unable to install apex listener in oracle 10g xe - ORDS, SODA & JSON in the Database

i have oracle 10g xe in my window xp pro and upgraded it to application express 4 i.e apex...after that i downloaded apex lisntener1.10. and read the documentations and confused about installing and configuring it. Because i think it require jdk6 ...please help me..show me the step by step process do it...thanks 

It requires a separate application server that uses jdk16. Free servers/containers would include Tomcat 6 and Glassfish 3.
You can continue to use the included EPG that runs your Apex currently also, without an additional server setup.

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Apex Listener Installation

I've Oracle 11g on Windows Server 2003. I was trying to install APEX 4.0. I've run APEX installation scripts. Now next step is to configure APEX Listener. I've FORMS 10g application running on this server. For this application I am using OC4J instance.
My question is can I use this OC4J or I've to download OC4J from
and configure it separately????
I am new to APEX. I don't know much abt it...
Thanks in advance for your responses. 
Anybody.....plz help me..... 
Did you read the install doc and try it out ?
Thanks for ur reply
I referred to Installation Guide.
I've run apexins.sql and performed other steps. Next step is to install Apex Listener. So I reffered to
But it says
"C. Installing with OC4J "
1. Download OC4J
2. Unzip oc4j_extended_101340.zip
I just want to confirm that Do I need to download and install or I can use the one which I am using for Forms10g.
I am sorry if my question appears illogical to you. Actually I am a forms developer and I don't know anything abt APEX.
Thanks again for your response 
If you are using APEX Listener, then you can't use the Forms10g install, as that is 10.1.2.x and uses JDK 1.4, where as APEX Listener requires JDK 1.6
So Do I need to download from above specified link or.....I cannot install both of them together???? 
You would follow those instructions, yes. You can run it on your same Forms10g server so long as there are no port conflicts and it has the resources (ram, cpu, etc) to run both. 
I'll follow the steps.....
Thanks a lot

EBS - R12.1.3

Is it possible to deploy the Apex Listener in a EBS R12.1.3 OracleAS environment using the AS OC4J? We want to keep the install as vanilla as possible (i.e. no Glassfish). Also mod_plsql in not an option for EBS R12.
We have read document 1306563.1 which states:
The APEX Listener is a JAVA EE based solution that will work with many Web Listeners and is certified with ...... and OC4J.
Pl see previous discussions on this topic - https://forums.oracle.com/forums/search.jspa?threadID=&q=EBS&objID=f137&dateRange=thisyear&userID=&numResults=15
Hello Greg,
the EBS R12.1.3 comes with the latest OAS and that again contains the latest OC4J as of the time it has been released, so this will be fine. Just make sure your OC4J uses the appropriate JDK. It has to be at least JDK 1.6.0_20
Check the below link can help:
The steps are there for EBS 12.1.1 but I feel you can do same for EBS 12.1.3,other option will be to use Oracle 10gSOA instead of apex listener for this purpose.
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Documentation EA2

Is there any place I can find the up to date documentation about EA2, or what is released yet???
I need something to read about the changes for the 2.0 release. I spent last night searching why I couldn't use restfull webservices when in the end I hadn't executed the patch in the listener folder :p
Also if you're still under tomcat I highly recommend to not use secure access unless you have experience in setting up ssl in tomcat (https).
Ok I realized I'm looking in the wrong direction. If anyone needs more information about restfull webservices whatch here: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37097_01/doc/doc.42/e35128/restful_svc.htm#BABHHHEA
But still. Are the users that are created with the patch documented at some place. I understand they are part of the dictionary now?
Hi Nico,
I cite the EA2 documentation (which also ships with the EA2 installation package...)
If you wish to use RESTful Services with Oracle Application Express Listener 4.1.1 you must apply a patchset to Oracle Application
Express. The patchset is not required for Oracle Application Express 4.2. Follow the instructions below:
Switch to the folder where you unzipped Oracle Application Express Listener
Open the folder named: apex_patch
Follow the instructions in the file named README.txtThis patch actually creates the APEX_LISTENER and APEX_REST_PUBLIC_USER database users.
Hi Udo,
Ok I see it now. The documentation is in the installation package.
It is not the case if you install ApEx 4.2 - these two users are NOT created in the database by the 4.2 install process. 
It is not the case if you install ApEx 4.2 - these two users are NOT created in the database by the 4.2 install process.That's only true if you didn't perform the APEX 4.2 installation as documented. Take a look at the [url http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37097_01/doc/install.42/e35123/otn_install.htm#BABFGHFJ]corresponding part of the APEX 4.2 installation guide.
so it would appear! I've installed ApEx so many times that the last thing I'd do would be to RTFM ! Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

ava Servlet Specification 2.3 or later.

Dear all,
i have installed apex_4.2.1 on oracle 11g xe using microsoft windows environment.
now i have downloaded the latest version of Oracle Application Express Listener which required Java Servlet Specification 2.3 or later.
from where i could download and installable version of Java Servlet Specification 2.3 or later?
kindly guide me.
About System Requirements
Java Servlet Specification 2.3 or higher.That just means you need to run it in a container that support that version of the spec or later.
For example, Tomcat 6, or Glassfish 3, or actually just about anything you will come across these days.
thank you so much, i am just downloading it, and will update you after installation.
thank you so much. 
i have downloaded and installed glassfish.
it works, but a little problem occured during the apex listener installation.
it asks as below
Enter the APEX static resources location or Enter to skip:what should i put here?
You need to answer with the path to the image folder inside the APEX installation.

Can apex 4.2 be installed over Oracle XE10g DB?

Hi All,
I have to install Apex 4.2 over Oracle XE for reporting purposes. I got the APEX 4.2 downloadable from OTN. I followed the tutorial http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23903_01/doc/doc.41/e21673/otn_install.htm#BABHHIJB. Now when i ran +#apxrtins SYSAUX SYSAUX TEMP /i/+ command and changed the admin password and tried to open the homepage of my DB and unlocked APEX_PUBLIC_USER account, it shown me that as blank. So i thought i need apex listener for this to open up. I installed apex Listener using java -jar apex.war command. Even now, i am getting a blank page over this, no error comes up over SQL PLUS for Apex Listener. I am not able to trouble shoot this .
So after doing all this a question came to my mind can apex be installed over ORACLE XE? I have read a forum where it says yes you can install but i did not find anything relevant more than that.
Please help.
Thanks in advance. 
Hi Avi,
I have to install Apex 4.2 over Oracle XE for reporting purposes. I got the APEX 4.2 downloadable from OTN. I followed the tutorial http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23903_01/doc/doc.41/e21673/otn_install.htm#BABHHIJB.Why did you use the Installation Guide for APEX 4.1 when you are installing APEX 4.2?
Now when i ran #apxrtins SYSAUX SYSAUX TEMP /i/ command So you just want a runtime installation?
tried to open the homepage of my DB Which would that be?
Note two things:
1. The "database homepage" that ships with your XE is a special APEX application. This application will be lost as soon as you upgrade or reinstall APEX, because it has been "tailored" into the scenario XE using the APEX version that shipped with XE.
2. A runtime installation does not have the web based GUI (workspace login, application builder, etc.). It's really just the APEX runtime for deploying your applications (through a SQL interface like SQL*Plus or SQL Developer). If you want more, you need a development environment (full install).
A third aspect would be the question whether you've upgrade your APEX images to 4.2.
So after doing all this a question came to my mind can apex be installed over ORACLE XE?Yes, as documented in the [url http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37097_01/doc/install.42/e35123/pre_require.htm#BABFCFBC]Oracle Database Requirement section of the Installation Guide for 4.2, you can install APEX 4.2 on XE databases since 10.2 XE. I can assure you from personal experience that this actually works with and without APEX Listener.
Side note: You need APEX Listener if you want to use certain features like RESTful Webservices built into APEX 4.2.
Hi Udo,
Thanks for that illustrated reply. It gave me a lot of food to think and understand the concepts. here is what I got.
The first thing I got to know was Oracle XE itself has APEX, so the question whether it can be installed over it was stupidity of me(got it later). For listener, yes you cleared all the mess in my brain in just one sentence. Kudosss and Thanks a lot.