how can i put more than one item in a same row of a form? - CLDC and MIDP

it seems item is positioned in a single row one by one each time item is appened to a form. i can't append more than one item in same row.
i'm using sun wtk and default colored phone emulator.


JComboBox editing

Hi all! I have a JCombobox in a JTable component. In my combobox, I have 3 items, the first two are fixed items except the third item which has a String value of "Enter Nth element". When the user clicks on
the third element, the combobox should be editable and it should clear the current value of "Enter Nth element" to blank and it should have focus for the user to be ready to enter numbers. My problem is that when the user selects the 3rd element, it sets the value to blank but you have to go back and double click on the cell again to be able to edit it. Please help I've tried everything....
can you setFocus() to that element of the JComboBox?? 
Well I tried cbxNumber.setfocusable(true) when selectedIndex == 3 but its still not in editable mode when I select the 3rd element. Is there any sample code out there that would emulate my dilemma? All I need is a Combobox with 3 elements inside a JTable. When user selects 3rd element, clear the current text and have the cursor in the current selected cell ready to be edited by the user w/o having to go back and double click to have this effect... Please help, this is driving me nuts! 
anybody.... please help. I juts can't get this thing to work right. 
I have code somewhere that does that, it's at home, will look this weekend 
I think you're going to have to take more explicit control over the celleditor functionality of JTable. In other words, you'll have to create your own cell editor for that particular column of the JTable. Obiviously, the JTable assumes that editing is complete when the user selects the third element of the combobox, and therefore replaces the editor with the cell renderer, which causes the user to reselect the cell for editing again. I'm sorry that I don't have actual code to present to you; however, I would approach solving the problem from that angle. Good luck!

Selection of a row in  a table

I have a problem with JTable. ...i have just started working with JTables and still have not got a complete hang of how they function.
I have a table whose model is "AbstractTableModel". I have different data in each row of the table therefore i have a celledtior and cell renderer per row. Each row is rendered as a combo box. There is only one column in that table. What i need to do is when the user clicks on any of these the rows in the table i need to evaluate what is the content in that row(in the combo box-It should be the values that have not been used up yet in the other basically as you add rows the combo box content will keep shrinking till all the possible vlaues are exhausted).
I added a celleditor listener for every row. When the user clicks on the cell the event get's captured but the row value that shows up is not row the user selected. The value is always the previous selected row. Each cell is rendered as a combo box.
For example if the user selected the first row in the table then the value of the row selected is -1. If the the user adds two more rows and selects the third row then the value selected is 0 (previos selected).
What i cannot figure out is how in the world is this value obtained.
Please help !! I tried everything i can think of to get the correct value of the row selected.
Thanks a lot for your time and patience.

navigation between items in Form

Hi all
what is the way to to navigate in form to next line's item below it instead of next item like if we have 9 items in 3 rows (3 * 3) and if focus is on
first item when i press down key i want to select 4th item istead of 2nd in the same row. (4the will be in second row just below first item , while second will be next to first in same row(first)).
The problem is whether i use right key or down key in both cases 2nd item is selected
thanx in advance

Problems with scrollable forms.

I have a very simple Form with a few StringItem objects
I assign values to these StringItems from a linked list, when I show the first item, everything is ok.
However, some of the StringItem objects do not appear on the screen, no problem, the Form becomes scrollable.
I also have a Command to show the next item on the list, but if I scroll all the way down on an item, and move to the next item, the new item is shown with the form still scrolled all the way down.
I've managed to solve it using Display.setCurrentItem() with the first item as a parameter, but now the first item's text appears as selected.
How can I solve my problem or "disselect" the text?

How do I determine the item in a jlist with focus?

Hi all,
I need to be able to determine which specific item in a jlist has focus (the dotted lines around it) in addition to the items that are selected.  Does anyone know how to do it?
The problem I am trying to solve:  I have a GUI that allows a user to move items between two lists, assigned and available.  If a user is only using the keyboard, it is possible to select an item in one of the lists, scroll through the list so the just selected item is not visible, then tab out of it, then tab back into it.  At this point, you cannot tell that the list has focus because the last item selected is not in the view.  I would like to be able to scroll to the last selected item (the one with the focus).  Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
The dotted line is drawn around the lead cell.  You can determine
which cell that is with the getLeadSelectionIndex method.
Thank you!  That works perfectly.