Apex Listener - Glassfish - ORDS, SODA & JSON in the Database

I am trying to launch the apex page once the apex listener is configured and I get the following message:
HTTP Status 404 - Requested url is not allowed.
I changed the username, password apex-config.xml in the apex_listener. folder.
Please advise.
Thanks in advance,

If you go through the installation guide, it will walk you through setting up the listener: http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/database/application_express/apex_listener/APEX_Listener_v1.pdf
This specific problem is the "Allowed Procedures" which is a cross check to make sure that only the code that you specifically allow will be executed through the listener. An example of this would be:
apex, p, v, f, n, wwv_flow*, z

Hi Richard,
Thanks for the response.
I am not able to apply the changes I am making. I still get the same error when I hit apply. Please advise.

You can edit the apex-config.xml file directly. On Unix/Linux this is in /tmp/apex/ by default. Look and see if the changes you have made are there.

I am doing it locally on my windows machine. The apex-config.xml is in the apex_listener. folder. What should be the exact location of the config file on my machine?

The server.log shows the same error as in [http://kr.forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=1093810&tstart=0]
and it is coming up now.


What is the user\password requested when trying to access listener config

Slightly puzzled by this one!
I'm trying to set up the Apex Listener with Apex 4.0 using TomCat.
When I get to step 7 in the Apex Listener Instructions
Visit http://localhost:8080/apex/Config to configure the Oracle Application Express Listener.
When I navigate to this location, I am prompted to enter a username\password
What user\password should I enter at this point?
Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide! 
You must enter a user/password existing in your database.
such as apex_public_user/password_of_apex_public_user
Do it and talk me about
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i had the same problem - try:
Thank you both for taking the time to reply.
I will look into both and update the thread 
sorry if you don't login in tomcat administration before. you must enter login and password of a manager user on tomcat .
The user is the one you give when installing tomcat.
If you have forgotten it : see it to: C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\conf\tomcat_users.xml
and choose one whop have role='manager' 
mblumm wrote:
i had the same problem - try:
MarcusThanks a lot Marcus, that resolved the problem. 
now i even found where i have it from
There you will also see how to define Tomcat Users in order to view the admin Pages (what madiaw was saying)

Dynamic Loading of classpath?

Hi all,
Currently whenever the [Classpath] setting under [Java]-->[Configure JVM Attributes] is changed, the server needs to be restarted - Clicking on the [Load Configuration Files] does not effect the change, only clicking the [Apply Changes] button (effectively restarting the server) does the trick.
Are there any relevant documentations that mention the above ? I've tried searching in the Sun ONE Application Server docus but couldn't find any explicit description of the above.
Someone please kindly advise.
Thank you!

Change repository password - JDBC Driver mismatch errors

Hi All,
I have IDM 6.0 with Db2 8.1 installed. I am trying to change the repository password.Here are the steps i followed:
1. Created a local file repository and pointed IDM to localfiles
2. Ran lh setrepo and changed the password for the repository.
When i entered the command and pressed enter i am getting 'JDBC Driver Mismatch' errors.
I tried set licence also but the error says 'Have you run setrepo?'
How do i fix this error?
Anyhelp is greatly appreciated.
Hi Sungirl,
I believe that as the error message suggests an incorrect driver has been specified. If I am right you have come across this error when you have run the 'lh setRepo' command.
I would ask you to try 'lh setup' and check the name of the JDBC driver. Also you can change the password here.
Also please make sure you have selected/configured the JDBC option and not the data source option.
Hope that helps.
All the Best,
Hi zebra8,
Thanks for you reply. You are right, i encountered this error when trying to run lhsetrepo.
As you suggested, i tried doing lh setup, and realised oracle JDBC driver was used to connect to DB2 database(???????).
I tried changing the driver to DB2(JDBC) option but for some reason it was not pulling up the location of the database.
Any ideas what is happening here?
Thanks for your help. 
Please explain ..."I tried changing the driver to DB2(JDBC) option but for some reason it was not pulling up the location of the database."
Have you got the driver installed a the proper location?
If yes, Please send me the error you are getting.
Will try to see what could be the problem
Thanks for your reply.
When i run lhsetup it opens a GUI where we have to select the repository type.The window name is "Locate the Repository".
This window automatically pulls up the repository location (right at the top) once you choose a repositoy type. It is displayed under
Current Location:
"your current repository location".
However, once i choose the repository type, under current location i get "Error getting current location".
Can you point me on what could be wrong or missing?
Thanks again for your help. 
Hi Sungirl,
I have run into this problem a couple of months ago. The database was Mysql.
I tried my best to remove this but of no avail. i even tried to instal a fresh repository which i didbut i couldn't connect to IDM during setup and was getting the same error as you say.
Finally, installing the whole setup after installing a new version (yes, I removed the old JDK) set things right.
If you can do this I believe this would fix your problem. But I am not very sure as my db was Mysql.
Hope that helps.
If you come across a better solution do let us know. Please tell me how you came to face this issue so that I will try to help you out if possible.
Hi Zebra8,
I appreciate your help with this issue.
I spent sometime troubleshooting it and now when i try to access the idm URL it's redirecting me to /idm/configure/fileimport.jsp.
This is becasue i am still pointing to the old (temporary) repository. I am trying the point it back to db2 using lh setrepo but i am getting the following error:
==> COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.DB2Exception: [IBM][JDBC Driver] CLI0615E Error receiving from socket, server
is not responding. SQLSTATE=08S01
I made sure i am able to telnet to the unix box from the db server and vice versa.
Appreciate if anyone can point me on what i'm missing here.
Hi sungirl,
Think you can try importing init.xml into your repository, logooff IDM , restart app server and loin back to IDM
See if you are able to overcome this issue.
Hope that helps.
Please ensure you are typing the setRepo command in correct case.
You fix the case and you have fixed the problem
look for setRepo help and type the command as its suggested upper case / lowercase is the key issue.
I assume the required libraries are there in lib folder
Santosh Sinha 
zebra8 and signup,
I have resolved this issue. I did lh setup and them found that it was pointing to jdbc.....net.DB2driver. I looked through some appserver and db2 scripts and found that DB2 is actually using app.DB2driver. I changed that and it worked.
Thanks a lot for your help. I appreciate it.

How can i Access content server without webroot...

i want Access content server without webroot...
i'm try install not input the webroot..but install failure..
such as /servlets in weblogic or /cs on tomcat... 
You could just install sites per normal and configure url rewrite rules on the webserver..
hey , Rodney ,
thanks for your reply, could you have any document link for me... 
hi,Rodney ,thx..the /servlet or /cs is gone..
now i got a new problem.
there is /Satellite path after /servlet or /cs..could you tell me some way to hidden that too? 
To solve by someone know how change the servlet Satellite?

Location of glassfish error page

I would like to know the location of the glassfish 2.1.1 error page.
The contents of the file are as follows :
HTTP Status 404 -
type Status report
descriptionThe requested resource () is not available.
Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1
I searched in the all directories, but could not find such a file.
Can any body over here please help me.
Thanks Dominik for your reply.
I want to specify a custom error page not for a particular application, but for any mistyped url.
I was able to do it for admin server according to the documentation; setting the following property in the domain.xml.
This works fine for admin server, but not for cluster instances.
May be I am missing something.
So I was trying for a work around by editing the glassfish default page itself. But I could not find where it comes from.
Appreciate your help.
Hi ,
I was doing something silly on the xml file. Now the it works as desired with configuration in domain.xml itself.
And for the cluster instance, it was just a matter of editing the domain.xml in each physical location and placing the required error page html files in the right config folder.
Thanks a lot for your help.