GoldenGate: change trail file location change - GoldenGate

hello everyone..
can anyone help me on the issue? that is...
i need to change the rmttrail file location from /u01 to /u02. if i stop the extract and replicat process and change it and then start the processes, shall the process start from the last trail file in the new location? is there any chance of data lose or duplicat record....
please help...
thanks in advance 

Did you check this Doc on Metalink to change the trail file location. If not check this and give a try
Moving Unreplicated Datapump Trails To Another Location [ID 965396.1]
Kindly let me know if it works.


how can i extract text from Power point files,wod files,pdf files

hi friends,
i need to extract text from the power point files,word files,pdf files for my application.Is it possible to extract the text from the those files .If yes plz give solution to this problem.i would be thankful if u givve solution to this problem. 
My reply would be the same.

How do I enable n-level undo in VI?

Hi guys,
Any idea how I can enable n-level undo in VI? At present I can undo only the last change. Can I change some settings in the .exrc file to do this? Pls help me out.
Thanks in advance.

Regd the logdump

How could i find the source of the particular server in logdump.
I tried with logdump by using headertoken on. But still finding difficulty in seeing that. Any simple solution to view the source.
Any docs related to logdump is appreciatable. 
As fr as i Know, there is the only command ENV in logdump to get the environment details. lets wait for experts advice

Source host details from replicate side.

Hi All,
Can anyone tell me how will we get source host details from target(replicat side). 
use logdump to read trail file. which has that info
- Kashif 
HI Kashif,
Thanks for update,
I tried but stilll i am not able to find, Can you tell me exactly where to look at, 
Hi Kashif,
Lots of Thanks I got that :-) 
no problem.
- Kashif

would oracle provide .d.ts file for this driver?

I'd like to write program with typescript, would oracle provide typescript type definition file (.d.ts) ? thanks!
Please open an issue for your suggestion at Would you like to provide the file to the project?  You will need to follow then submit a pull request or just post the file.
Thanks! I'm afraid write this kind of file is too hard for me. but I'll try. thanks again!
Give it a go! Thanks for logging