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I'm wondering, has anyone reading this ever created a print queue under solaris that converts incoming postscript to pdf format and then saves it as a file to a filesystem? or have any idea how to go about this?


print pdf file via JPS API

If anyone knows that there are progresses in Sun Java Printer Service to support PDF flavor? I tried to convert my pdf file to postscript, my network printer just output part of unreadable content. I though the printer might not support postscript. I prefer to have pdf file print out via JPS API rather than convert them to another format. Could someone give help?
Thanks a lot! 
No, it hasn't been implemented by Sun.
John Zukowski had an article about it:
Pay particular attention to the last paragraph.
I've managed to get documents out of a laser printer when I sent PCL, the H-P protocol.
I think JPS is protocol-agnostic - it's just sending byte streams to a print queue. You can use javax.print as long as you send a protocol that the printer can understand. The print driver is NOT invoked; there's nothing to help you with converting from one protocol to another.
Jakarta's FOP is a great way to generate PDF or PCL from an XML stream, if that's what you're doing. - MOD
Thanks for the tips.
As I know FOP converts an XSL result tree into a PDF document. My problem is to direct print an existed pdf file from java apps. Does FOP support that? Could you give some examples? 
No, FOP is only for converting XML to a PDF. It can't help you with the problem of printing an existing PDF.
The problem is that the javax.print API does not go through the print driver, so there's nothing to help you with the translation problem.
If you're sending to a Postcript or PCL printer, perhaps there's a way to convert your PDF to PS or PCL before you send it. However you manage it, you've got to send a protocol to the print queue that the printer already understands.
You're not the first person to lament this shortcoming in Java. There's a lengthy thread in Advanced Language Topics names that shows misery loves company:
I hope Sun is watching these lists and corrects the problem soon. - MOD
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Ghostscript and Java - reading the PS file

Does anyone know if its possible to generate a more "readable" format from a PS file. Eg. is there any device in ghostscript that generates an XML or textfile? Maybe its possible to use freehep?
Does anyone got some sample code on this topic? I want to read the text that has been printed.
Thanks in advance.

Convert pdf to prn file

I have the pdf document and wanted to convert to prn format. I want the stream of printer buffer in a file instead of being printed. Can we do using the print package in the jdk? If so, how....
Can anyone help me out in this?
Thanks for the help in advance.
 there are varyin g types of prn formats// Using cad software where I work I encountered a prn file which was used to drive a cam device, As a programmer I was very curious in the file format which to my advantage was plain text....
Point is, unlike pdf,dxf, and millions of others Im not sure there is a standard for prn........

How to Convert PDF to PS programmatically?

Does anyone know how I can convert programmatically
a PDF file to a postscript file? (I dont want to use the
pdf2ps system call)
I am looking for a different thing - I want to create PS or PDF files using java awt. Do you know if that can be done? Is there any reliable software available that could help you render "into" PS files?
Have you found what you need to install in your computer in order to do this? I am trying to use the new printing API in a Linux server and stream a PDF file to a postscript file with a code similar to that of the example but the programs does not find suitable factories to read the PDF file. Clearly I need to "install" the factory.

Convert PCL to PDF or PS

We have a legacy system that only prints in PCL 5/5e format. We were able to get it to print to a file.Now we need to convert the file into PDF or PS format. Any pointers in where to start will be much appreciated.
maybe ghostscript can help you: