x4150 + debian + storagemanager - Systems Maintenance(Archived)

hi there,
we recently purchased a new x4150 sun server and run debian/lenny on it with a two disk hardware mirror. in order to monitor our (raid) system i tried to install the adaptec storage manager that came on the dvd following this guide (http://people.binf.ku.dk/~hanne/b2evolution/blogs/index.php/2009/11/10/raid-monitoring-on-sun-servers) ... the storage manager is installed properly, but every time i try
/usr/StorMan/arcconf GETCONFIG 1 AL / GETSTATUS 0/ ...
i get the error message: "Controllers found: 0 Invalid controller number."
does anyone have a clue what's the problem here and how i can get proper status messages?
thanks in advance,


Network server install prob

I'm having trouble installing sun os 5.8 on a T4 machine from the DVD
(release 2.02)
(Indeed i want the T4 to be a install server, for a client install on a
T120 without dvd drive)
So i choosed a custom jumpstart install.
For that i followed the instructions and typed :
./install_setup_server /export/install/sparc_8
But before the end, here is the error message displayed :
"find : cannot open : filetable overflow"
Would you have an idea of what get wrong ?
Thank you!
Mr Besset

After install Solaris 8, Conflict with device???

Dear All
While install Solaris 8, after fdisk and format the HDD, than load the 'Solaris Web Start' the system prompt the system erorr message " Conflict with another device using the same vector 0 with an IPL of 14.......... and Cant register interrupt for ' pciclass,0c030' device at IPL 1 became it conflit ......."
Can anyone tell me what's happan, I cant start boot up the system. thx a lot!

Sparc10 + dtwm

Hi everybody,
I have a little problem with on old Sparc10 + Solaris 2.6 and the dtwm.
I have a working Solaris intallation on the Sparc10's internal disk. To get more disk space, I want to dump the whole internal disk to an external. This worked well, the server is comming up, but without the dtwm login. The only message i can find is in /var/dt/Xerrors:
error (pid.... ) : Server died unexpectly
error (pid...) :Server for display :0 can't be started.
If I try to start /usr/openwin/bin/openwin from commandline, I get the following message:
/usr/openwin/bin/Xinit Server Error
If I boot the internal disk, everything works without any problem.
Any ideas?

installation problem

Hi all,
I am having problem with my video card (32mb, TNT 2 model 64 ).I selected the driver from the HCL and put 24 color depth 800*600 mode.My monitor is samsung syncmaster 550b.
when I tested with these configurations,it shows fatal errors and x window probe..failed.anyone any idea ???
Hi saju_sathyan,
you can check the intel solaris hardware compatibility list.
URL: http://soldc.sun.com/support/drivers/hcl/
revert back
I checked the HCL,it does support TNT 2 models,but my system shows fatal errors.Is there any upgrade for the drivers provided with the solaris package ? ,and where can I find a mouse driver ? I am using a genius netscroll+ mouse...
Anyone.... any idea, please help !!!! 
here is the details when the X-server failed
" Couldn't probe screen #0
fatal server error:
initoutput:AddScreen failed for SUNWnvidia
X10:fatal 10 error 146 (connection refused) on X server" Unix:0.0" after 0 request (0 known processed) with 0 events remaining. "
" Couldn't probe screen #0
fatal server error:
initoutput:AddScreen failed for SUNWnvidia
/usr/openwin/bin/xinit :server error: # "
After showing all these message the system hangs.I tried every possible combination with nvidia driver provided with the solaris 8 package.anyone please help.
Did you try the X11 Server patches for solaris 8, patch 109401-03?
Available via the
"Patches for drivers bundled with Solaris" on
http://www.sun.com/io_technologies/solaris-drivers.html. It contains some NVIDIA/TNT fixes, that may help... 
I had downloaded the patch and I extracted the file (tar) but it doesn't contain the file with .3 extention(so that it can be used with the dd.exe). Anyway I copied the contents of the file into a floppy and tried to change the driver pressing f4. it gives me a message that it can only install the video driver software at a later time. But it never ask me again the patch (driver) to install, and clearly I fall into the same trap as I was.
please tell what to do with the patch.
Isn't there some README file included on the download page and in the patch explaining how to install a solaris patch??
You need an installed solaris system (if you have problems during
installation with your video card, install in text mode [bypassing the
video configuration] or install using VGA mode).
Uncompress/unpack the patch to /tmp. Then run the command
<tt>patchadd 109401-03</tt> in /tmp as user root.
After the patch is installed, re-run the <tt>kdmconfig</tt> command.
Hope that the patch has added fixes for your hardware. If your
hardware still doesn't work:
<li>wait for the next 109401-04 patch update
<li>install xfree86
<li>buy a solaris supported video card
hi Mr.J.Keil,
Thank you for spending your valuable time.I will try to install in text mode,if it didn't work, I had to leave this idea.Thanks once again.
saju sathyan

Having problems installing Solaris 7 on x86 box. Need help.

I'm trying to install Solaris 7 on one of the older computers, Pentium 75Mhz. After scanning for hardware and accepting my selections for booting it starts with "Booting kernel/unix" and then displays Sun trademark message, but then i consistently get:
21 Segmentation Fault
FATAL ERROR: / file system type "" is unknown.
Exiting to shell.
that message repeats multiple times.
What i've done to prepare my drive is to delete all partitions and left the disk bare. My question is:
do i need to partition it? (i thought installation will get to that point and let me partition it the way i want for ufs).
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Alex Sokol 
I'm still unable to install Solaris 7 on x86 box.
I was able to make some progress and now installation freezes while or right after partitioning my disk using auto-layout.
I tried doign manual layout with the same result.
I can see the following messages in the Installation Console window:
" Created / on c0d0s0"
" Created /usr on c0d0s1"
" Created /export/home on c0d0s6"
Progress bar is in the very beginning and message says:
"Partitioning disk..."
What can be wrong with my installation?
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Alex 
Hello Alex,
How is result now?
I try to install it on a new machine and move the hard disk to my Pentium 100 machine. On the new machine, it is ok. But file system can not be mounted on the old machine.
If you like, we could share our exprience on this. thank!