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Hi all,
i am a newbie. i have a production server on HP-Ux and a staging server on RedHat Linux5. Both are Oracle10g R2 versions. now i want the production data available on my staging server. here the Data Guard facility is not feasible,
my doubt is Oracle Golden Gate works on HP-UX environment in this situation for data tansfer from production to staging server.
Is the Golden Gate works in HP-Ux environment?
thanks and regards
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It works for HP-UX. Refer to this metalink doc Oracle GoldenGate Certification Matrix [ID 976287.1]

Or just go to eDelievery and try to download it...
Please note that every build for HP-UX 11.23 also supports 11.31 - just make sure you're not mixing IA64 builds with PA-RISC builds.


Supported DB Versions 9i to 11g

We considering using Golden Gate for Data Migration and Replication.
Does GG support migrating from DB (on HP-UX 11.11, Itanium) to DB 11g (on Solaris 10, Sparc) ?
More than likely yes. The issue for you will be getting a version of GoldenGate for your 9i/platform combo, and you have to contact Oracle support for that. The publicly available releases only cover 10g and up. You can look at under Fusion Middleware to see for yourself.

Download Golden Gate for 11gR2 and for 32-Bit Linux!

Dear All,
I want to test Golden Gate for Oracle 11gR2 on 32-Bit OS.
I found the link in downloads:
But it is only for 64-Bit Linux. Where can I find for 32-Bit Linux. I will appreciate if you can help me.
You need to seach on 
Hi Imran;
I found the link in downloads: link which you mention also provide this info:
Note: Oracle GoldenGate software for other databases and platforms is available at Oracle
You can safely assume if it isn't on that page, it doesn't exist (yet) and maybe it will never exist.
Such questions should not be asked here, but at My Oracle Support.
This forum is not Oracle support, questions are not answered by Oracle employees, and no one can tell anything about Oracle policies.
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Hi Imran,
Its not available.You can raise a request with MY ORACLE SUPPORT.Below I found steps for 64-bit Golden installation,can be useful for you.
Best regards,
Thank you so much all of you. I tried it on edelivery couldn't find.
Do you have any idea in which product pack it could be?
It is also mentioned in the main download page:
Note: Oracle GoldenGate software for other databases and platforms is available at Oracle
Thank you. 
I may be wrong but still, I believe that using e-delivery would mean that you have a valid license because that site is meant for the oracle customers. I would suggest that you should switch over to 64bit system and download the software from OTN.
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Thank to continue out there.
Search on Fusion Middleware, select Linux x86 for platform, find GoldenGate for Linux x86 third item down, click, see the version on the next page, 2d item in the list. 
OGG 11R2 for both Linux and Windows x86 (32 bit) at this time are not posted on OTN or eDelivery and the PM team apologizes for the delay. However, we do have the builds and you just have to send support a request to get access to them. We're trying to resolve this as soon as possible and thanks for your patience.
I think it is a difference between GoldenGate on Linux 32-bit for database 11gR2 versus OGG v11.2.x.
Oracle GoldenGate Command Interpreter for Oracle
Version Build 078
Linux, x86, 32bit (optimized), Oracle 11 on Jul 28 2010 13:22:25
...which runs just fine on database 11gR2


I am about to install Veridata. Server component will be installed on AIX and Agent on Solaris. Database version on AIX is Oracle 11.2 and on Solaris it is Oracle 10.2. I would like to know which Agent is recommended - the Java agent or the C agent for Oracle from performance and resource utilization perspective. The tables that will be compared are pretty large (in the range of million rows). What are the dynamic ports requirements for either of the Agents.
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Please check the following links for veridata installtion and configuration.
Thanks, I have installed C Agent as the the 2 databases to be compared are Oracle 
Great !!

GoldenGate for Solaris 5.8 & Oracle database

Hello experts,
I am very new in Golden Gate and I want to use it in a Solaris 5.8 environment to migrate a Oracle database.
In the GG download page ( it seems that there is no version/release for the Solaris 5.8...
Please, can you tell me which GG version, if any, I can use with Solaris 5.8 & Oracle DB?
Thanks in advance! 
Because 9i is older than dirt, is why you don't see it as a download option. Contact Oracle support via your MOS account to get a copy. 
Hi Steven,
thank you for your answer but I didn't understand it quite well.
When you refer to the version 9i you mean the version of GG, right? Because I just need the GG software not also the DB one.
If so, you are telling me that to install GoldenGate on a Solaris 5.8 server I need the version 9, is correct?
Thank you again. 
You need a version of GoldenGate compatible with 9i and your operating system. You will have to contact support to get that. 9i isn't even supported - why would you still have downloads for ancillary products on your website, if you were running this business? That's all. 
I need GG for a Zero-Downtime migration from Siebel 7.5 (on a Oracle Database 9i) to Siebel 8.1 (on a Oracle Database 11g) so, as far I understood, I need to install GG on both DBs hence my question...bye

Request for installation and replication step by step process for Oracle GoldenGate V11. for Oracle 11g 64bit on Windows 2003, 2008 (64bit) (34 MB)

Hi. I am very new to Oracle golden gate and need to implement immediately. I have installed Oracle GoldenGate V11. for Oracle 11g 64bit on Windows 2003, 2008 (64bit) (34 MB) software in source and target machines. I did not find windows related documents much. Can any one share me detailed process for replication in windows environment. Thanks in advance. Thanks&Regards,Raghu
Part number B68076-03 at eDelivery, under Fusion Middleware Windows x64. Follow the steps in the installation guide. What do you actually have? Server 2003 or 2008?
Hi Stevencallan, Thanks for your response. I already downloaded into my system. Now I am looking for a guide for replicating data from source system to target system in windows environments(source & Target). Thanks&Regards,Raghu
Here is the link to the current 11.2 documents. The Oracle Install and Setup Guide under the Oracle GoldenGate section has the details about installing for an Oracle database, including on a Windows system. The Administrator's  Guide also has information about OGG in general and is worth reviewing first perhaps. Good luck. Oracle GoldenGate Documentation Library
Thanks for your information. Regards,Raghu