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I have access manager 7.1 installed from JES 5u1, application server 9.1 on solaris 10 x86 machines.
Two front end servers are there running http and https
Now configuring load balancer. I am able to access front end servers through LB.
let say LB as
and front end servers are
and my platform list have two entries right now|01|02
i was trying to add site list in there
so I prepared something like below|01|02|01|01|02|01|03|02|04|02i also tried only with the entries of http but it gave the same error
Data validation failed for the attribute, Server List.Am I missing any configuration?
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10 days response????


synchronize web server configuration and settings on different machines

How can we duplicate or synchronize the configuration and settings of sun web server deployed on different machines. Once we make changes to one server on one machine, the changes should be reflected on sun web servers on different machines.
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check out sun web server 7 admin server / admin node mode. this is probably what you are looking for

Using utswitch as a ip kvm - read further

I was wondering if any of you have a setup like this currently in your environment.
You have 4 systems working in a fail over group but load balancing is turned off and you use the utswitch command to switch between servers.
Is anyone using this setup?
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Consolidating multiple Admin servers into one

I have two installations of WS7 on two different systems, and both were installed with their own admin server.
Is there a way to convert one of the two to be just an admin node and then manage its server configurations and instances from the other server?
I realize that I can uninstall WS7 from one of the machines then re-install it as just an admin node, but then I would have to manually recreate all of the server instances on that machine and I would like to avoid having to do that.
UPDATE: I just discovered this thread: [|] and I think we are asking the same question.
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Adding a Selection after login for SUN RAY Desktop

Is there a way to add a non vdi sun ray server to the list of available desktops after a user logs in? 
Looks like I first need connect the DTU to a SRS server configured with:
Automatic Multi-Group Hotdesking (AMGH)
Or what is now called AMGH
I now just need to figure out how it can work with LDAP.
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What is the goal with the ability to do this?
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We have 3 sun ray servers and 3 VDI servers. Each user has an LDAP attribute set for the type (Solaris/Gnome or windows/vdi) they connect to.
What I would like is a common login screen and then the user is routed to either Solaris/Gnome or windows/vdi sessions.
I'm still unsure on how to go about it.

issue: https is going into http

we are using Iplanet as proxy webserver and weblogic app server in our environment. we upgraded recently iplanet 6.1sp7 to 6.1sp12 and jdk 1.6.05 to 1.6.26. and weblogic 10.3.0 to 10.3.5 .we change proxy plugin also. FYI we have to access appliation only with https ,we can't acess with http our applications. but the issue is when we try to access application with https it is automatically turninig into http in broswer this issue intermittently and we are not able to access application bcoz of turining into http. So we check all logs like proxy logs,weblogic logs every thing but there is no issue that we found out.So may i know what could be the issue in this scenario?. whre the config issue resides. we didn't have mechanizm in apps too.....
FYI it is giving 302 response in access logs of iplanet.but there is no mechanizm of redirection we configured
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