Recommended Patch cluster for solaris 10 in multi user mode - Systems Maintenance(Archived)

I haveinstalled the latest Solaris Patch cluster for solaris 10 in multi user mode by mistake.
Till now I have not rebooted the system,
Is there any method by which can I backuout the patch cluster before reboot? And then again install patch cluster in single user mode. 

Reboot and check the system. You may be fine.
from the README file:
************** ATTENTION **************
If this patch cluster is installed to the active boot environment, then
depending on the starting patch level of the system, complete installation of
the patch cluster may require up to two installation phases with intervening


to detect the cluster patch installed

I am installing a cluster patch. Once installation is completed i want to check the cluster patch information installed in the system.
Also in the next case if i install another set of cluster patch, will it overwrite the information already in the system or it will create a new .
I am looking for the above details for solaris 9 and solaris 10

Recommended Patch Clusters and Zones

Good Afternoon,
Ran into a problem earlier this week and wanted to get other views on this. Our current configuration is as followed:
Global zone installed on Local Disk (ZFS)
5 - Non-global whole root zones installed on SAN disk (ZFS)
No Live Upgrade (Will eventually get to this)
Never have had any problems until I attempted to install the latest Patch Cluster because of Comms Suite 7. I shutdown all of the non-global zones and shutdown the Global zone to init S. I then started my Patch Cluster install. The Patch Cluster appears to start all of the zones up in an Administrative Mode for patching. The problem was that when it go to the kernel patch, 141414-10, it appeared to install in the Global but none of the non-global zones were updated. The Patch then stopped on 141414-10 (Patch 109 of 155). I did finally get the patch cluster to install after some work and a support call.
My question is this the proper way to install the Patch Clusters? I've been told that you have to "mount" the zones manually but wouldn't that defeat the purpose of being single-user?
Any help is appreciated.
I tend to use LU to create a new BE and then patch that. Then activate the new BE and reboot.
Saves a lot of pain and gives a safe fall back option.

Live upgrade to Solaris 9 from solaris 8 metacluster issue

I am doing a live upgrade from solaris 8 to solaris 9. My solaris 8 install was done with the metacluster SUNWCuser but I want the Solaris 9 install to be done with the metaluster SUNWCreq.
To do that, I created a profile containing (and only) the lines:
install_type upgrade
cluster SUNWCreq
And I call the live upgrade to install from a Solaris 9 CDrom install:
luupgrade -u -n be.ngn1 -s /cdrom/cdrom0/s0/ -j /tmp/lungn_setup/files/profile
be.ngn1 is my alternate boot environment
/tmp/lungn_setup/files/profile is my profile file.
But after the upgrade successfully completed, I end up with solaris 9 and the SUNWCuser metacluster on the alternate boot environment:
Validating the contents of the media </cdrom/cdrom0/s0/>.
          The media is a standard Solaris media.
          The media contains an operating system upgrade image.
          The media contains <Solaris> version <9>.
          Constructing upgrade profile to use.
          Locating the operating system upgrade program.
          Checking for existence of previously scheduled Live Upgrade requests.
          Creating upgrade profile for BE <be.ngn1>.
          Determining packages to install or upgrade for BE <be.ngn1>.
          Performing the operating system upgrade of the BE <be.ngn1>.
          CAUTION: Interrupting this process may leave the boot environment unstable
          or unbootable.
I also tried to modify the file /var/sadm/system/admin/CLUSTER on my primary boot environment, and to set up the cluster to SUNWCreq, but it didn't make any difference.
How do I upgrade an alternate boot environment to Solaris 9 SUNCreq metacluster from a Solaris 8 SUNWCuser metacluster?
AFAIK, The cluster parameter is valid only on "initial installs".
You should not be able to upgrade to a "slimmer" pkg cluster (SUNWCuser to SUNWCreq) because that might break several things in your upgraded server (for instance, if you have an oracle database installed and it has dependencies).
The upgrade program(s) will check package to package and upgrade necessary files.

Patching JES  in whole root zone (where JES never installed in global zone)

We ran into a problem today - we have a server (Solaris 10 x86 on 4150) with two full root zones. JES 5u1 was intsalled in each full root zone at a later date and never installed in the global zone. Now when trying to install the latest JES 5 patch cluster we have run into a problem. The patch cluster has a check that only lets it be run in the global zone. When we run it in the Global Zone - it exits every patch with a return code of 8 (software not installed).
Is there any way we can run the patch bundle so it applies the patches to the no-global zones in this case? Will now installing teh shared components in the global zone then allow the patch cluster to run sucessfully.
Thanks for any guidance here.... 
You may have to open a CASE with SUN on this one. I personally dont like the way SUN had the product patches tied into O/S patches.
Solution was to manually edit the patch cluster installation script and comment out the global zone check - it then installed perfecttly fine in the whole root zone 
Good for you. But how many sysadmins will be willing to do that ;) ? Something for SUN to note.

Install Security Patch on Cluster (3.2) Systems

Hello, I would like to perform security patches on cluster system running 3.2 version and Solaris 10 (sparc)the patch would be as follow;Patch 149171-02: SunOS 5.10: mount umount patchPatch 148975-01: SunOS 5.10: in.rexecd patch There is no special requirement and downtime needed for both patches.However my concern is how should I do it on cluster system?Is it straight forward like other standard/standalone Solaris 10 system or I should considering other step(s) to make sure that cluster does not have any problem and running as usual during the activity? ./razzaq
Hello razzaq, The two patches you listed have no special install instructions andcluster is not impacted by either patch. You can apply them at any timewhile you have your cluster and services running. hth, *** bela