HotSpot Server VM crash (core dump) when my Java app calls a native library - HotSpot FAQs (Archived)

Unexpected Signal : 11 occurred at PC=0xC56DDCD0
Current Java thread:
"main" prio=2 tid=00059ba8 nid=1 lwp_id=7172319 runnable [0x77ff2000..0x77ff1910]
at oracle.jdbc.driver.T2CConnection.t2cCreateState(Native Method)
at oracle.jdbc.driver.T2CConnection.logon(
at oracle.jdbc.driver.PhysicalConnection.<init>(
at oracle.jdbc.driver.T2CConnection.<init>(
at oracle.jdbc.driver.T2CDriverExtension.getConnection(
at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver.connect(
at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
- locked <53632b50> (a java.lang.Class)
at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
- locked <53632b50> (a java.lang.Class)
at com.hp.enow.equinox.server.dal.gpsy.ConnectionStatement.<init>(
at com.hp.enow.equinox.server.dal.gpsy.SQLConnectionFactory.newConnection(
at com.hp.enow.equinox.server.dal.DBConnectionManager$DBConnectionPool.newConnection(
at com.hp.enow.equinox.server.dal.DBConnectionManager$DBConnectionPool.<init>(
at com.hp.enow.equinox.server.dal.DBConnectionManager.createPools(
at com.hp.enow.equinox.server.dal.DBConnectionManager.init(
at com.hp.enow.equinox.server.dal.DBConnectionManager.<init>(
at com.hp.enow.equinox.server.dal.DBConnectionManager.getInstance(
- locked <535fac80> (a java.lang.Class)
at com.hp.enow.equinox.server.dal.DALAccessManager.<init>(
at com.hp.enow.equinox.server.dal.DALAccessManager.getInstance(
- locked <535f7158> (a java.lang.Class)
at com.hp.enow.equinox.server.manager.EquinoxServer.<init>(
at com.hp.enow.equinox.server.manager.EquinoxServer.getInstance(
- locked <535f23c0> (a java.lang.Class)
at com.hp.enow.equinox.server.manager.EQServerManager.<init>(
at com.hp.enow.equinox.server.manager.EQServerManager.getInstance(
- locked <5353bbd8> (a java.lang.Class)
at com.hp.enow.equinox.server.manager.EQServerManager.main(
Dynamic libraries:
text:0x00001000-0x00010ecc data:0x00011000-0x00012ea8
text:0xc5000000-0xc5a5e000 data:0x77e15000-0x77fd1000
text:0xc0040000-0xc0059000 data:0x77df2000-0x77df5000
text:0xc00b0000-0xc00dc000 data:0x77df5000-0x77df6000
text:0xc08cc000-0xc08d0000 data:0x77df6000-0x77df7000
text:0xc04c0000-0xc05ab000 data:0x77dfa000-0x77e06000
text:0xc00ac000-0xc00ad000 data:0x77df7000-0x77df8000
text:0xc14c0000-0xc14dd000 data:0x77e06000-0x77e09000
text:0xc0100000-0xc0248000 data:0x77fd6000-0x77fe9000
text:0xc0004000-0xc0007000 data:0x77fd1000-0x77fd2000
text:0xc1ef0000-0xc1f02000 data:0x77deb000-0x77dec000
text:0xc1520000-0xc1530000 data:0x77d69000-0x77d6a000
text:0xc2070000-0xc2099000 data:0x77d67000-0x77d69000
text:0xc20a0000-0xc20b3000 data:0x77d63000-0x77d65000
text:0xc21b0000-0xc21c0000 data:0x77c1f000-0x77c20000
text:0xc0274000-0xc027f000 data:0x77c1e000-0x77c1f000
text:0xc0248000-0xc024e000 data:0x77c1d000-0x77c1e000
text:0xc1c44000-0xc1c4f000 data:0x77c1c000-0x77c1d000
text:0xc21c0000-0xc21e8000 data:0x77c02000-0x77c19000
text:0xc1f04000-0xc1f10000 data:0x77c19000-0x77c1c000
text:0xcd000000-0xce3d8000 data:0x52af5000-0x52b78000
text:0xcf000000-0xd04b4000 data:0x52a61000-0x52af1000
text:0xc2a00000-0xc2c80000 data:0x6b6ba000-0x6b6dd000
text:0xc0280000-0xc030e000 data:0x75951000-0x7595e000
text:0xc0060000-0xc0078000 data:0x6b6dd000-0x6b6e0000
Heap at VM Abort:
def new generation total 78720K, used 2401K [6b800000, 70d60000, 75950000)
eden space 70016K, 3% used [6b800000, 6ba58560, 6fc60000)
from space 8704K, 0% used [6fc60000, 6fc60000, 704e0000)
to space 8704K, 0% used [704e0000, 704e0000, 70d60000)
tenured generation total 174784K, used 121K [57400000, 61eb0000, 6b6b0000)
the space 174784K, 0% used [57400000, 5741e738, 5741e800, 61eb0000)
compacting perm gen total 16384K, used 3551K [53400000, 54400000, 57400000)
the space 16384K, 21% used [53400000, 53777db0, 53777e00, 54400000)
Local Time = Fri Jun 2 02:19:50 2006
Elapsed Time = 45
# HotSpot Virtual Machine Error : 11
# Please report this error to HP customer support.
# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (1.4.2 PA2.0 (aCC_AP) mixed mode)
# An error report file has been saved as hs_err_pid12671.log.
# Please refer to the file for further information.

You probably want to report this to "HP customer support", as it requests in the error dump. 

thank you. i will report it to HP customer support. 

You probably want to debug your native code (the top level
function in the stack retrace that you attached) using a
native C debugger. This could quite likely have nothing to
do with the hosting JVM at all.


EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) occurred at PC=0x59E83AC

We are getting this error when running Oracle looks like there is something amis with the color configuration with our PCs? Any thoughts as to what could be causing this?
An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.
Unexpected Signal : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) occurred at PC=0x59E83AC
Current Java thread:
     at Method)
Heap at VM Abort:
def new generation total 576K, used 48K [0x10120000, 0x101c0000, 0x10600000)
eden space 512K, 9% used [0x10120000, 0x1012c098, 0x101a0000)
from space 64K, 0% used [0x101b0000, 0x101b0000, 0x101c0000)
to space 64K, 0% used [0x101a0000, 0x101a0000, 0x101b0000)
tenured generation total 3852K, used 3455K [0x10600000, 0x109c3000, 0x14120000)
the space 3852K, 89% used [0x10600000, 0x1095fd48, 0x1095fe00, 0x109c3000)
compacting perm gen total 5120K, used 4837K [0x14120000, 0x14620000, 0x18120000)
the space 5120K, 94% used [0x14120000, 0x145d9660, 0x145d9800, 0x14620000)
Local Time = Wed Dec 24 09:46:28 2008
Elapsed Time = 2457
# The exception above was detected in native code outside the VM
# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.4.2_06-b03 mixed mode)
You are getting a Seg Fault from native code that Oracle has created. I would search the web to see if others have had this problem too (they probably have). Failing that, I would try to contact Oracle customer support 
cathifromcali wrote:
We are getting this error when running Oracle looks like there is something amis with the color configuration with our PCs? Any thoughts as to what could be causing this?Common causes.
1. Video drivers/video card/fonts
2. JNI.
Oracle forms uses JNI (it exists in some capacity). If that is the source then it is a Oracle problem and only one which they can fix. Presumably your support contract will cover this.
If the first then it is a bug in the VM. Harder to figure out the source and harder to get a fix. However if you have some boxes that work and some that don't you can compare the video components to find differences.

Unexpected signal 11

Hi community. I have a service working with large amount of data all the time. It was working good during about 4 days. Then the JVM crashes with the error:
Unexpected Signal : 11 occurred at PC=0x2821F348 Function=next_chop__5Chunk+0x20 Library=/usr/local/jdk1.4.2/jre/lib/i386/client/
Dynamic libraries:
0x8048000 /usr/local/jdk1.4.2/bin/java
0x2806c000 /usr/lib/
0x28123000 /usr/local/jdk1.4.2/jre/lib/i386/client/
0x28651000 /usr/lib/
0x28696000 /usr/lib/
0x286b1000 /usr/local/jdk1.4.2/jre/lib/i386/native_threads/
0x286c0000 /usr/local/jdk1.4.2/jre/lib/i386/
0x286db000 /usr/local/jdk1.4.2/jre/lib/i386/
0x286fc000 /usr/local/jdk1.4.2/jre/lib/i386/
0x4cf9d000 /usr/local/jdk1.4.2/jre/lib/i386/
0x4d475000 /usr/local/jdk1.4.2/jre/lib/i386/
0x4d6df000 /usr/local/jdk1.4.2/jre/lib/i386/
0x4d731000 /usr/X11R6/lib/
0x4d739000 /usr/X11R6/lib/
0x4d783000 /usr/X11R6/lib/
0x4d791000 /usr/X11R6/lib/
0x4d796000 /usr/X11R6/lib/
0x4d7ab000 /usr/X11R6/lib/
0x4d869000 /usr/X11R6/lib/
0x4d872000 /usr/X11R6/lib/
0x4d889000 /usr/X11R6/lib/
0x2804e000 /usr/libexec/
Heap at VM Abort:
def new generation total 16960K, used 25K [0x2c5d0000, 0x2d830000, 0x2e860000)
eden space 15104K, 0% used [0x2c5d0000, 0x2c5d6418, 0x2d490000)
from space 1856K, 0% used [0x2d490000, 0x2d490000, 0x2d660000)
to space 1856K, 0% used [0x2d660000, 0x2d660000, 0x2d830000)
tenured generation total 225280K, used 135044K [0x2e860000, 0x3c460000, 0x487d0000)
the space 225280K, 59% used [0x2e860000, 0x36c41170, 0x36c41200, 0x3c460000) compacting perm gen total 11520K, used 11375K [0x487d0000, 0x49310000, 0x4c7d0000)
the space 11520K, 98% used [0x487d0000, 0x492ebee8, 0x492ec000, 0x49310000)
Local Time = Thu Jan 19 17:26:39 2006
Elapsed Time = 570717
# HotSpot Virtual Machine Error : 11
# Error ID : 4F530E43505002F1
# Please report this error to
# mailing list
# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.4.2-p7-root_23_oct_2005_04_21 mixed mode) # # An error report file has been saved as /tmp/hs_err_pid82954.log.
# Please refer to the file for further information.
What should I do with this error? Should I tell admin to install a new version of JVM? Thanks in advance.

Unexpected Signal : 11

Please let me know what needs to fix the problem:_+
An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.
Unexpected Signal : 11 occurred at PC=0xC3F6C84F during VM shutdown
Dynamic libraries:
text:0x00001000-0x00010ecc data:0x00011000-0x00012ea8
text:0xc3000000-0xc3a5e000 data:0xbae79000-0xbb035000
text:0xc0420000-0xc0439000 data:0xbae38000-0xbae3b000
text:0xc0050000-0xc007c000 data:0xbae3d000-0xbae3e000
text:0xc02ec000-0xc02f0000 data:0xbae3e000-0xbae3f000
text:0xc0d00000-0xc0e8e000 data:0xbae42000-0xbae6a000
text:0xc0093000-0xc0094000 data:0xbae3f000-0xbae40000
text:0xc0bf0000-0xc0c0c000 data:0xbae6a000-0xbae6d000
text:0xc0100000-0xc0249000 data:0xbb03a000-0xbb04d000
text:0xc0004000-0xc0007000 data:0xbb035000-0xbb036000
text:0xc1d20000-0xc1d32000 data:0xbae2f000-0xbae30000
text:0xc02f0000-0xc02f9000 data:0xbae2e000-0xbae2f000
text:0xc1630000-0xc1640000 data:0xbadac000-0xbadad000
text:0xc1f90000-0xc1fb9000 data:0xbadaa000-0xbadac000
text:0xc1fc0000-0xc1fd3000 data:0xbada6000-0xbada8000
text:0xc04ac000-0xc04b0000 data:0xbac20000-0xbac24000
text:0xc16f0000-0xc1700000 data:0xbac1f000-0xbac20000
text:0xc0cf4000-0xc0cff000 data:0xbac1e000-0xbac1f000
text:0xc2a60000-0xc2a78000 data:0xbac1a000-0xbac1d000
text:0xc1408000-0xc140f000 data:0xbac18000-0xbac19000
text:0xc043c000-0xc0440000 data:0xbac17000-0xbac18000
text:0xc0414000-0xc041a000 data:0xbac16000-0xbac17000
text:0xc2c40000-0xc2cea000 data:0x288d0000-0x288fa000
text:0xc2a80000-0xc2afa000 data:0xbac09000-0xbac14000
text:0xc0439000-0xc043c000 data:0xbac08000-0xbac09000
text:0xc2d00000-0xc2dc8000 data:0x288c2000-0x288d0000
text:0xc2e00000-0xc2e71000 data:0xbac00000-0xbac04000
text:0xc3b00000-0xc3d4c000 data:0x2649d000-0x264cb000
text:0xc1554000-0xc155d000 data:0x28892000-0x28893000
text:0xc2e80000-0xc2ee6000 data:0x288a4000-0x288aa000
text:0xc1514000-0xc151e000 data:0x2889d000-0x2889f000
text:0xc2dd0000-0xc2de6000 data:0x2889f000-0x288a2000
text:0xc1fe0000-0xc1ff6000 data:0x288aa000-0x288ab000
text:0xc1438000-0xc143e000 data:0x288ab000-0x288ac000
text:0xc0300000-0xc0414000 data:0x288b2000-0x288c0000
text:0xc4200000-0xc45ad000 data:0x261cc000-0x2629a000
text:0xc0500000-0xc058f000 data:0x261ab000-0x261b8000
text:0xc0590000-0xc05a8000 data:0x261a4000-0x261a7000
text:0xc4000000-0xc4176000 data:0x2629e000-0x262b5000
text:0xc3e00000-0xc3ff1000 data:0x262b9000-0x262d8000
text:0xc2ef0000-0xc2f0c000 data:0x262d8000-0x262db000
Heap at VM Abort:
PSYoungGen total 491264K, used 433476K [98c00000, b8c00000, b8c00000)
eden [98c00000,b2e96220,b4b80000)
from [b6bc0000,b707ae08,b8c00000)
to [b4b80000,b4b80000,b6bc0000)
PSOldGen total 1572864K, used 93156K [38c00000, 98c00000, 98c00000)
object [38c00000,3e6f9348,98c00000)
PSPermGen total 61824K, used 61709K [28c00000, 2c860000, 38c00000)
object [28c00000,2c8435d0,2c860000)
Local Time = Fri Feb 29 02:20:34 2008
Elapsed Time = 35211
# The exception above was detected in native code outside the VM
# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (1.4.2 PA2.0 (aCC_AP) mixed mode)
This report is from the HP port of the HotSpot VM to run on PA-RISC. I'm afraid you'll have to contact your HP support channel for help with this, unless some of them monitor this forum. But, their error logs are close enough to ours that I can tell that the problem is outside the JVM, in a native library method called "std::ios_base::Init::~Init(void)". I don't know if that helps, or not. 
You could try following solution if you are experiencing this problem on HPUX :
Increasing the nfiles number. You could set this value from SAM.

Applet crashing abruptly

I am using applet in my application. Now I am noticing that randomly applet is getting crashed. There is no specific point where it crashes, or specific operation after which it crashed.
After crash it generates an hs_err_pid..log file at the desktop. It mentions the following stuff :
Unexpected Signal : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) occurred at PC=0x80750C5
NOTE: We are unable to locate the function name symbol for the error
just occurred. Please refer to release documentation for possible
reason and solutions.
Current Java thread:
at Method)
at Source)
at Source)
Heap at VM Abort:
def new generation total 896K, used 627K [0x10020000, 0x10110000, 0x10500000)
eden space 832K, 72% used [0x10020000, 0x100b60d8, 0x100f0000)
from space 64K, 41% used [0x100f0000, 0x100f6b80, 0x10100000)
to space 64K, 0% used [0x10100000, 0x10100000, 0x10110000)
tenured generation total 9868K, used 6605K [0x10500000, 0x10ea3000, 0x14020000)
the space 9868K, 66% used [0x10500000, 0x10b734d8, 0x10b73600, 0x10ea3000)
compacting perm gen total 9984K, used 9918K [0x14020000, 0x149e0000, 0x18020000)
the space 9984K, 99% used [0x14020000, 0x149cfb38, 0x149cfc00, 0x149e0000)
Now one common thing I have noticed during all crashes is that perm gen is 99% or 98% at the time of crash (see the last line in above log).
Does that mean the perm gen is less or some other problem is there? And if memory at all is the reason, why am I getting EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION and not some error of type OUT_OF_MEMORY_EXCEPTION ?
Thanks for your help.
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If you are using threads make sure you that none of them are stuck in an infinite loop waiting to access a lock or condition that never gets satisfied, commonly know as deadlock. For the exception access violation you may want to check that your applet applies to the security standars, no file manipulation on the client side etc, if you want check signed applet .
Hope i've been of some assistance! 
The fact that your perm gen in 98% or 99% full should not be a problem. The
perm gen grows as is needed by the application. The 98% or 99% is relative to
the current size of the perm gen. It has additional room to grow if needed.

JDK 1.4_04-b5 crashing with JNI

I have a multi threaded web application running that has native code calling back into Java using JNI. I am getting a JVM crash with the following:
# HotSpot Virtual Machine Error, Internal Error
# Please report this error at
# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.4.2_04-b05 mixed mode)
# Error ID: 53414645504F494E540E4350500159
# Problematic Thread: prio=5 tid=0x008cf798 nid=0x8a8 runnable
Heap at VM Abort:
def new generation total 2304K, used 1876K [0x10010000, 0x10290000, 0x10f7000
eden space 2048K, 83% used [0x10010000, 0x101bb4d8, 0x10210000)
from space 256K, 65% used [0x10210000, 0x10239ea0, 0x10250000)
to space 256K, 0% used [0x10250000, 0x10250000, 0x10290000)
tenured generation total 30272K, used 18066K [0x10f70000, 0x12d00000, 0x1c810
the space 30272K, 59% used [0x10f70000, 0x12114928, 0x12114a00, 0x12d00000)
compacting perm gen total 10752K, used 10534K [0x1c810000, 0x1d290000, 0x20810
the space 10752K, 97% used [0x1c810000, 0x1d2598f0, 0x1d259a00, 0x1d290000)
The Error ID seems bogus. Any thoughts on this. It is running on windows under tomcat. 
Hmmm.... Can you add -Xcheck:jni, hopefully this can give more msgs on why it failed.
I don't have answer to your question.(I am sorry).
But it's really funny that I had very same error which I resolved today without knowing why.
I was writing some objects under WebLogic 8.2 SP2.
I am not utilizing JNI, but my JVM was crashing while loading StackFrame of a function that was passing "this" objects to other functions. Instead of passing "this" object, I used individual value to pass along. Then it stopped crashing JVM and the server. It took me awhile to figure this out.
Oh, also, it was crashing while loading Hashtable in my function. I changed object model to HashMap and others, but it didn't help. Now I think about it, I don't think it was Hashtable that was causing crashing.
I hope you find your answer soon.
I m also facing similar problem. I have an application where we have to make some DB calls for which Im using JNI, This works fine with the JDK1.3 no problem tilldate, but when I tried to run the same setting in J2SDK 1.4.2_04 the application crashes.
When we put debug statements I noticed that the program control passed all the destroy JVM also and gave the error.
Any suggestion to make it run under J2SDK1.4.2_04