Not able to access http://localhost:8080/apex - ORDS, SODA & JSON in the Database

Hi Brothers,
i have upgraded apex 4 from my oracle 10g XE edition on windows xp professional and configured apex listener on glassfish server..........but unable to access error: access denied,
please help me or email the apex-config configuration docs at

The fix for running on XE is coming soon.


machine.config not getting updated

Hello Gurus, I was working on EPM environment and my EPMA dimension server doesn't want to get configured. I checked the config logs and found the following in it.. Oracle Data Provider for .NET entry doesn't exist in C:\Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework64/v2.0.50727/CONFIG/machine.config, please install it before configuring EPMA repository I have installed "64-bit ODAC 12c Release 4 ( for Windows x64" but when I run the EPM configurator, it gives me the following warning message The oracle data access client is not installed. So I reinstalled it again, went through various posts which suggest to reinstall client separately..but I still get the same message. I am not sure what is causing the issue. Is there a way to update the machine.config file? Thank you in advance
ODP 12c on are you sure that is supported, I would uninstall that and install the full 11g Oracle client. Cheers Joihn
Thank you John.. Would "64-bit ODAC 11.2 Release 5 ( for Windows x64" be suppored?
There is Oracle client information available in the docs - Oracle Database Installation InformationI always used to install the full client and never had issues.
Hi John, I just installed the version - "64-bit ODAC 11.2 Release 5 ( for Windows x64" however when I reran the configurator I got the same message 
Thank you so much John. I configured complete Oracle database client 11gR2 and I am now able to configure the EPMA database. Hopefully this should resolve the EPMA issue now.
Why don't you just install the full client, ahh I see you have  Error Configuring EPMA Database: 'The Oracle Data Access Client is not installed' (Doc ID 1210084.1) Perform a custom installation of the Oracle client software on the Performance Management Architect Dimension Server. From the list of available components make sure Oracle Data Provider for .NET 2.0 is selected.

Need help to configuring Oracle APEX Listener

Hi all,
I have setup Oracle 11g with Oracle APEX 4.0.2.
we have hosted server and we want to configure Oracle APEX Listener, and we would like to go with Advanced Configuration so can any one suggest us the prerequisite software to be installed or any other software to configure Oracle APEX Listener?
Any help would be appreciated.
If you need any further details let me know.
Thanks in Advance,
Jaydip Bosamiya
+91 - 76000 23053

oracle 11g XE homepage

Hi I had a Oracle 10 g XE . I upgrade to 11g XE. ı installed succesfully 11g XE bu it hasnt gotohomepage .. I cant access homepage what can ı do?
When I click getstarted the error occured.
Windows cannot find ''. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and try again.another question is When I was using oracle 10g xe ,I had Oracle apex 4.0 . Now 11g xe has a apex and what should ı do existing apex?
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if you didn't change the port from the default, you should be able to access the homepage via
Do you have any other service running on that port? And did the upgrade from 10g XE to 11g XE (beta!) work as intended?
11g XE has APEX 4.0.2 preinstalled. You can just export data and applications from 10g and import them to 11g. This is the documented upgrade procedure. I'd recommend to start reading on that point here:
Thanks Udo I dont know how it solved.
Firstly errors occured and I coulndt acces homepage now,
I can accesS . 
An issue with %httpport% variable subsitution/expansion has been reported earlier in this forum; {thread:id=2205536}.
On what Windows edition did you install? Also, is it 64-bit Windows? (e.g. use the System control panel, or winver command)
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Apex Listener 2.0 on weblogic 12c

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have recently installed Oracle 11gR2, Apex 4.2, WebLogic 12, and Apex Listener apex_listener Version:
I wanted to run ListenerConfigure page, yet I saw the page content of below text:
This installation has not yet been configured
Please consult your Oracle Application Express Listener documentation for instructions on how to complete configuration of this instance.
This instance is using the following configuration folder:
Anyone have experience with that?
Hello Saeed,
I wanted to run ListenerConfigure pageThis page is not available in APEX Listener 2 EA. Use the command line configuration or SQL Developer 3.2 instead, as documented in the EA installation guide.
This page is available in APEX Listener 2 EA on WebLogic 12. Anyway, how can I do configuration on SQL Developer 3.2?please, with sample.
Best regard,

Error creating plug-in in Apex 4.2 using GlassFish and ORDS

Hi All, Having problems importing plugins in Apex 4.2.4 using Glassfish and ORDS. Error message:ORA-20987: APEX - Execution  of the statement was unsuccessful. ORA-20001: Error creating plug-in id="7527582887400956434" ORA-20001: Application ID and current security group ID are not consistent. Error_On_Component_Type:WWV_FLOW_SECURITY Error_On_Component_Name:FINAL_EXCEPTION_HANDLER Environment:Linux- Oracle11g r2 Linux database. Windows 2012- Glassfish version Oracle Restfull Data Service Is there a way to simply log the Glassfish / ORDS environment to find out what's the database connection it's using and the security information that is passed and used in the Apex environment?  P.S:When using the Oracle 11g WebTier HTTP Server on Windows 2012 or the IIS Thoth Gateway on Windows 2012 i can import the plug-in without any problem.  Any help or advice will be much appreciated. Thx, Anibal