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I would like to know which version of JCAPS runtime is supported on AIX5.3, together with either the Access Manager or OpenSSO combination. I checked the JCAPS6u1 and JCAPS62 release info, both claim support for AIX5.3 with OpenSSO.
Is AIX5.3 still officially a supported platform for JCAPS runtime with OpenSSO?


Upgradation of .Net framework and  Windows Management Framework

Hello Team,  We have Windows server 2008 R2 and we had installed Hyperion planning and HFM on the server with patched version of Hyperion planning and HFM. Now we want to upgrade .NET 4.5 (or later) patched up to at least June as well as the Windows Management Framework 5.1 installed on windows server 2008 R2 server.Currently, we are on .Net 4.0 version.  So please advice us that will upgradation affect to existing Hyperion application, since it is on .NET 4.0 currently. I am asking this because i had observed that after upgrading .NET it gives issues that few of the services doesn't come up.  Kindly advice as i don't want to be in position that if things go south i can not get the system back even after rolling .NET changes back as this is system critical.  Thanks,
If you look at the support matrix it still shows 4.0 for - Supported Platforms Matrices - Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System.Net in most cases should be backwards compatible - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/migration-guide/version-compatibility so in theory it should be ok with 4.5 but the support matrix does still says 4.0, to confirm you should raise an SR which may send you back to the support matrix. Cheers John
As per me, if is not advisable. But until unless we can access or browse virtual directories, it will be okay.  Thanks,Mady
Thank you John and Madhu for the advice.

where is jcaps

Hi, we are using jCAPS 5.1.3, and now when we are upgrading our system from windows server 2003 to windows server 2008, we also need to upgrade jCAPS.
Do jCAPS cost money?
Where can I find jCAPS for download?
Why can I not find jCAPS among the Oracle products?
Thanks in advance 
Gee, I only typed "jcaps" into Google and got the answer immediately. 
955954 wrote:
Hi, we are using jCAPS 5.1.3, and now when we are upgrading our system from windows server 2003 to windows server 2008, we also need to upgrade jCAPS.The product (now acquired by Oracle) is officially called "Java CAPS" or "Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite"
This is a supported Oracle product, and a supported version; see page 48 of the "Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for Oracle Fusion Middleware"
linked from
Do jCAPS cost money?I expect your organisation will have paid for it.
Where can I find jCAPS for download?Do you have a Java CAPS support contract? You'll need to contact Oracle (and not via this technical forum!)

any roadmap für Hyperion Web Analysis Studio (EPM 11.1.2.X) and Java 7 ?

Cause Jave 6 will be unsupported from Feb 2013 there will be no longer the availability of java 6 security fixes
does anybody know about support for java 7 with workspace, shared(foundation) services and web Analysis studio (all with weblogic behind the scenes) ?
at the moment (PSU) does not support java 7 at all. 
It is probably best directed at Oracle, if there is support or a patch release I can only see it being for certain components e.g. Web Analysis Studio, EAS web console and not the whole EPM system which will no doubt still run with the same release it is installed with, it has always been like that, if you look at the support matrix for the JRE is still 1.5.0_17+

iPlanet 7.0.20 for Linux Download

Hello,  I have just spent the better part of the last four hours trying to find the download for iPlanet 7.0.20 for Linux x64 platform.  I'm using iPlanet for a custom application and require the security updates.  I've been running this server software since iPlanet 6.  I currently have 7.0.15 installed.  Is the only way to download via support?  If so, how/where to I obtain the require support to enable download?  If not, could someone kindly provide a link for download?  Every link I've tried takes me to a screen asking me for a 'Support Identifier' and not much more documentation about what that is or how to obtain that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best,Chuck
Hi Chuck, The latest iPlanet releases are available as patches from the My Oracle Support (MOS) Portal. Access to this portal requires your organization to have a support contract with Oracle. If your company has a support contract with Oracle, there will be several people within your organization who have access to MOS, and you should also have at least one person who can create you an account so that you can get access yourself. Once you can access MOS, you can get download links for all the recent versions of the iPlanet Web Server from the following document:    Available Versions, Patches, and Updates for Download for Oracle iPlanet Web Server (Doc ID 1326069.1) regards Tracey

Oracle glassfish licence

We already tested the oracle glassfish 3.0.1 (opensource) as our SIT. We are planning then now to promote it on UAT and Prod environment
a. basically whats the difference of oracle glassfish (license) and the opensource edition. any limitation aside from the support we can get?
b. in any case we tested successfully the opensource on our uat, how sure that all testings we did will work on the license version?
c. can we reuse the license on the UAT server if we will be using it on our Production server?
pls advise the soonest.
details: HP DL360GL
               RedHat 32/64BIT
Upgrading from Community to Production is described in the GlassFish Admin Guide -- Chapter 10 for 3.0.1, Chapter 11 in 3.1. There are value added components that are included with the production version. Have a look here to read about those.  For production use, having a support contract allows you to create  escalations and obtain patches -- which are not available with the  community edition.
Admin Guide link: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E18930_01/html/821-2416/gkbtb.html
Product Info. Page: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/glassfish/overview/index.html