GOLDEN GATE Installation - GoldenGate

Is there any document available for goldengate installation on RAC environment(with 2 nodes). 

Please see the Oracle Installation and Setup Guide, which you can download here:
Pay particular attention to the "add extract" command option "threads".
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Thyanks joe 

Hello all.
I've one question: I would like to setup GG on the ORACLE server and where one schema is source and other schema is target. It will on the one instance of Orcle server.
will it works&
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I'm a little confused by the question but if I understand it correctly, you can replicate within the same database between any two tables or schemas. You'll have an extract write to a local trail and then have a replicat read from that trail and apply changes.
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Oracle Golden Gate Replication !

We want to deploy replication using Oracle Golden Gate
We can configure replication for multi users without loosing a single transaction.
We can configure replication from windows 2003 to linux?
We want full schema replication including tables, functions, procedures etc.
It will automatically cover gap when both databases get live after network outage.
Full documentation and support available fro oracle support ?
Waiting for your help and opinions.
Naeem Sheeraz 
Hi Naeem,
You can grab all the docs here:
Which will give you the details regarding:
We can configure replication from windows 2003 to linux?
We want full schema replication including tables, functions, procedures etc.But in short, we can go between pretty much all major platforms (OS and DB) so Oracle on Windows 2003 to Oracle Linux is no problem. We support DDL (e.g. create table, function, procedure, etc.) but you'll want to read up on the details in the documentation.
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Thanks, I under stand. 
Hi Naeem,
Again, you can grab all the docs here:
The software should be able to handle what you have listed so if you have some specific question about the docs then please let us know.
Please remember that with any logical replication (OGG, Streams, etc.) we don't replicat a, for example, function or trigger execution but rather the result of that function or trigger, which is written to the redo logs and picked up by the extract. However, if you change the definition of a function or trigger then the corresponding DDL can be replicated.
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Goldengate log file

Caqn any one help on this,
1.Whether GG fetching the changed datas from oracle online redolog file or archived log file?
2.Is it possible to create single Extract for two datapumps.
Thanks in Advance
Hi Annamalai,
1.Whether GG fetching the changed datas from oracle online redolog file or archived log file?GG by default reads data from online redolog files and archive log files when there is a need (i.e. long running transaction).
You can set it to read only from archived logs by using "ARCHIVEDLOGONLY" option of "TRANLOGOPTIONS" parameter.
2.Is it possible to create single Extract for two datapumps.Yes, it is possible. You can have two data pumps reading from the same trail file created by one Extract. Be sure not to use "PURGEOLDEXTRACTS" parameter in the pumps in such configuration (you can use it in the Manager though).
Hi Dominik,
Thanks a lot for your valuable info.
Dear Dominik,
Is there any documents available for GoldenGate installation on RAC enironment?
Thanks is advance
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Dear Annamalai,
You can download GG documentation from
1. Select language
2. Provide your personal data
3. Select "Oracle Fusion Middleware" in product pack field and select your platform, click "go"
4. Select "Oracle GoldenGate on Oracle Media Pack..." and click "continue".
5. Select "Oracle GoldenGate Documentation on Oracle" and click "download"
We actually stopped posting the new (OGG 11.1+) docs on eDelivery so the new docs can only be found here:
Dominik and Joe.
Thanks for your great help


Here my questions are,
1) while i am doing any updation in source side it is not affect in destination side basically where is the problem
2) ; is very important in extract and replicate configuration file in the very last line for example (*TABLE SCOTT.EMP*;)
3) What all are basic parameters we want to configure the extract ext1,dpump and replicate rep1
4) what are all basic parameter we have to specify the source and destination side of the manager
5) For suppose i want to replicate the thousands of schemas at a time means what configuration i want to do
6) Actually I tried to download the golden gate for Linux x86 but in OTN it's not there i tried in in there also it's not there any one send me the particular site location it's very helpful to me
Hi Ram,
please let me know
1. Database version and operating system version?
2. you want to do only DDL replication or DML replication or BOTH?
Thanks and Regards,
Hi Satish,
1. My database version is 11g R1 and OS version is RHEL 4.
2. I want to replicat both DDL and DML.
and also I want to configure ACTIVE-ACTIVE. Can please share some thing related to ACTIVE-ACTIVE.
Please refere oracle 11g reference guide.... its really helpful..... 
please specify the book name for oracle GG (active-active). i am ready to buy the book. please suggest me. i want to configure oracle GG(active-active)
The GoldenGate forum is over here:
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There are two books on the market: one from Apress and one from Packt. The Apress book has more examples in it.
Your basic A-A setup has on the source:
an extract that sends trails to a target
a replicat that processes trails sent from the target
On the target:
a replicat that processes/applies trails from the source
an extract that sends trails to the source
So, using short names for processes:
Source has exta2b and repb2a
Target has extb2a and repa2b
None of this involves a data pump/secondary extract, which you should use per best practices.
You started this thread a long time ago. Where are you now in terms of trying this and have you at least made a one-way replication work?
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Thanks for your response.
I have been configured ACTIVE-PASSIVE. Till now i am unable to configure the ACTIVE-ACTIVE. can you suggest me .
Please send the Golden Gate (ACTIVE-ACTIVE) document asap. 
You have the information at hand. If you built replication one way, just reverse the setup to go the other way. 
I tried to replicate from 2-1 but i have lot of questions here. can you please advice me.
Without being a mind reader, advise you on what questions?

GG Implementation

Hi Experts,
There is a GG requiremnet. I have to install oracle goldengate on unix server on both source and target. source currently as a OLTP . the db version is oracle 11gr1. i would like to know the suitable initial load mechanism for implementing this.
1. Only one schema have to replicate to target server. only uni directional mechanism basic one.
2. that schema having only 13 tables maximum number of rows is 5 million
3. db size is 30GB only...
what is the recommented solution for initial loading process, whether we can go with expdp/impdp wth help of scn number. or can use GG initial load and change sync symaltaniously. please suggest what is the recommentation for this requirement. source DB is a production database. please advice. 
I have used Oracle GoldenGate direct load for initial load. For your environment I think the same will workout. 
Thanks for you suggestion, can you please provide the step for initial load..... when we have to start the initial load extract and change data extract. when start the change capture extract , whether need to start the extract with scn or any point in time? how gg exactly start from after initial load point? which process needs to be started first? please guide me
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Refer to
In that refer to "Running an initial load" (chapter 16) and within that look into "Loading data with an Oracle GoldenGate direct load".
In case of any question I can help.

GG upgrade to

We have bi-directional (DDL enabled) GG environment and we have currently GG code on and planning to upgrade GG code to on Linux 64:
1) while upgrading if we have many log switches (both source and target DBs) than redo log will be flushed to archive log, so how after upgrade extract will know from where to start replicating? or no operations should occur on DB?
2) If extract knows that it needs to use archive logs than how will it get the info for correct archive log? What are the commands?
I read upgrade guide but could not find information about it.
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Oracle GoldenGate documentation is here:
Specifically the upgrade doc is here:
In short, checkpoint information is kept on process file input and output in the $OGG_HOME/dirchk directory. As long as you follow the upgrade instructions, when you start the 11.2 installation everything will pick up right where you left off. There is no requirement to stop database activity, only replication will take a slight outage, but will not lose any change data.
Good luck,
Thanks Joe for that explaination.
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