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I would like to say thanks to the internal Oracle folks who set us up with a forum. We know there's been some pent up demand and we hope this helps the users become more familiar with Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) and helps us make a product you love.
Chris, Chris, Glenn, Nick & joe 

No doubt, This forum is very much helpful for OGG users, Im also like to share my thanks to Oracle folks.


Compatiblity of J2EE and Oracle???

Does anyone know if J2EE works well with Oracle databases? 
Oh yeah.
Do a little reading on the Oracle sight regarding this topic and you will see that Oracle is extremely committed to java, j2ee, and extensions there of. 
btw boulder forge. Are you in Boulder? If so tell your employees you've found a slave who knows Oracle but wants experience in Java. --wwhalenc#yahoo.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Thanks for the info.
Sorry I'm not in Boulder.


I know this is not a java topic but I'm stumped. I'm trying to find a good forumn on Oracle programming, any suggestions. The oracle site is no good.
Thanks for the help. 
try on http://groups.yahoo.com/

Acquiring JCAPS

What is the procedure for getting JCAPS?
ask a sun sales person at sun.[your country code or com]
buy the software install it use it?
..... pleas be a bit more specific with your question.
regards chris

Where can I download Java 6SE 6u81 for windows 64?

Can someone give me the URL?  Thanks.  
Hi,If you have oracle support, the right place to do the question is *Getting Started (MOSC) My Oracle Support Community Good luck !
Thank you, I have posted my question there also and am waiting for an answer.
Dear Friend, you will get the updated software from the below url, Java SE 6u24 Download  Thanks
Thank you, but is it not possible to get 6u81?

Licensing Questions

Hi all,
I spoke with a Sales rep from Sun and it seems Sun Java Messaging Server is a free product. The only time you need to buy a license is if you want maintenance and updates from Sun.
Is this correct? Does anyone have more information about it?
I'm also looking for the single host install guide, if someone has a link, please, post it.
Thank you,
Marco Bicca 
Yes, you are right. You do not need a license to go production if you do not require support.
Chee Chong, Low 
Hey, cool, thanks much for the answer and the link.
Marco Bicca