Is GlassFish a free software? - ORDS, SODA & JSON in the Database

Why it's mentioned that I need a license to use it?

Yes GlassFish is available at not cost, you can go here and download glassfish 3.0.1, or you can download the identical software (glassfish 3.0.1) with support. The Oracle APEX listener requires version 3, it will not work with version 2. The Oracle APEX listener does not require any software other then what is available in the "open source edition".
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Thanks for your answer.


1.0.2 Installation requirement: Java Servlet Specification >=2.3 or 2.5

In the latest APEX Listener Version 1.0.2 PDF document page #4, it says "Java Servlet Sepcification 2.3 or higher" in the Installation Requirements section. But in this post,
Re: APEX Listener and 10.3.2 WebLogic
Kris mentioned version 2.5 is required. Can someone clarify on required version of servlet?
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need of new version of LDAP C SDK

Could anyone tell me which is latest version of LDAP SDK compatible with DSEE 6.3?
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For the C SDK, Sun's participating in the Mozilla project, and encouraging users to get the latest version there.

What is the latest version of the Sun Java system web server?

Hi guys,
I am a bit confused as the oracle site indicates that the latest version is 7.0.13 ( yet there is documentation for version 7.0.14 (! What is the latest version of the sun java system web server, also known as the Oracle iPlanet Web Server?
Is 7.0.13 the latest? or 7.0.14? Or are they one and the same?
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7.0.14 appears to be here:

Console for Sun Directory Server 6.0

I installed the Sun Directory server 6.0 in Solaris 10. I want to install console for this server. Please help me to configure console. I installed from Zip distribution.
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the official product documentation covers pretty completely these steps in the Installation Guide; please refer to the following links
Marco Milo
P.S.: as recently advised in an earlier post, Sun Directory Server 6.0 is a very OLD version (2007, so it's about 6/-years old code), which is is missing A LOT of the new features and latest fixes (including security fixes).
Please consider moving/upgrading at least to if not to the latest release: 
Thank youu

can any one help me how to install webcenter sites on windows

I'm new to WCS ,can any one help me how to install WCS on windows 64 bit. (not Jump starter kit)
I had downloaded " " from ONT forum
can any one guide me with step by step procedure to intall
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You can find the installation documentation here:
The way the documentation is structured it is structured based on the Application server you would like to use in your installation.
You might want to look into the following docs, again depending on your choice of supported application server and database server:
- Installing on Apache Tomcat Application Server
- Installing on IBM WebSphere Application Server
- Installing on Oracle WebLogic Application Server
- Configuring Supporting Software
The last document provides information how to configure the DB for your installation.
Hope this helps.
Thanks for your information Rodney..
Let me try..