContextItem##UEAA#XZ+0x32e2) [0x0000000180109C42]]
: [C:\GG_FOR_SQL\gglog.dll(?_MSG_ERR_VAM_API_ERROR_MSG##YAPEAVCMessage##PEAVCSourceContext##PEBDH1W4MessageDisposition#CMessageFactory###Z+0xde) [0x000000018002C00E]]
: [C:\GG_FOR_SQL\extract.exe(GGDataBufferGetNextChunk+0x523fd) [0x00000001402473AD]]
: [C:\GG_FOR_SQL\extract.exe(GGDataBufferGetNextChunk+0x1441) [0x00000001401F63F1]]
: [C:\GG_FOR_SQL\extract.exe(shutdownMonitoring+0x19d0a) [0x00000001400E05CA]]
: [C:\GG_FOR_SQL\extract.exe(shutdownMonitoring+0x19e4e) [0x00000001400E070E]]
: [C:\GG_FOR_SQL\extract.exe(shutdownMonitoring+0x1c0af) [0x00000001400E296F]]
: [C:\GG_FOR_SQL\extract.exe(VAMRead+0x92850) [0x0000000140335DB0]]
: [C:\Windows\system32\kernel32.dll(BaseThreadInitThunk+0xd) [0x0000000077A5652D]]
: [C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll(RtlUserThreadStart+0x21) [0x0000000077C8C521]]
2013-02-13 08:51:31 ERROR OGG-00146 VAM function VAMInitialize returned unexpected result: error 600 - VAM Client Report <MSSqlVam: (1) [mssqlvam::CLogLayout::BuildLayout] Column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition. Error (-2147217900): Column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition.
.2013-02-13 08:51:31 ERROR OGG-01668 PROCESS ABENDING.
The parameter file for extract is as follows.
EXTRACT epm_echg
SOURCEDB sqldsn1 userid ggsowner password ******
EXTTRAIL C:\gg_for_sql\dirdat\em
TABLE dbo.ePayments_Main;
Any help would be appreciated.
Could you verify that your TABLE specification is not using a 3 part naming convention. In looking at your report output it does show as a 3 part name, but when you listed the Extract parameters out separately you list the correct 2 part convention.
It should look like this: TABLE dbo.ePayments_Main;
and not this: TABLE efbr_rep.dbo.ePayments_Main;
Make sure it is the correct 2 part naming of schema.tablename and try starting the Extract again. 
Thanks. Sorry I specified the old report file in which I tried to specify database name along with table name. I am using dbo.ePayments_main but still getting the same error. 
Ok, I'm just reaching here tyring to figure this one out, but could you give me the exact details of how you prepped the database and added the Extract.
For example, for the database, was it in SIMPLE recovery and you set it to FULL, then took a full backup, then added the Extract with the BEGIN NOW clause. Or did you restore the database from a backup, etc. Just want to get a sense of the order of operations.
Also, for the table that you are interested in capturing data from, was there by chance an open transaction or opertaion for that table at the time when either ADD TRANDATA was issued for it or when BEGIN NOW was used?
The database is in full recovery mode and it was restored from a backup. And yes it was also backed up in full recovery mode. And no at this time there are no active transactions. 
I think I just realized the problem. GoldenGate does not support Capture on SQL Server 2012 yet.
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I also tried setting the database compatibility to SQL Server 2005. Still doesn't work :(
We have huge requirement of replicating data from SQL Server to Oracle, and we have been doing that successfully using GG from SQL Server 2005.
Is there any workaround for SQL Server 2012 or we will have to go back to old good days of SQL Server 2005? 
Compatability for the db is not the issue, it's the actual structure of the transaction log that is different and setting the compatability to 2005 only sets certain features and SQL syntax needs to 2005, so unfortunately there is no workaround to use OGG for Capture against a sources SQL Server 2012 db until a supporting build is released and I'm not sure when that will be.
Now, having said that, this may seem an odd thing, but you could use SQL Server transactional replication to replicate to a SQL Server 2008 system (2005 is actually no longer supported as of earlier this year, although I don't know what that means for customers/users with an existing license of OGG for 2005) and then use OGG against that 2008 database to replicate to Oracle. Just a thought for now. 
That's exactly what I told my boss in the first place and asked him to arrange a separate machine with an earlier version of SQL Server , but he insisted to keep trying on SQL Server 2012.
Anyway, thanks for clarification. We are also looking at option to use SQL Server replication services to replicate to Oracle, but obviously I am more comfortable with GG.
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GGS ERROR    118 TCP/IP server response (Could not find definition ...

Has anyone met this error in initial loading to OGG V11.2 on DB2/AIX 6.1 from Tandem Nonstop database?
The following nitial load script worked fine before we upgraded DB2 to OGG V11.2 -
formatascii, nonames, nohdrfields, noquote &
nosyskey, notranstmts, nullisspace, placeholders, delimiter '|'
RMTHOST rmthost01, MGRPORT 7809, PARAMS "-d /ggs/lwdefs.def"
RMTFILE /test/ord00.dat, megabytes 200, maxfiles 99 purge
After we commented line "formatascii, nonames, nohdrfields, noquote &" out, we can load data over to the target platform. Wonder it has something to do with the new CHARSET feature in OGG v11.2.
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can you paste the output of
view report <extractname> 
I used "RUN EXTRACT /in extparm/" so there was no report. I have an output file, the error out part is:
Processing File $D01.testDATA.ORDRME
Processing Partition $D207.testDATA.ORDRME
2013-03-18 19:47:03 GGS ERROR 118 TCP/IP server response (Could not find defi
nition for $D39.LWSBDATA.ORDRME).
2013-03-18 19:47:03 GGS ERROR 190 EXTRACT abending.
In ggserr.log, the only error/warning message was:
2013-03-18 19:47:03 WARNING OGG-01223 Oracle GoldenGate Collector for DB2: Could not find definition for $D01.testDATA.ORDRME.
Then the connection was terminated.
I have worked on oracle, sql server GG. No idea on DB2.
Our source system is Tandem NonStop and target is AIX DB2. I have opened a ticket on it. Will keep everyone updated.