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Is there any free tool, such as Crystal report, to build reports in Java?
If not, can somebody suggest an easy way to create reports?


JSP/Servlets Crystal Reports

Hi friends,
we have a web application, in which we develop lot of reports.We dont have fixed report formats, instead we develop reports on fly with user supplied/requested fields/parameters.Doing all this using just Java and JSP/Servlets seems to be pretty laborious, so we are planning to move to crystal reports.if you guys have anything about using crystal reports with JSP/servlets..pros/cons etc...and also useful information resources..please drop some lines...
thanks for your time 
Also take a look � Jasper Report:

Report Generation Question

I'm planning up some reports. My question: what is the best way to generate a report and let user print out without using the additional library? 
my choice also to JASPER Reports.. #
i have used jasper tool to create reports in pdf, html, works. in linux, windows..etc, lot of supports available to resolve issues.., 
well there are many....
you may check the list of by browsing the below link.
each and every tool has it own merits & demerits.
I personally use both Jasper & JFreereport but i don't say using Eclipse Ibirt & cweolf is bad because they have their own significance.
Although,Jasper is one of the popular open source reporting solution thats the point where it scores. :)

Crystal Report

I have to print a .rpt file.
Someone can tell me how can i do?
I have a java application that create a table for a report (Crystal Report) and then i have to update and print the report.
How can i do?
I have a windows pc, but i don't know how to use the free ocx of Crystal Report....
If someone has an example. 
Why dont you browse this to get a feel for what you need to be doing; 
there are a lot of answers in the search func.

Java report library

I would like get some advises and opinions on java report library. So far I have research on net, I know there is itext, crystal report, jasper.
I would like to execute SQL calling from jsp -> java bean and produce a report in HTML, PDF, Excel format. I hope to hear some comment from the room. Thanks in advance. 
There is also JFreeChart 
May I know which type is recommended to use? Interms of user friendliness, flexibility?
Thanks in advance!

Crystal Reports

How to integrate crystal reoprts with java? Ineed API for that .Can anyone suggest websites for that.Thank you in advance.. 
You can do some googling.
Below is a site I found but I am not sure if that's what you want.
Have you tried JasperReports ? I heard it's like Crystal Reports but it's Java and open source... but I have never really used it's API other than using it's iReports (GUI front end tool).