GG Director read only mode - GoldenGate

Hello all,
I used GG Director with a diagram of my configuration to follow up the extracts and replicats process in place.
I have a request to provide a read only account with GG Director (an account not able to start and stop process , only right for informations).
Does anybody know how to do that ?
I saw command security fonctionnality for ggsci commands , but couldn't rely with GG director account, any help on that ?

Please check out pages 18-20 of the Director Admin Guide. But in short, go to the Admin Tool -> Data Sources -> Access Control -> Host is observable
From the docs:
Host is observable: Select this option to allow other users to see this data source from their Director clients. They will be able to see the host, monitor the Manager and GoldenGate processes, and view the parameters. They can query for status and configuration information, but they cannot control processes or alter configurations.

Hi Joe,
thanks for answering.
I did exactly what is documented but in fact it was not working in the release i'm using ( . I needed to upgrade to release
(need to reinstall full stack , weblo + GG Director for that, SR "#3-2024575421: Unable to reinstall GG Director" is open for that at the developement level )
Now my read account is working.


IT Analytics not showing Database Details

HI,We are using Oracle MANAGEMENT Cloud. We subscribed for APM and IT Analytics. Purpose is to monitor our Host, Agent, Database and E-Business Suite.Now as per process,1. We installed Gateway Agent2. We installed Data Collector. We have on premise OEM as well. So added that information while install.3. We installed Cloud agent. We have on premise OEM as well. So added that information while install. Now before going to install APM agent we wanted to check whether we can see Database Alerts, AWR data etc in OMC console. But we cant. Even though the databases are appearing in Entity list we cant see any alert, statistics, AWR data about them.Trying to enable IT Analytics service for a database(OCCDB) from Application-Administration page is giving the following error msg, * Error occurred during ITA subscription. Agent/Lama not found for: OCCDB,omc_oracle_db. Where as all agents are perfectly running and no issues. Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks for using the forums!   This can happen in a couple of situations.  Most likely, it's not finding the right association needed.   When you deployed the Data Collector against OEM, did you create the omcgroup?  If so, in that group, have you added the host, EM agent, database, listener, asm, etc. all related targets as Direct members to the omcgroup?  We've seen this message upon enabling ITA when the agent or host is not added to the omcgroup. Please check and let me know.    
Hi Courtney, Yes I have created "omcgroup". Initially I have added Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Database System as the type of targets for the group. I can see OCCDB is a member of that group. Post that I deployed data collector and cloud agent. Now post your suggestion j have also added "agent" and "host" targets in that omcgroup. But the same error persist in OMC console. Do I have to delete Data Collector and Cloud agent and re install them to take the changed effect?In that case what will happen to the already added entity in OMC console? 
Sorry I just now saw your reply, please let me know if you're still having issues...
Hi, I can not be sure, how about check the target DB version?In my case, 10g  is not supported by IM.11g over is suppoprted in IM. Good Luck.Thanks.
I have had some challenges with this. Looks like you checked the most common issue with the DBs not in the EM group. Is the working directory getting cleaned out. Look there and make sure files are getting picked up. I had a client that had an issue due to directory permissions. Erik

Unable to create database instance on oracle cloud

Hi, I am trying to create a database instance on oracle cloud, however facing the Timeout Issues.Same is the issue while creating other services such as "Storage classic" . Navigation : Login to oracle cloud -> Dashboard -> Create Instance -> Database I've tried on different browsers ( IE, chrome, mozilla ) and still the timeout issue persists. Please help. ThanksAmarnath
Hi Amarnath, This is not the right space to ask this question as this space is related to Oracle GoldenGate. It would be better if the moderator routes this thread to the correct space. Regards,Veera
Thanks Veera.  I've modified the discussion tag to " Cloud Infrastructure"
Suggest you try from a browser on one of the cloud VMS. This will eliminate any latency from your own machine to the cloud
Hi Robin, Thanks for your reply.At the very first instance,there are issues in creating a Virtual machine. After clicking " create compute classic instance" , its redirected to a blank page. Attached are the screenshot for references. ThanksAmarnath
Hmm , this looks like it might be specific to your domain as instance creation is working fine in mine. I have seen that on a slow connection pats of the page load asynchronously and on a slow connection it may fail to load. what is your connection method and speed ?
Its a leased line and 100 mbps speed.
Are you trying to create instance in the Oracle cloud trail account ?  I am facing similar issues while trying to create instances using trail account. I have posted my issue here, but no response yet.! Unable to Create instance # Free Trail account 
Hi Saran, yes, i am trying to create instance using Oracle cloud trail account.
Okie! Then, it looks like trail accounts are having the problem. I have contacted Oracle cloud advocacy team, but they are not able to find any solution and they asked me to contact technical support team. So, I called them, but no support for trail accounts and I had created a SR but they said that support is involved only for fully subscribed orders/accounts/instances. I am wondering who can help us in this case  Thank you!Br,Saran.
Hi Saran, Can you share the SR# that you've created  ?
It looks like it is working now. Can you please give a try? FYI., This is the SR# 3-17209208721.
Yah i am able to connect.

Goldengate DR Configuration for zero data loss?

Due to delay in dataguard standby conversion, we are considering the Goldengate as DR option. Anybody can help me on the below questions1.How to configure the goldengate for zero data loss? Configuration please2. If i can configure one way replication, what happens if second site got activate and needs to sync back to primary(first) site? Will it resume sync  where it has stopped?3.To overcome the above sync back issue,  if  i configure bi-replication from first to second site and to avoid any data writing in second site will it possible to make the readonly?4. Sometime we add a new schemas and change the privileges, will it replicate this changes in second site automatically? please let me know any further challenges in this golden model? Appreciate your reply
Appreciate anybody reply my query
See:  But also of course see the following (links to the documentation, articles, more whitepapers -- lots of stuff that you're looking for is here, and too much to copy/paste/post in this forum):  (scroll to the bottom for more links; click on "Documentation" for product documentation)product docs => => Administrators guide, Reference guide, Oracle Installation Guide, Troubleshooting guide

Golden Gate

To Monitoring Golden Replication between source and target, is it possible to configure alert in OEM oris anyother way to monitor Replication
Hi, Regards
thank you so much for the kind response currently we are using 12c grid and i will install the plug in will update you soon
you're welcome my friend Kind Regards
I have installed the plug-in and i followed the steps which was given in the url but the console throw the metric error in the status column Could you please advise on this Thanks and regards,Rajesh.M   
can anyone help me on this
Please help me on this
Did you search it on metalink? What excatly error are you getting? Regards
The documentation for the GoldenGate monitor product, plus the Enterprise Manager plugin, is under the GG 11.2 docs,, see and 
in order to monitor using OEM is it possible to moinitor golden gate using shell script i am not familiar with shell scripting and i am searching in google
There are all kinds of ways to monitor GoldenGate.  I have a few blog posts on monitoring located at All my posts on GoldenGate can be found here: Golden Gate | DBASolved Let me know if you have any questions. Bobby
thanks for the response I read the link another way to configure golden gate monitor using perl script in OEM 12C Golden Gate running in AIX, is it possible to run the perl scrit AIX BOX 
looking forward to your reply
856913 wrote:
looking forward to your reply
 Please contact Oracle support.   Suggestions provided in these forums require a certain minimum level of expertise to implement.  These are not the droids you are looking for.
Monitoring Oracle GoldenGate is a good topic and it lead me to present on this topic at Collaborate 14 in Las Vegas this year.  If you would like to see the slides from that presentation, you can find them here : How many ways to monitor oracle golden gate-Collaborate 14 Scripts from the presentation and others can be found here: There is also a small project getting started about using SQL Developer to monitor Oracle GoldenGate.  I have the inital items on my blog if intersted : Thanks Bobby

What to collect for a new GG environment?

Hi, Gurus, I would like all of your input how what I should collect to get myself quickly into the job role.  Thanks in advance.
I am new to a company and was assigned to handle GG environment. 
I would like all of your input how what I should collect to get myself quickly into the job role.
 Go the Oracle Learning Library (from  => Oracle Learning Library (OLL) ) and search for GoldenGate. Set up replication on a Linux VM; you can do the tutorials by setting up a single Oracle database, replicating from one schema (e.g., gg1) to another schema (e.g., gg2). And try (it won't be easy) to read through the admin guide, referencing the reference guide as necessary => One familiar with the basics, you can get an overview of what your configuration is doing by looking at the prm files ({gg_home}/dirprm/*.prm}) and reading report/status files (dirrpt/*.rpt), again dissecting these with the help of  the reference guide. If you are using GG monitoring tools, of course also use those to get an overview of your replication, but GG is easily & most frequently used from the command line, as opposed to being a GUI-based application. Finally, you can run some ggsci commands in your environment to get the "status" of your replication (preferably a test environment first, and then, just read-only status-related commands).... Good luck,-m --Message was edited by: MikeN