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Hello, I have experience with Oracle Streams and now I would like to learn Oracle GoldenGate, so I have questions:
1-Which are the differents between Oracle Streams and Oracle GoldenGate
2-Will Oracle Streams disappear?
And the most important
3 Could you please give me some documentation for learning Oracle GoldenGate from the begin? I mean some document like the Oracle Streams Concepts and Administration but for Oracle GoldenGate if it exist.
Thank you I hope you can help me? 

Please I am looking for help to begin with Oracle GoldenGate, I think you have experience and I hope you can notice me how Oracle GG work and what I should do to configure it.
My OS is Suse Linux Enterprise Edition 10 and my databases versions are
I really hpe you can help me. 

Here's the Oracle / GoldenGate statement of direction wrt Streams (note the link has changed from before):
For downloading GoldenGate (available via OTN), interactive demo's, documentation, whitepapers, etc., see:
The documentation has examples in the Administration guide, and explanations. (See also the installation guide, of course, for your platform.) A number of people have posted a simple tutorials in various blogs, so you can google for that (it's really quite trivial to set up basic replication) but those don't (usually) explain what is actually happening (and they may not always be completely correct.) But the admin guide does explain these basic steps for setting up GoldenGate ( (364 pages)).


GG certification study for certification

Hi specialists, Can anyone advise how to study to get well prepared for Oracle GG cert exam? I've read one book so far (Expert Oracle GoldenGate) and built test environment on two linux machines with 11g.  played with replication, i'm reproducing some errors from production etc. I know that's not enough so can someone recommend me any useful books? I know good idea is to go through documentation on Oracle official website but is there any better way? I could not find study guides like for other exams for example 11g database OCA/OCP.  thank you in advance any advises. 
HiI believe the OGG 12c exam isExam Number: 1Z0-447Exam Title: Oracle GoldenGate 12c Implementation EssentialsYou may have come across this link… Under Review Exam topics and get documentation to cover the topics. Don't think anyone has written a book for the cert. By the way you mention 11g, and I recommend that you implement OGG 12c on Oracle PDBs to prepare for the exam.  CheersKee Gan
Hi Greg, The best way to clear the exam is to know the concepts very well.. You need to install and see each and every product of OGG. I mean, OGG Core, Monitor, Studio, Veridata, OGG Plugin etc., Should know the working of the parameters. OGG is full of parameters. You should know what each parameter does? Behavior of each parameters.  With this you will be pretty confident to clear the exam. Install and check each components. Practice makes a man perfect :-) Regards,Veera
OK, i will just follow exam objectivities one by one. can you recommend any books regarding golden gate?
I suppose if you google 'Oracle goldengate books' you are going to get a few publications. I haven't read any of them as I got my knowledge through sheer time on the product. If you want an agenda see Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Fundamentals for Oracle | GoldenGate | Data Integration | Java and Middleware | Training| Oracle and you will be able to get all the topic titles from 3 Oracle documentation:1) OGG Installation for Oracle database- Tells you what you need to do specifically for Oracle database 2) Administrative Guide- Tells you what GoldenGate is. 3) Reference manual- Describes commands and parameters. 4) Logdump manual  I will read 1) and 2) cover to cover. 3) & 4) refer to it if you need detail on specific commands.  CheersKee Gan
ok, i googled some publications, just dont want waste my time on something which isnt that good. anyway, like i said, i will just follow exam scope. thank you for all your advises. 
Hi Greg, You can refer the below books which I had learnt in my initial stages. But hands-on is very important.1. Oracle GoldenGate 11g Handbook2. Oracle GoldenGate 11g Implementer's guide or Oracle GoldenGate 12c Implementer's guide3. Pro Oracle GoldenGate for the DBA Regards,Veera
I've read Oracle GG Expert, nice book. Just started 12c implementer guide, so im glad you mentioned it. Also i was thinking about GG Handbook title.  thanks for sharing
Save your money, follow the Oracle training agenda as this is the course to take for the exam (if you have $3500 to spare, really????) so the questions will target those if your objective is first and foremost pass the exam. Don't buy books that are not on the current version. CheersKee Gan
Only reading the books is not enough. You need to practice more. Install all the stuffs and see.  Regards,Veera

Move from Oracle Streams to Golden gate replication

We have two databases ( 10g and 11g ) with bi directionsl replication setup with streams, we are planning to move to Oracle Golden gate replication.
Can you please advise on the steps/doc's to migrate to golden gate from streams setup, few days back gone through some doc in oracle which had steps to migrate directly from streams to GG but lost that one. Can you please help.
Thanks & Regards,
Please check below if its not help than i suggest rise SR
You can also make post at Forum Home » Database » Replication forum part.
It's not exactly a migration, as in, you are not altering Streams to make it GoldenGate. It is more of an implementation, as in you will be installing and configuring GoldenGate from the ground up, and there is virtually nothing in common between the two (one bug, related to a Streams role that has to be present, but depends on the release you use).
If you are familiar with Streams, you're going to love GoldenGate. If you were going in the opposite direction, you'd be howling.
The only downside to GoldenGate, well, maybe two, is the millions of parameters is has (but the good thing about those is that the vast majority are human readable). The other is the lack of troubleshooting/error handling documentation.
Well worth the time to go through the Oracle Learning Library tutorials for your RDBMS combination (good news: Oracle to Oracle is the easiest, GoldenGate was built mostly around Oracle). The Oracle University class on CD is pretty decent and not horribly expensive.

GoldenGate and Coherence

There is recent requirement where customer has asked for GoldenGate integration with Oracle Coherence.
Can anyone provide some pointers, I have browsed a lot but was didn't get anything substantial.
Some documentation or something + I have also get this thing that above integration is expected in 2012, till now its not possible.
Some of the stuff I browsed suggests that:
1) Using DCN or AQ (along with some triggers , JMS listeners) to publish changes to coherence.
2) Some posts suggested using GG Java API
3) others suggested using GG JMS Adapter.
which was is good or any other option.
You might have better luck on this via MOS. Oracle Coherence and 14th century French poetry - two things I have given up on for ever trying to figure out. 
Thanks for the reply but there is requirement that's why I was trying to figure out something,
also I have seen somewhere in GG documentation that they have mentioned integration of GG with Coherence.
Anyways thanks for reply :)
The out-of-the-box GoldenGate integration with Coherence and TopLink to keep a Coherence cache in-sync with the database (for those times when the database is updated not through the cache) was a coordinated development effort amongst the GoldenGate, TopLink and Coherence products. This feature will work in the upcoming GoldenGate v11.2 "adapters" release, but I just found out myself that this will be shipped with Coherence, as part of the 12c release (but will work in any OGG 11.2 or later release).
In the meantime, you've correctly enumerated your available options.

Golden Gate pdf required

Hi DBA's  I am searching golden gate pdf's for basic knowledge from scratch, but all the time i found i this link"Oracle GoldenGate Documentation Library" . this full doc doesnnot explain about what is golden gate and other basic thiings. COuld you please refer me a link.Link for oracle docs will be preferred one.  Thanks in advance for love support.
Sounds like you are looking for the Admin Guilde (
a good tutorial to start with which demonstrate the replciation between oracle to oracle database including the initial load through GG.
941744 wrote:
I am searching golden gate pdf's for basic knowledge from scratch, but all the time i found i this link"Oracle GoldenGate Documentation Library" .
 That's from GG 10.4, which is over 4 years old. you'll find a lot of info on the Oracle OTN GoldenGate site (including more recent docs): "documentation" => GoldenGate tutorial for Oracle-to-Oracle (v11.2)/
Hi, Mr Soorma's blog is also a good resource. Regards
Other than Oracle documentations, Google is sitting next you, do not under estimate its power. Just give a try to Google and see what comes out. 
Google is good, but there are times where the documentation is better.  Out of all the Oracle documentations, Oracle GoldenGate seems to be the best.

Distincitves of Setting Up Oracle GoldenGate in a Cloud Environment

Hello.   We are currently using Oracle RAC and will be migrating our DB and apps to the Amazon Cloud. In lieu of further continuing with RAC, we will instead be using 2-way replication between data centers as we move to the Amazon Cloud. To accomplish this replication, we will use the latest version (12c) of GoldenGate (GG). We have experience with GG on other programs, so do not need real assistance setting it up 'normally,' so am not looking for direction or links in terms of how it works or how to set it up in that regard. We will likely install it silently using a template, but here is my core question:   Can you advise or point me to any documentation/links that might be UNIQUE to setting up GG in a cloud environment like we will be doing in Amazon's Cloud? Just looking for deltas/different angles that might apply to this particular configuration. Thank you.   Matt 
Check this out will need a MOS oracle sign in to access this document 
HI Sauter , Please use the below link it is much useful for your understandings ., Thanks ,bala Ganesh M